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Utada Hikaru

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Utada Hikaru is one of my personal favorites in all of Japanese pop. This American-born (born in New York City, NY, USA) JPOP star is someone who makes music I usually like. The style of music provided by "Hikki" is mostly American-style R&B-type music.

Here is "Hikki" below:

^ from:

My love of her music began with "Can You Keep a Secret?" It continued with songs like "Wait and See," "Fly Me To the Moon," and more. I have included various YouTube videos. Here are some of my favorite songs of hers (tried to find as many YouTube videos as I could). Please be sure to load these in another window or tab:

* Can You Keep a Secret?
* Fly Me to the Moon
* Automatic
* Movin' On Without You
* First Love, but I love the First Love Dance Remix more
* "Wait and See"
* Another Chance

If you had a chance to listen to some of these classics, you'll hear how her music kind of has that kind of American vibe to it. Kind of like a nice fusion of Japanese style with hard-hitting American beats and vocals. It's that edgy, urban style that has attracted me to her music. She's an awesome singer. Want more Utada Hikaru? Check out items in this widget and find some cool stuff!

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