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Topics I Try to Avoid

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As I say in my YouTube videos, I'll do a video about anything as long as I'm comfortable with discussing it. There are primarily four topics I try to avoid on YouTube and in blogging. Most of the reasons are for uncomfortable reasons. This is another tell-all blog entry of mine...

--- Topics I Try to Avoid ---
I try to avoid certain topics because I'm not comfortable doing videos on them, and also that I'm not as educated on them. Here are some of the big ones for me:

--- Topics I Try to Avoid: Politics/Government ---
I try to avoid topics on politics and government because I'm just not comfortable talking about these things. And also, I'm not as educated on government. Government was a class I failed in high school and college. I am not comfortable discussing government because it's too easy to rile up anyone's nerves or share things that make me feel less of a person. I can't really talk about things as far as Republican or Democratic go. I've never worked a day in my life for anyone, so I can't get into anything about legal rights or things like that. And also, I just stay away from this topic because I'm just not comfortable doing any kind of video or blog material. I don't even listen to politcal programs or closely follow politics. Like I remember when Dennis Miller hosted Monday Night RAW and talking about " man got thrown through a table while another [joking of Barack Obama] hasn't yet brought anything to the table." I'm uncomfortable with government topics. Government has just been one of my weak points. I wouldn't be able to spiritually talk about government even if my life depended on it. A highlight in 2008 for me was that I actually voted for the first time ever. I just wanted to vote Barack Obama to be the President-Elect or the Democratic leader. I do wish I knew a lot more about whom I've all wanted to vote for.

But... I'm completely uncomfortable and uneasy with politcal matters. It's even why I don't subscribe to TheYoungTurks, barelypolitical, or any other political-themed YouTube channel. This even includes issues I'm not comfortable discussing, like gun rights, gun control, and things like that.

--- Topics I Try to Avoid: Economic Matters ---
Like Government, I've failed at Economics (except High School Economics). I'm uncomfortable with these too. I don't understand the economy much to do anything spirited. And even if I was ready to do a blog or something on it, I'm just not comfortable talking about economic matters.

--- Topics I Try to Avoid: Religion ---
You YouTube people may know of channels like TheAmazingAtheist. Because I'm not educated with the Bible and of various religious issues and connotations, I try to avoid these issues as well. I've even felt uneasy in knowing there's a college class on The Bible as Literature. It's not like I go to church every Sunday morning, so I'm not seriously educated enough to do videos on many things.

--- Topics I Try to Avoid: Deep Social Matters ---
I do videos and blog entries on life issues, but NEVER any deep social issues. So what would examples be? Here are examples of deep social issues:

* high school dropout rates among a certain ethnicity
* No Child Left Behind

Again, some topics too deep that I'm uncomfortable discussing them. So these are issues I try and avoid discussing.

So what you can take away is that there are a number of topics I'm uncomfortable doing blog entries or videos on. The reason is either because I am not comfortable with a certain topic, I am not as educated on a topic, or both. I will not take a chance discussing any such topic unless I'm seriously fine talking about it and discussing it in an educated way. So while I love that you're here reading my blog and enjoying my videos, there are some things I just can't discuss. If I can't confidently do a video or blog entry on something I am not comfortable with, I'm not going to discuss it. Simple as that.

Now you know some of the topics I try to avoid and why. I won't discuss these things at all because I'm just not comfortable discussing these things.
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