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Robert Miles

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Robert Miles delivers lovely piano music along with a consistent beat. As a keyboard player, I personally respect Robert Miles' music. It's a mix of beautiful piano music with some wicked beats. It all began with a classic- "Children." Through this blog entry, I will share with you some Robert Miles songs. Three different songs resonate with me most. Two of them I know well, and one other fails to cross my mind.

Really, I've only heard "Dreamland." As I learned on Wikipedia, this style of music of his is what's called "dream house" or "dream trance." I love the melodic character of the songs in addition to the sick beats. It's not chill-style music, but it's definitely not anything soft.

^ Children

Classic songs never die from memory. This song is one of them. This was the first song of his I heard. Just take note of the beautiful melody that plays along with the sweet beats. I have to say that some of my own MIDI music I've played is inspired by Robert Miles. Most imporantly is how the combination of beautiful instrumentals are paired with a powerful set of beats. As for the sound past at the 6:22 mark, don't ask me what that is. I have no idea.

^ "Fable"

This was the song that failed my memory. Again, take note of the instrumentals coupled with the strong beats. This is purely classic.

^ One and One

Never heard this song before? Well, you're in for a treat. Enjoy the lovely instrumentals and lovely beats... accompanied by an angelic singing voice. That beautiful singer? Her name is Maria Nayler.

^ Red Zone
Here is another favorite of mine from the same Dreamland CD. Let the introducion seduce and charm you in the introduction. Then, let the music take you over as the beats roll in. Honestly... you CAN'T go wrong with this song!

Here are some more Robert Miles songs for you to check out on YouTube:

^ Freedom" (singer is Cathy Sledge from the past group, Sister Sledge)

^ "Everyday Life"

I have so much respect for Robert Miles. Maybe after listening to these songs, you do too. Want more Robert Miles? Here's some Amazon stuff for you. Visit Amazon's Robert Miles' Store, or check out various MP3s here:

UPDATE: 4/20/2010: I bought Robert Miles' "Dreamland" CD this past weekend at a music store, reliving some '90s classics. You can get this CD for yourself here:

Thanks to all of you for checking out my blog entry! I want to send a special shout out to all of my fans and readers from around the world, including the Chumba Wongs over in the United Kingdom. Thanks so much, my peoples! :D
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