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Car Style - The Mercedes-Benz G500L

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$71,000 USD can buy you lots of things, like this G500L. This boxy and classic SUV was unveiled in the mid-2000s. As Hummers (especially the H2 and H3) were becoming the official automobiles of the teenage girl and the mom trying to be and feel tough, there was a boxy SUV that actually turns heads instead of make you want to ram it off the road. Enter this machine!

--- Car Style: The Mercedes-Benz G500L ---
You can't afford it. I was actually able to see this machine at the Houston Auto Show one year. Here's a picture:

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This SUV is modern, but it has a lot of classic tones to it. Evidence of this can be found in the way that it looks all around. The two circular headlights of this boxy machine are like two big eyes lighting the way while the grill proudly bears the three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz. A small pair of fog lights accentuate either side of the front bumper. There are lots of horizontal bars on the big front grill, the minature grill below it, and between the two fog lights. Situated on the hood are two signal lights on either side up front near the front bonnet. The side view mirrors are simple and rather boxy, almost like big bathroom tiles for side view mirrors.

The sides of this truck doesn't come with anything cutting edge or top-of-the-line. The doors resemble what "stylish" was back in the 1960s or 1970s for an SUV. Having said this, it looks great on the sides. The G500L features some nice running boards and well-defined fender flares. All of the windows are boxy with rounded edges Big five-spoke wheels on the G500L are about the only thing close to modern for this vehicle. There are even mudflaps behind the rear tires.

From the rear, minuscule tail lights can be found above the rear bumper. There's a big, fully-encased spare tire holder at the back along with the Mercedes-Benz logo. The rear windshield is boxy with rounded edges, just like the side windows. A rear windshield wiper helps out vision at the rear.

While the outside is VERY retro, on the inside, it is very modern on the inside. The interior of this SUV is beautiful. A lovely steering wheel with the Mercedes-Benz logo on it. There is a little wood-trim around the outsides of the wheel. The instrument panel seems quite retro in its feel. The center console is something to fall in love with because of its lovely designs. Some wood trim can be found around the center cnosole along with the navigation system and other electronics. The wood trim can even be found around the shifter. The seats are pretty retro in their design. Not sporty and stylish like its dashboard, but very retro and seemingly uncomfortable (at least to me from interior pictures). The G500L features two rows of seating. The second row can be folded back for more cargo space.

So if you see a G500L on the road or at a showroom, marvel in the retro cool of this expensive SUV. It is a big and boxy machine with plenty of old school cool. I think it looks best in the same colors that make most Mercedes-Benz machines beautiful- silver or black.

UPDATE: 3/28/2010
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