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(UPDATED: February 21, 2012)

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^ from: ??? - Misaki Ito, better known by her stage name of MISIA.

What began with "Wasurenai Hibi" for me continued with many more songs from the lovely MISIA. MISIA (Misaki Ito) was born in Fukuoka, Japan. I consider MISIA as my all-time favorite JPOP singer. Why so? She sings beautifully and boldly. When you hear her sing, it's the perfect marriage of beautiful and bold. My all-time favorite song of hers is "Everything." "Everything" is about seven minutes long, and all seven minutes is awesome. In fact, here is a music video of this song that I found on YouTube:

Everything (my all-time favorite song of hers)

In case you enjoyed this one, here are many more YouTube videos featuring the lovely vocals of MISIA:

Chiisana Koi
Snow Song
Koisuru Kisetsu
Rhythm Reflection
It's Just Love
Over Bit
Hi No Ataru Basho
Into the Light, also Into the Light (Live) I think this song makes a great song for ringing in the new year.

Other favorites of mine include "Hatenaku Tsuzuku Story," "Shining Star" and "Wasurenai Hibi," the first song of hers I've ever heard. She delivers in bold and beautiful R&B, but also diversifies her style in many ways. I have SO much respect for MISIA and her awesome singing ability. The accompanying music and her vocal talent are perfect. To me, she's the goddess of Japanese pop and/or Japanese R&B.

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