Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crystal Kay

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Crystal Kay
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You might have seen my blog entry on Utada Hikaru. The only other artist I'm I think is as good as Utada Hikaru in the department of JPOP one is in is Crystal Kay Williams. According to Wikipedia, Crystal Kay was born in Yokohama, Japan to an African-American father and a South Korean mother. Her much is as hard-hitting as Utada Hikaru, only Crystal Kay's music has a lot more American style to it. Here are some of my favorite songs of hers (via YouTube):

* Hard to Say (the first song of hers I've heard)
* Automatic
* Girl U Love
* Candy
* Attitude (I forgot this song when I first posted this blog entry!)

I personally think that if you like American-style R&B, you'll enjoy the music style Crystal Kay brings to JPOP. There's honestly no way you can pass up this diva if you just want to enjoy some great music.
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