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Men's Ankle Boots

John Marine | 4/01/2010 10:29:00 PM |
NOTE: This blog post is in the process of being made over. What you see here may all change in the future.

There was a time at a shoe store that I was interested in getting a pair of boots. I have a pair of Drexlite ankle boots that are pretty comfortable to wear. These are a pair of stylish boots for me to wear. Ankle boots can be quite sexy for ladies, but what about us guys? I'll try and share some men's ankle boots with you all in this blog entry. I don't make too many men's fashion blog entries because I'm so focused on feminine fashion.

--- Men's Ankle Boots at a Glance ---
Ankle boots for men rang from rugged boots to more stylish boots. The Drexlite boots I have are more of stylish boots. I wear my boots casually with my jeans. A few times, though, I've worn them with some semi-formal and formal outfits. They are much better to my feet and ankles than the dress shoes I have. Here are some ankle boots to set the mood...

^ from: - The boots you see above are sleek and stylish. They could be worn casually with your favorite shirt and some jeans. They can also be worn with some dressy pants for work and formal-type fashions. Boots like these are for those who want to express some stylish charm while not wanting to go with sneakers or any proper dress shoes.

^ from: - From stylish ankle boots to rugged ankle boots, these are ankle boots from Dr. Martens. The stored British shoe maker provides these men's ankle boots.

^ from:, by way of - Gucci makes these rugged ankle boots. A good pair of baggy or loose jeans will provide some tough style. It is also possible to go with some long shorts with these boots.
^ from: - Here are some rugged men's ankle boots for work from Dr. Martens. Even if you don't work, these are a good pair of boots to pair with some jeans.

--- Males Wearing FEMININE Ankle Boots? ---
(This section was added on 5/9/2010) Some males feel that while men's ankle boots are nice, there's nothing like wearing sexy ankle boots, booties, and shooties made for women. This blog entry concerns ankle boots for men, but some males dare wear feminine shoes to have some feminine chic while still retaining male character. It's a best-of-both-worlds approach.

You can read more about this and other topics on males wearing feminine fashions by reading my blog entry called "Males Wearing Feminine Fashions." If you want to read a blog that is devoted to high heels and features one male wearing feminine high heels, please check out my Blogspot friend over at Hottest Heels - Heels Are Hot! Anything Else Is Not!. Click on the "Pics Of Me Wearing My Heels" label to see him wearing some sexy high-heel shoes. You can also click on the blog label "Videos Of Me Walking In My Heels" to see videos of him wearing these sexy high-heel shoes.

--- A Personal Note to my Male Readers ---
(added: January 11, 2011)
I honestly never thought my blog post on men's ankle boots would get such traffic since I launched this blog post. I am here to let all of you males out there know that I greatly appreciate your support. I hope I've been able to impress you in discussing men's ankle boots.

That concludes this blog entry! For more men's ankle boots, please check these out:

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