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A program I've recently installed on my computer is called Digsby. One of the reasons why I considered getting this program was to look for an alternative to chat with friends of mine on Facebook without having to use the browser's Facebook Chat feature. This was shown to be a mere way to enjoy chatting without having to have your browser logged in to Facebook.

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IM Connections.
This feature is really the best feature about this program. You can have no other programs running, but still be able to enjoy chatting with others as long as you have an active Internet connection. So you can connect to people through AOL/AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows/Windows Live Messenger, and other IM services. You can even connect to others through Myspace and Facebook IM'ing.

The best thing is that you can chat with multiple people rather efficiently. I've had Facebook chats with multiple people, and this program worked efficently. There was no lag like what you experience while using your browser for Faecbook Chat. And most of all... you do not need to be logged into any browser to connect with your friends via any social networking site.

Other Features
You can even use Digsby to keep up with Email. Just be sure to set up how frequently you want Email updates from various services. There are also a few customizable skins you can use for the main window and for chatting. LOTS of options to choose from.

My final verdict is that this program handles IM'ing duties quite well and is much more efficient to use than using your browser for chat. And you don't really need to have a browser running to be able to check on updates and post IM comments to others. So this is a lovely alternative. I think Digsby is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All you need to do is download and register. It's free to download and register. What you're getting is a program that allows you to connect to all of your IM clients and even connect with your friends on social networks.

To learn more about Digsby, check out Digsby's offical website.
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