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Motorcycle Style: The BMW K1300S

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BMW is well known for their amazing sports cars. Not as many know them for amazing motorcycles as well. One of their strong motorcycles is the BMW K1300 S.

--- Motorcycle Style: The BMW 1300S ---
Here is the bike in question:

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The BMW K1300S is a sportbike with sharp styling and plenty of boldness. The boldness begins with the huge headlight up front. It continues with sharp and elegant lines up front as well as on the sides. A lovely pair of mirrors adds to the style of this gorgeous German beauty. It's almost as if BMW Motorrad extended the style of some of their cars to their motorcycles. Only these aren't as grotesque as some recent BMWs (like the newer 5-Series Gran Turismo). If you look at the seating area of the K1300S, it almost seems like a touring bike because it seems like you could comfortably seat two people. I think this bike was designed to be comfortable for both one rider and maybe two riders. The muffler is on the right side, and it looks like a cannon about ready to shoot upwards at any car or bike coming its way. The wheels look pretty sweet with some spiral-like wheel designs. There is a lot of bodywork to cover the engine. It's not like this is a nice naked bike. That bodywork, however, is very sharp and boastful. The rear of the bike is quite sexy with its miniscule taillight and big rear tire. Its rear is hot- just like that sexy girl you want to hook up with or be friends with, even though she's taken (or happily married). Believe me- I know that feeling (sadly).

The instrument panel consists of either a big MotoGP-style readout and some extra gauges, or a combination of two analog gauges and a smaller digital readout. The handlebar assembly is styled nicely. A metallic gas cap adds a sporty touch to this bike's sporty character.

This bike is plenty sharp in looks and in performance. You're in for a sweet ride when you ride this bike. It has a great combination of elegance and sportiness in its design. BMW Motorrad made one great-looking machine.

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