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Musical Cultures I Can't Get Into (and Why)

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Musical cultures are things I try to stay away from because I'm never entirely involved with one such musical culture. I love many kinds of music. Even for an electronic dance music guy like me, I even find time to enjoy Top 40 and pop, not to mention hip-hop. With many things, I'm still an outcast to society to most people. You know, I'm TOO different to be liked. From my Gladiator Sandals blog entry, I noted that different doesn't always mean better. I even went on a small spat about what music I can't get into. Well in this blog post, I'll mention what

--- Basics of Musical Cultures ---
Part of enjoying a musical culture is in getting into multiple artists and songs of multiple genres. Since I'm such a city boy and somewhat a hipster (but not to any extreme degree!), I can't get into certain kinds of music.

--- Musical Cultures I Can't Get Into (And Why) ---
I've embraced electronic dance music, pop music, hip-hop, smooth jazz, and even Japanese pop. But there are two real kinds of music cultures that I've never been unable to embrace. These are all my own opinions, and I'm very aware my opinions won't be very popular. Don't cut me from your friend list on Myspace or Facebook, don't un-subscribe to my media... all is just my own opinion on things.

Musical Cultures I've Failed to Embrace: Rock Music.
I feel like the biggest outcast to society because I don't have much of an ear for rock music... while many others can immediately tell you what some of the best rock bands either right now or all-time. As many people have hated hip-hop and pop for not having enough pure vocals and pure talent (relying on synthesizers), part of the reason why I haven't embraced the rock culture. I'm just not really a rock music person for much the same reason many people can't get into any other kinds of music. I'm going to name a lot of songs and artists to show that I do have an ear for the genre.

I've always been a piano person while my brother is a guitar person. Or maybe I haven't been much of a rock music person from certain songs I've heard before. Back in the 1990s, there were a number of artists and groups I've loved. Let me show you that I do have an ear for rock music, though I don't regularly listen to and enjoy rock. Soundgarden was one of them, especially "Black Hole Sun." I have respect for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Nirvana was freaking awesome. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" will get me going guaranteed. "Sober" by Tool is an awesome track as well. Back in 1994 (I was a 5th Grader), I dreamed of having my own daytime talk show. I dreamed my theme song for my daytime talk show was "When I Come Around" by Green Day. Creed is very good as I've liked "Take me Higher" best. I don't have too many classic rock favorites, though I've somewhat been respectful of Van Halen. While I am sick of/hatfeful of the '80s, I do love "God Blessed Video" by Alcatrazz from "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

Try to converge genres, and I like Prodigy for their convergence of rock and electronica. I've even become a bit interested in industrial rock and rock-style electronica songs. I've even become very fond of the Boom Boom Satellites with "Rise and Fall" being my all-time favorite of theirs.

If there's a group I respect most today in rock, it's Linkin Park. These guys are very diverse in their styles. When playing "NASCAR 07," I've become a fan of Breaking Benjamin. I only have their Phobia CD. Some of my favorite songs on there include "The Diary of Jane" (the first song of theirs I've heard), "Unknown Soldier," "Here We Are," and "Breath." Two groups I've also become fond of are Rev Theory and the Sick Puppies. I've also recently become a fan of Switchfoot. The only Christian rock group I like is Texas' own Flyleaf. Another song I've gotten to like was the new theme of WWE Friday Night SmackDown!, called "Let it Roll" by Divide the Day. There are even themes of wrestlers that I like include the themes to A.J. Styles, C.M. Punk, Triple H, Mick Foley, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, and Beer Money Inc. among others.

So I've shown that I do listen to and like rock music. Just that I'm not really a rock fanatic. I just have been unable to really embrace rock style. People hate on me or look at me different just because I don't consider myself "hard." Only because I don't know what's the best concert ever by the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd. People just see that I don't know about music that many others love and can sing or hum to themselves or on their portable music players. I've also never played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I've never embraced it at all. I've NEVER liked Avril Lavigne, but can somewhat tolerate Pink (P!nk) when she switched up her style to have more rock-influenced songs. Again... I just can't really bring myself to get into this music.

