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My Advice for YouTube Success

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If becoming successful on YouTube was easy, we wouldn't need advice on hwo to be better. YouTube, like life, is imperfect. So we all need some advice. Please note that my advice is not about how to become the next YouTube heavyweight. It's more about how you can feel more confident in the videos that you do and make. Success comes over time. So now, here is my advice on how to be successful on...

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--- My Advice to Becoming a YouTube Success ---
I have divided this section up into a number of different talking points. So this is a blog version of not necessarily how to become a success on YouTube, but rather what factors lead to being successful on YouTube. These are things that can help you towards being better respected.

Know Your Audience.
When you do a video, it's best to know what audience you're dealing with. Most videos are most appropriate for people 13 and older. Videos that reach out to as broad of an audience usually do better than those focused on a certain specific audience.

Believe in Yourself.
If you don't believe in yourself when doing videos, how will anyone else believe in you? Make each video with the intent that people will watch and care about your material.

Challenge to Aim for a World Audience.
It's best to try to go for an international audience. YouTube is, after all, an international website with many people from around the world trying to make all kinds of videos for all kinds of people. Consider yourself a citizen of the world and try to make something many people the world over can appreciate (in addition to your own people).

Don't Give Up!
Success takes time. There may be videos that help elevate one's popularity temporarily, but greatness takes continued and persistent great videos.

Entertain, Educate, and/or Inspire.
Those are basically the three primary ways to become a success with your video. Offer something entertaining, educational, or inspirational. Aim to ENTERTAIN by coming up with something funny or make some great music. Try to EDUCATE to provide advice or help, or to try to expose something to people in a provoking way. INSPIRATIONAL videos can come in the form of talking about something in a way that has people thinking and talking. It doesn't have to be something thought-provoking or philosophical- it can be something entertaining that has other people wanting to emulate what you discuss or do.

Involve Yourself With Other Channels.
Involve yourself with other channels. Of course, there's a difference between involvement and involvement in a negative way. Don't just randomly hate on somebody's channel (like what has happened to me ever since joining YouTube) just because you feel like it. People make channels and videos to share things with others. You're not helping any cause by just being an insensitive jerk. Check out other peoples' channels and respond kindly and accordingly to others. Make decent video responses to be sent to channels. Throwing out any insensitive, racist, sexist, or otherwise demeaning content will only HURT you in trying to become better respected on YouTube. So involve yourself with other channels to make yourself uesful.

Pick a Trade and Utilize It.
It's best to utilize whatever trade you're most interested in. For example, channels like fafinettex3 and MichellePhan specialize in beauty. hotforwords specializes in the origin of words. VenetianPrincess does lots of parodies and spoofs of songs. Channels such as communitychannel, kevjumba, and HappySlip all specialize in comedy. So find a genre you are most comfortable with and make videos accordingly. In addition to this, switch up your content a bit and try some new things every once in a while.

Express Your Talent.
Anyone can make a video on any topic. However, talent and personality are what sells videos. So always try to incorporate your own style as best as you can. Have confidence in everything you do and don't be afraid to express yourself in a way only you can best express yourself.

Work Around Limitations.
I don't have a job. I don't make my own money. I don't have a car or a license. I essentially have a 2005 PC. I admit that I have a monotonous voice and stutter often. I don't have a green screen. I don't have my own production firm. Whatever limitations you have, try to find ways to work around them. Be creative. It's okay to be cheap, but always take advantage of your flaws and limitations and try to make the best possible content for people to enjoy.

Sell Your Product to Others.
Your channel, your videos, your personality... all collectively are your product. How do you sell all these things to get as much support from the global YouTube community? Think of hotforwords. If she only told you the origin of words in a way that wasn't fun and original, then her channel and her website wouldn't have garnered as much as attention as she's gotten. If you're serious about becoming a hit on YouTube, SERIOUSLY consider trying to sell your material as best as you can to the whole of YouTube.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do!
Have fun and try to remain upbeat. Give yourself that vote of confidence and try to work to become a star. YouTube should be about broadcasting yourself and offering your own twist on things. So love what you do and do it well.

--- Other Considerations ---
Here are some other things I've found helpful in exposing your YouTube content online to others...

Start Accounts on Social Networking Sites (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Set up accounts to various popular social networking sites to market your channel. Myspace is no doubt the most popular where you can really expose yourself. Personally, I've had better luck connecting with fans via Facebook than Myspace. Twitter is always good for keeping up with other people. You can even set up certain services to allow YouTube updates to be distributed around the web for all to see.

People Care.
YouTube has its fair share of idiots. However, always remember that there are people who are open to try newer channels and meet newer people. So don't feel like your work is going towards nothing. Try surrounding yourself on YouTube who care about your work and who care about you. Try making friends and getting supporters. There are people whom have seen my channel, given my videos aa chance, and subscribed to me.

Give Shoutouts to People.
Making sure to send your respects to people on YouTube shows that people care about your work. You have no idea what mentioning someone in a positive light can do for people. It helps them to be and feel respected. Plus, people feel happier knowing that they can lend you their compliments, and that you can offer your own thanks in return. Establishing a better bond with viewers and subscribers help to make your channel and reputation better in return. See? You don't have to be a hater on YouTube to be noticed! It pays to be respectful to others on YouTube instead of being a racist or sexist jerk.

Don't [insert term here]roll!
You know what I'm talking about here. If not, it's when you make a video about something or on a certain topic, but you post a video of something outside of the topic just to get people's attention. It's cheap attention and really just stupid. If I wanted to see a video of something completely fun or something, I expect to see that, not see a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" or "Chocolate Rain" in the background. Do you REALLY want to hurt the credibility of your viewers and channel by doing this?

Don't Spam Up Your Tags.
Don't include all kinds of terms just to get your video to be viewed. Post as many relevant labels and tags as possible without having to use inappropriate/irrelevant tags. It's just desperation to have more people view your video. Why would you tag (for example) "Hannah Montana" to a video about doing Cossack dances?

Have Fun!
Enjoy making videos. Enjoy blogging about your work. Have fun! Doesn't mean you have to always smile or anything, but at least show that you have a love of making videos and not at all shy or passive on doing videos.

Now on to one danger...

Be Careful About Topics You Select.
Depending on the video's subject, you may be liable for getting uncomfortable and demeaning comments on a topic. It's why I had planned doing videos on the Gilbert Arenas gun incident and Tiger Woods' sex scandal. I cancelled those projects because I feared that I'd get a lot of racist comments directed either towards me or my people.

YouTube should be about having fun and expressing yourself; not hating on people just because they are what mainstream society considers immoral. So be sure to do your best and have fun! You can see my video material by visiting my YouTube channel at Subscribe if you love my videos and content If you subscribe just to hate on me, you WILL be reported and blocked.

So have a nice day, ya? :-) Here is a YouTube video I made on this topic:
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