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Console Wars!

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Console wars are sickening and annoying. Why do people have these? These are perpetrated mostly by gaming media and mainstream gamers to showcase which is the best console of any other current console. People try to find superlatives in gaming and in gaming consoles. Some people feel that there is only one console that is better than all the others, and that anyone who plays a console other than what is considered the best is a fool. When these "fanboys" take things to a level of hating on either system, you have yourself a console war... and basically a pissing contest. Enter:

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--- The Anatomy and Psychology of Console Wars ---
It's understandable to know why we have these console debates- if you could spend your money on one system, what would it be? Do you fancy a PlayStation 3, an XBOX 360, or even a Wii? All systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Certain multiplatform games are better on some consoles than others. All systems have their own features and limitations. No console is ever superior. They are only as superior as mainstream gamers and gaming media thinks.

Yeah, I still have my PlayStation 2. I would love to have a PlayStation 3 so I can keep up with the rest of the gaming world, but I'm still with my PS2. I am still happy with what I have even if people have moved on to the PS3. Most of you know I'm a Gran Turismo fan (or did you?). You can only get this on the Sony consoles. Sometimes, I do imagine wanting an original XBOX or an XBOX 360 just to play Forza Motorsport titles. Crazy thing is, you can't have XBOX gaming without XBOX Live. I am not an online gamer, so it's unlikely you'll see me in any all-night gaming fests against others, not to mention having to deal with smack-talking fools from across the nation or around the world. Even I have thought the original XBOX was a PC converted into a game console in the past. But still, I've had a fondness for XBOX racing games. I love the Project Gotham Series as well as Forza Motorsport.

--- Why is Such a Big Deal Made Out of This? ---
A big deal is made out of this because there are people who want that feeling of empowerment and supremacy. The best way to do so is to let other people know what the best console is. It's like when I see the E3 coverage on G4 TV (which is slowly evolving into Spike TV Jr.). You have some people asking "who won E3?" You know, saying that is almost as if gaming companies need a strong showing at E3 as if it's feast or famine for gaming companies. Yeah, they have an emphasis, but it's not like the companies are all striving for survival.

It used to be that the battle for supremacy would be among the Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom) and the Sega Genesis (or the Megadrive). There were those who either sided with Mario or Sonic (I was on the Mario fence and still am). So what makes this generation different? You have various message boards, online smack-talking, more people feeling like there should only be one supreme console... that kind of thing. It just seems more pronounced than ever before.

--- Consoles or Games? ---
The merits of a system's greatness tends to fall on the heels of the system or its games. A good system is capable of great games as long as the game takes full advantage of the performance capabilities of that system. Think of how many peoples' minds were blown watching the very first Sonic the Hedgehog race across various environments and levels, and even more so how the Genesis was able to harness this enrgy. I remember when I was always a Nintendo 64 fan until becoming a fan of the Sony PlayStation. Even more so when I wanted to play a game called, Gran Turismo. As a whole, it's about a good set of games in addition to a solid system.

--- Exclusive Experiences ---
Gaming systems mean so much more to people for various reasons. These play a factor as far as what systems are good or bad. I immediately think of XBOX Live with the XBOX systems. I think of stuff like Blu-Ray, Home, and PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3. I think about the innovative wireless gaming and intuitive and innovative controls for games. You're playing games in a great way. One thing I'm hateful of is how people just have NO respect for the Wii. Like the Wii is a modern-day Virtual Boy (and I actually wanted a Virtual Boy back then) or a continuation of the Gamecube's woes. Maybe the Wii isn't overall dominant, but at least it's not a sorry system as most people make it to be.

--- In Conclusion... ---
Console wars are really overrated and all played out. Different consoles deliver different experiences. There will NEVER be that supreme console. Even though I'm a Sony fan (not a "fanboy," there is a difference), it doesn't mean that I consider the PlayStation 3 to be overly supreme. Shopping for a game console is like shopping for a car. You want the most that you can work with and enjoy. I'm not really an online gamer, so the PlayStation 2 was perfect for me since I'm not an online gamer. Even as I've gone into wireless broadband, I still don't really consider myself an online gaming head. I'm happiest with the PlayStation consoles, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't want an XBOX 360 to play good XBOX-exclusive titles.

If you're a TRUE gaming fan, get all current hot consoles and enjoy (or at least try to) each console rather than hate on others because they aren't like your favorite console. Every console delivers every possible experience. Think of exclusive titles and exclusive experinces only those consoles can provide. Now at times, you have multiplatform games where one game is best experienced on one console compared to others. It's really pointless to only consider one console better than the other. I still remember watching a video on YouTube where a guy who WORKS FOR MICROSOFT posted a video saying that Gran Turismo fails as a franchise only because they're not releasing their content to compete with Forza. See? This is my problem with gaming fans. It's okay to love a game and a game console. Thing is, just don't let other people know what you consider the better console like you can buy only one console. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. And think about it like this- if you have one console, you have no competition. No competition = no market = monopoly. Do you want that as a gamer (and as a consumer)? Well, neither do lots of other video gamers! So STOP THE CONSOLE WARS!!!

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