Maybe what I can't get into most of the time is some of the rock songs that have more screams than guitars. There are just certain songs that get to me ans certain artists that get to me. It really depends on the music. Some YouTube videos have had audioswaps and some music in the background that I just haven't liked or connected with. I will like a video for the video content, but dislike the choice of song. What usually inspires me in making YouTube videos is to avoid going crazy with music and just go on content. Does it get to be boring? Yes, but I'm more comfortable and likeable of not relying on background music to sell (not literally, of course) my videos. The kind of video that comes to mind to me as to what I try to avoid is racing game videos with an annoying or annoyingly loud rock music song with nothing but crashes. Part of me actually wants to learn how to play an acoustic guitar, but I've never had the patience or desire to really learn to play guitar. Another aspect of rock music culture I've failed to embrace is basically wearing band shirts, sporting skulls (for the hard types), and stuff like that. I just can't embrace or get into the whole rock thing. If it makes me less of a person, then I don't care. Everyone is different and thinks differentely.

Musical Cultures I've Failed to Embrace: Country Music.
My parents have been listening to country music for going on two years now. My stepfather says that country is good music to listen to for doing work. So what's been the difference from trying to get into country than getting into rock? The difference is that there were rock songs I've actually liked. I'm just not indulged into rock culture. Many people think because I'm from Texas that I'd rather listen to George Strait than Lady Gaga.

Here's my level of respect for country. I greatly respect Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire. I am a bit fond of Sugarland. But the only country I'll listen to is from Taylor Swift. Perhaps because her music is more the country-pop variety and that I can actually connect to the music. Most of you know I'm a fan of Taylor Swift. But most other country songs... I just can't get into it. I just can't get into the culture, though my parents have gotten into the whole deal. I just can't get into country music. One person questions why people just don't get country music, like everybody should listen to and enjoy with as much admiration as any common genre.

I guess why I've been unable to connect to country is the music in general, some of the themes in general, and the overall way songs are sung. Despite this, I can see the actual singing quality as well as how even the most country songs still have great singing elements of R&B and even pop. It is a different genre of music since it doesn't involve song topics most people readily frown upon with Top 40 and hip-hop. But I always say- different doesn't always mean better. Also, most country songs sound absolutely depressing. It's tough to love a kind of music when some songs sound very depressing. So that's another reason why I've been unable to connect with this kind of music. By the way... this section also pertains to stuff like Bluegrass, Southern Rock, Rockabilly, and stuff like that. I've just never been able to connect or enjoy this music much, and I'm sorry if I'm a knucklehead for not embracing and loving this kind of music and all of its subgenres.

Musical Cultures I've Failed to Embrace: The '80s.
While I do have favorites from the '80s, I'm just burned out and sick of everyone praising the '80s. A lot of '80s music have been songs I've failed to get into and love even as media tries to continually pound this decade into my head. Did people get sick of the '70s to where the '80s became the big thing? I initially had planned on doing a blog entry about my rebellion of the '80s, but had cancelled that blog entry. I just think... I was born in 1983. And while the '80s were fun, some things you have to just let go... like the '80s... like '80s music. We even have an all-80s radio station here in Houston (106.9 The Point, I believe). I've failed to embrace '80s fandom because... I'm tired of the '80s. Media, however, keeps bringing it back like we're not supposed to forget. Like being re-reminded of Cyndi Lauper. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was a cool song, but I don't love it like lots of others. Let it go.

--- What to Take Away from This Blog Post ---
What should be taken away is that I love music. I love many kinds of music and try to immerse myself in many kinds of music. I have a heart for music and try to enjoy as many kinds of music as possible. It takes an immature person to talk about music one dislike. It takes a mature person to talk about music one dislikes and be able to professionally explain why without being too hateful. Rock and country were just two styles of music I've failed to embrace for personal reasons. I just can't get into certain kinds of music even while others blast these songs loudly. I try to embrace other kinds of styles to improve my image to others. But sometimes, there are things I can't embrace even when I try to. Not everybody connects with everything (let alone music). Maybe Top 40 and hip-hop have all played out beats and song topics, but at least I still enjoy listening to this as much as I love electronic dance music. I can connect to lots of other kinds of music except the ones I mentioned in this blog entry. I explained why I couldn't connect to these kinds of music.

There's just certain kinds of music I can't get into. And even if at the expense of getting hated on by (maybe) you, then so be it. I've explained why I couldn't get into certain kinds of music even if I couldn't get into them.

Are there any musical genres YOU can't get into for some reason, even if you really try? Comment in my blog!
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