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Gladiator Sandals

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(UPDATED: July 9, 2012)

Flip-flop/Thong sandals have been love or hate for many. Because of the simplicity of flip-flop/thong sandals, many a femme (including many a homme) have sported flip-flops/thongs. Many who are rather sick of flip-flops/thongs want a daring pair of sandals to break apart from the flip-flop/thong crowd. Enter...

...gladiator sandals. Now I must admit. I've had my own spewing of hate... well, not exactly HATE, but kind of tired of the fanaticism of these. Here were spats I've had:

"To be honest, I don't like these sandals. Never liked them. I think it's somewhat of an overkill in terms of strappy footwear.

"I'm not real sold on gladiator sandals. Someone would probably say that they are for Hercules and not trendy ladies. One lady even commented that they were more comfortable than cute. I'd prefer 'cute' than something like these sandals."

"Most of you who know me know that I absolutely hate gladiator sandals. So this is an automatic Nay! as I've still to be impressed with these ghastly wastes of good leather and money...You got better things to do with your money than get those sandals. Resist the urge to get those gladiators and find something better."

"Got 99[,000] problems, and gladiator sandals are one. They are so dated. They should share the same fashion grave where skulls should be...are Absolute Nay!s. That is, unless you want to wear shoes that look like dozens of snakes grasping onto what is otherwise a fairly decent show."

Then, my greatest spat here...

"Death to the gladiator sandals! ... Straps just too big and nowhere in the way of stylish. I don't like sandals that go above the knees with straps galore. Only excetion are any sandals with just ankle straps. I'm sorry. Just not feeling these sandals...Not fabulous, not stylish, no cute, just horrid. They're best left to runwaymodels and Greek Mythology."
-all of which posted by me


JUL 9 2012 - added a ShopStyle widget

While it was an agonizing process, I've finally come to like gladiator sandals... to an extent. From the same message board I got those quotes of mine from, I would later admit to liking them. These are acceptable to me:

gladiator sandals
^ from: - This is a basic pair of gladiator sandals with many straps.

gladiator sandals with metallic accents
^ from: - These gladiator sandals have metallic accents.

THESE, however, are not:


gladiator sandal boots
^ from: - Gladiator sandal boots.

...though many will immediately deem them as stylish or chic or whatever. This is a blog entry on gladiator sandals. Why I've hated them, how I've gotten to like [most of] them, and things like that.

--- Gladiator Sandals in General ---

Many love gladiator sandals for a major reason- they are just different from wearing flip-flops/thong sandals. But most of you know how I feel about different. If you don't, then let me introduce you before I talk more about these sandals. Basically, I always say "different doesn't always mean better." It's what I say when people just buy anything just because it's different. Different helps, but it doesn't always mean it's better. For example- someone you know goes from liking hip-hop music to country music, defending that country is different. Yes, it's different to listen to and like country, but rock, top 40, classical, yodeling, zydeco, (insert your favorite non-popular genre here)... are also different from what kind of music you've enjoyed previously. Because something is different doesn't mean it's better. I brought up country because my parents listen to country nowadays and... I just can't get into or like country music or the culture (though I love Taylor Swift and respect Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire). I already can't bring myself into being a rock music fanatic, and getting into the country music culture is even tougher. They've gotten burned out on blues, so they turn to country. Basically requiring me to have my MP3 player with my own choice of music to save me from slowly dying. And let this be a note to my international friends- just because I'm a Texas native doesn't mean I'd rather listen to Toby Keith than Lady Gaga.

But back on topic.

Gladiator sandals are an alternative to the dime-a-dozen flip-flop/thong sandals. They can be a dramatic one for their strappy arrangements. They can be a daring one with all the various straps laid across in a certain fashion. Many of the gladiator sandals I've seen praised have made me sick to my stomach. I can't take the mid-calf, knee-high gladiator sandals personally. I've most liked gladiator sandals with dresses. Doesn't matter if it's a short sundress or a maxi dress, the right pair of gladiator sandals can actually add to your loveliness. A good pair of shorts can also be lovely to wear with gladiator sandals. It all depends on the sandals themselves along with the rest of the outfit. Part of the easing up process for me relates to basically seeing some pairs I like and that I actually don't mind seeing and liking. I'm just not crazy over these like most femmes.

The one thing I hate to have happen to me is to be generalized. One person put me among a list of other guys in saying that (indirect quote) "guys just don't understand gladiator sandals like us girls." I've gone from hating all of them to liking most of them. It all depends on whatever sandals there are and what's being worn with them. I just think if you're going to have strappy shoes, let them all be stylish rather than being a pair of hot mess sandals.

--- Gladiator Sandals: Final Thoughts ---

Gladiator sandals can either be very cute or horridly ugly. I've seen my fair share of gladiator sandals I've liked and gladiator sandals I've loathed. There are many kinds of these sandals ranging from flats to high-heel sandals. As with any fashion, the only way to look and feel your best is to dress with confidence. Carry a swagger and a style to look and feel your absolute best.

I guess if it's one thing I've learned about the Internet, people know everything about you when you mention things you don't like. More people tend to get attracted to you when you mention things you don't like rather than mention things you do like. As with ANYTHING I do online, I hate to be famous for any wrong reasons. Just remember that we all have opinions on things. My opinions on the shoes I've mentioned may be exactly or opposite of your own opinions. But... opinions are opinions are opinions.

UPDATE 4/22/2010: I have added this new section where you can look for gladiator sandals. I'll share gladiator sandals I like from Amazon. This will be your chance to find a pair of gladiator sandals that interest you the most. Now remember- I've eased up on gladiator sandals, but I am not gladiator sandal crazy. So it isn't likely I'll share anything almost every female will love. I will still try to find some gladiator sandals on Amazon so you can find a pair you like. I want to keep traffic flowing while also being professional in talking fashion. If you see a pair you like, please click on it to learn more about the featured item and order it if you want the item for yourself. Please help me to keep these things going.

Here are some more gladiator sandals to check out:

NOTE: This blog entry contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item or even purchase these items if you so choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

You can find more gladiator sandals on ShopStyle:

Thank you for reading!

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