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WipEout Fusion

John Marine | 1/21/2010 09:49:00 PM |
(UPDATED: April 10, 2012)

Wipeout Fusion

Wipeout Fusion

Sadly, this was the ONLY WipEout game for the PlayStation 2. What began with the first WipEout (which I've never played) continued with and Wip3out. WipEout Fusion was the series' debut (and only PS2 version) on the PlayStation 2. Everything gamers loved about past WipEout games returned for WipEout Fusion, but with lovely graphics and new twists. There are now multiple routes, loops, more natural terrain to deal with, and more.

--- WipEout Fusion at a Glance ---

WipEout Fusion gives you the opportunity to race in over seven different venues around the world, and even one on the moon. A first to WipEout Fusion is the ability to upgrade your ship. Collecting credits from the AG League gives you the opportunity to upgrade your ship in various departments ranging from high speed to shield strength. More weapon choices also gives you more ways to cremate your competition. Also new is the ability to race on courses in reverse. Completing challenges allows you the chance to earn special Super Weapons for each team. A new mode called Zone puts you in a prototype ship that grows more speed the longer you run.


Although there are seven venues, there are three seperate tracks to each venue. Each of the three venues for each course can be run in reverse. So you're looking at a total of 42 tracks. Courses include the regular roads as well as natural terrain. Courses can include loops, multiple routes (including some hidden routes), and more. Tracks can be absolutely twisting nightmares.

Weapons and Items.

New kinds of weapons, including old favorites, are available in this game. Unique to each team are Super Weapons. You much unlock the Super Weapons by completing Challenges. You have only a set number of weapons, but more weapons will be
available to you through progress in the game. You can now be able to use certain weapons to attack from behind. Here are some of the many new weapons you'll be able to use:
• Proton Cannon - 25 laser rounds are available to you to dish out some simple punishment.
• Gravstinger - essentially a trap for any rival racers. Run into one, and just about all of your speed will be halted.
• Gravity Bomb - Think of this weapon as a Gravstinger for multiple ships, only that this weapon impacts all ships immediately following you.
• Flamethrower - a tongue of flame burns up any ships immediately ahead of you.

And don't forget... there are Super Weapons. I won't spoil anything. If you want to find out about any of the weapons, you'll need to play the game! There are even weapons that are exclusively for multiplayer use, such as the Control Jammer.


Ships can be upgraded to enhance various aspects of the ship. Each of the eight teams have two pilots. You begin with the second pilot's ship when you first access the ships. You won't be able to access the lead pilot unless you upgrade your second pilot's ship to 75% upgraded or more. Let's get a basic idea at the eight teams. After every 25% of upgrades, you will receive upgraded ships.

• Feisar - The most basic ship. Low top speed and moderate shields.
• Van-Uber - Great performing ship, but terrible shield technology.
• G-Tech Systems - A very average ship with average handling, but great shield strength.
• Auricom - This ship is like a futuristic muscle car- good speed and acceleration, but not a good-handling ship.
• EG-R Technologies - Very capable ships with great speed and handling. It has a powerful Super Weapon.
• Tigron Enterprises - These ships are very quick and durable.
• Xios International - Great ship with impressive speed and excellent shield technology.
• Pirahna Advancements - The most elite team. Great performance all around, but are very fragile shield-wise.

There are sixteen pilots to choose from. They are all human, ranging from guys and girls, and even a post-operative male-to-female transsexual.

Racing Itself.

You can run any variety of races. The only way you make money is through the Anti Gravity League (AG League). A maximum of 12 points are available for race wins. You can earn an extra championship point by eliminating other racers. Win each league to unlock new leagues and new teams.

I've done the Zone races before, but it's very hard to explain. You start off slow in a prototype ship, but the speed steadily increases with further progress. Your job is to earn as many points as possible. By the way... you have no acceleration control over the ship. So all you can do is just steer the ship left and right.


Anyone used to WipEout XL or WipEout 3 (or Wip3out), this game is disappointment. It's still a great game to play with plenty of challenge. There are no Vector, Venom, Rapier, and Phantom classes. It's all three-lap races for the Arcade and AG League races. The music is very good, but not as bass-packing or greatly intense. There isn't too much character to this game as with WipEout XL. Many other fans have seen this game to be a disappointment. It's not a terrible game at all. But it's just that this game is not as outstanding as some past WipEout games. This was the only WipEout for the PS2. So be sure to enjoy this game for all it's worth.

Have I earned your respect for this game? Feel free to buy this game if you want an old game like this. This game is only for the PlayStation 2. It's still a good game to play with plenty of intense action. WipEout Fusion. Are you good enough?

Thank you for reading!

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