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TrackMania United

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Trackmania United

Since the very first TrackMania game, gamers were given the chance to create their own race tracks. The purest arcade racing experience can be had with this game and this series. The original TrackMania gave gamers the chance to create their own tracks in the desert with an American car, in a European setting with a rally car, and an Asian setting with a small pickup truck that can take on the snowy terrain. TrackMania Sunrise featured three more kinds of environs- you can race a super-fast exotic sports car in a tropical setting, pilot a sports coupe across a Mediterrenean setting, or take an SUV through the urban jungle. The free TrackMania Nations gave you the chance to compete with a purpose-built formula race car in a stadium. So where does TrackMania United Forever come in? All seven of these environments with all seven kinds of cars unique to each environ are available for you.

Click on the image below to buy the version I have:

Trackmania United Forever Limited Edition

TrackMania United Forever basically gives you everything you love about the TrackMania series along with many more unique tiles and... some 3D glasses!

--- TrackMania United at a Glance ---

My blog entry was to be about TrackMania United Forever. I'll share with you all you need to know about this title.

What is TrackMania?
TrackMania is a game that allows you to create your own race tracks using a set number of tiles. Racing game veterans may remember the 1990 racing title, Stunts (also called 4D Sports Racing) for the PC. This game is like that. Race events can range from closed circuit races to open circuit races. The only limitations are the massive grid area and (of course) your imagination. The game was meant to be great for online multiplayer racing, but you can also create your own racing tracks and race on your own courses solo. TMUF gives you lots of tiles for all kinds of environs.

In addition to races, you can also take on other challenges.

* Platform tests your ability to clear a variety of stunts without having to reset. If you drown in the water or are unable to properly complete a stunt, you may try again. But the more times you restart, the lesser your chances of clearing the challenge will be.

* Puzzle gives you a set of tiles to basically complete a race track. Part of the challenge is in using the tiles effectively, while the other part is in driving the course properly and fast enough. This is more the thinking person's racing game mode.

* Performing in the Stunt mode gives you a set amount of time to complete a bunch of stunts. With each stunt that connects, you earn points. Earn enough points, and you might win a gold medal. But make sure you cross a/the finish line. Because if you fail to make the finish line when time expires, every valuable second after time has expired gradually reduces your Stunt score.

* The most insane one (no pun intended) is Crazy. You just have to see it to believe it!

Making Your Own Tracks.
Making your first track is fairly simple. You just need to remember how to work around each environment and create your own venues. If you are not good at this, TMUF allows you to start by creating your own track with the basic settings. This will give you pre-determined tiles for the environment. All you need to do there is just lay out the roads, stunts, hazards, and things of that nature. It doesn't take too much effort to make even a decent race track. Just learn how to use each tile properly to make your course. After selecting an environment, you will be asked what time of day you want this course to be run- morning, day, evening, or night. Once you've selected a time, you CAN NOT change it. So make sure you pick a time of day for your track that you're happy with.

Only other important note is that when you change any element of your track, you need to validate it again. Validating the track means that you take a drive around your course and try to post the fastest time for it. Once the track has been validated, you can set the Bronze, Silver, and Gold times for each course. If another racer beats your best time for that track, that racer will earn a special medal. It's best to be reasonable and try to post decent lap times that anyone can realistically achieve based on the track in question. You can also set the level of difficulty for each track by assigning a specific color level for it. The easiest courses are on the White Level while the hardest courses are on the Black level. In order, you can choose between White, Blue, Green, Red, and Black.

NOTE: Pay attention to the Coppers (TrackMania currency). Higher Copper numbers indicate much more complex courses. Tracks with lots of Coppers may not perform as well on slower systems.

The Environments.
All environment names are in CAPITAL letters.

* The DESERT environment takes you into the desert with a strong-acclerating car called the American. Take advantage of this car's great acceleration and tricky handling to be the fastest in the desert. Obstacles range from withered roads, industrial stuff, steel grating, and more.

* The RALLY environment gives you the Rallye, a car with quick acceleration and great handling. In a decidedly European setting, you will see things like European villages, old castles, and more.

* Get ready for an icy escapade when you try out the SNOW environment. The machine you use is a mini pickup truck in an Asian-style environment. Be ready to deal with the snowy grounds, but also ice.

* The Sport Car is the car you use to go WAY beyond 300 kilometers (by the way, your speed is all in KPH) per hour in the ISLAND environment. The emphasis is on top speed. Stunt events for this environment are also very fun.

* There are three ways to enjoy the COAST environment. One way is to enjoy doing some rally racing with the Coast Car. Another way is to create a permanent, proper race track. The final way is to have a combination of country roads and proper race track tiles. The Coast Car is capable of drifting. You may use this car's drifting ability to properly navigate each course. The car doesn't go very fast. The emphasis for this course is on drifting and technical driving. Should be a TRUE favorite for you simulation-type racers.

* The BAY environment features an urban environment in the distance. You can create your own small city for your high-powered SUV to do insane stunts in. City buildings, ports, and other things can be created here.

* An evolution from TrackMania Nations, the STADIUM environment features a purpose-built racing arena reminiscent of the Race of Champions events. The car is a purpose-built formula race car also equipped with mud flaps for dirt racing. Enjoy circuit racing with the regular road tiles, or go for a mix of on-road and off-road with the off-road tiles. Some of the most impressive structures in the entire game can be had in this environment.

The Cars.
There is a built-in paint editor for your cars. You can choose the pre-determined skins or make/edit your own. You can visit sites like TrackMania Carpark to download cars to be used in seperate environments.

The Racing.
The racing in TrackMania United is basically about time trials rather than wheel-to-wheel racing. Just get to the line. Get to the finish line before any ghosts do. There is no damage, so don't worry about trying to keep your car in one piece.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with TrackMania United or TrackMania United Forever. This game will occupy you for hours. Even more so when doing racing. You want TrackMania United? You have two choices:

TrackMania United


TrackMania United Forever.

Whichever version you choose, you got a winner on your hands. Trust me. There are very little reasons to dislike the TrackMania series, especially these two versions, which are the best of the best of the TrackMania Series. It's been reported that another TrackMania is in the works with three new environments to be unveiled. So look online for more information!

For more on the TrackMania series, visit their official website at:
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