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GT5 Commentary: Best Car Lineup EVER?

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The Gran Turismo series has been criticized by a lot of people because of not enough interesting cars. So often than not, people complain of too many Nissan Skylines and too many Mitsubishi Lancers. Let's take a brief look back.

Gran Turismo 1. Since Kazunori Yamauchi wouldn't be sure his game would sell, the majority of cars were Japanese. No American or British cars are available used or have Special Models that can be bought directly from the manufacturers. There were a lot of Japanese cars while there were only so few American and British cars. Race cars included one rally car, a few GT cars that raced at Le Mans, and the car that I consider the signature race car of the Gran Turismo series- the Toyota Castrol Supra GT.

Gran Turismo 2. Many more cars from many more makes were included. Lots of classic cars were included. Some of the fastest cars to date were included. GT2 debuted Italian, German, and French cars. Racing machines ranged from touring cars to rally cars (this time, with a greater rally emphasis). Many more manufacturers were included from the previous nationalities of car featured in GT1 for GT2. High-end and fast Le Mans GT race cars were featured. Though the Lancia Stratos, a mid/RWD car with a Ferrari engine was featured, there's no Ferrari.

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec. While much less cars were featured in Gran Turismo 3, all nationalities of car from GT2 return with the inclusion of two new nationalities- Belgium and Australia. The majority of cars are Japanese, but there are still a great number of cars to be raced. This was also the first game to Formula One cars (albeit fictional).

Gran Turismo 4. Even with Gran Turismo finally having a worthy competitor in Forza Motorsport, GT4 still delivered an incredible lineup of cars. The biggest evolution in series history on the car front was in this game. This game debuted Le Mans Prototypes, the ever-awesome Grand Touring Prototypes, and a vast array of classic cars. It was the debut of many more companies as well as these nationalities of car: the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and South Korea. It was also the first-ever GT to feature the McLaren F1, albeit the BMW McLaren F1. Some "Special Models" that can't be raced in most events were even featured (like the Caterham in GT4). There was almost one of every car in GT4. Many whom loved Forza Motorsport while being disappointed with Gran Turismo 4 think GT4 can't get the big name car companies.

Gran Turismo HD. No one expected that Ferrari would debut in the Gran Turismo universe. The first Ferrari in Gran Turismo history was featured, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. The very first Prologue in Gran Turismo history for the United States gave gamers the opportunity to enjoy Gran Turismo with online play, a proper drifting mode, amazingly-designed interiors, and more. It was also the first Gran Turismo of any kind to feature actual Formula One race cars. Polyphony Digital actually had planned to make their own Formula One racing game, until those rights went to Codemasters. GT5P even featured special one-off cars tuned by Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo PSP. Gran Turismo PSP had been in development for a long time. It was to be a mobile version of Gran Turismo 4, but it's now a game slotted in-between Gran Turismo 4 and the upcoming Gran Turismo 5. Just about every course from Gran Turismo 4 is included in this game along with the Valencia circuit from Tourist Trophy. The big reasons to care about this game are Bugatti and Lamborghini. Both of which, making their respective debuts to the series.

Now on to a look at GT5.

Gran Turismo 5 (what we know so far). Here's what we know so far... we're getting Ferrari. Lamborghini will debut for the first time in a MAJOR GT title. Bugatti will also debut in a major GT. From the 2010 CES show, we know that the McLaren F1 will make its debut though the F1's interior was featured on the cover of Gran Turismo 2. Among other cars are some of the latest rally cars, the Dodge Viper ACR, and more.

All in all, Gran Turismo 5 looks to have the most exciting and interesting lineup of cars in series history. While we don't know of a proper car list, this game looks to feature the most exciting lineup of cars in Gran Turismo history. How do you all of you feel about the lineup of this upcoming title? Is this the best lineup of cars in any Gran Turismo game ever?

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