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Car Style - The Ford Puma

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While it would never stand a chance in the United States, the Ford Puma is cute, quirky, and fun at the same time. This front-engined FWD coupe offers some cute style. It has seen life as a road car and as a rally car. This car was in production between 1997 and 2001. Its quirky and cute style actually makes this one of my favorite cars of the 1990s. Yes... this is up there with cars like the McLaren F1, F-Body Camaro, Dodge Viper GTS, and cars like that as far as favorite 1990s cars. This is my own description of how I think this car is styled. Welcome to another Car Style blog entry!

--- Car Style: The Ford Puma ---
The car I'll be talking about is below:

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Most Fords of the late 1990s resembled modest, aerodynamic, yet beautiful designs. I'm reminded of the 1998 Ford Taurus here in the United States, the Ford Mondeo in Europe, and cars like that. The Ford Puma represents a compact version of Ford's lovely style of the late 1990s. I would be quick to say the Puma has a muscular appearance for such a small FWD coupe. Modest fender flares give this cute coupe some edge. Those who dislike the razor blade grills of today's Fords can appreciate the simple grill of the Puma. The headlight encasings are big and long with such little lights. The front grill is long and low. Below the front grill is a large opening in the front bumper. The Ford Racing version of the Puma adds a front splitter below the front grill. * From the sides, the swoopy and sporty character of the Puma comes to life with its quirky, yet fierce stance. A lot of bold lines accentuare some of the sides around this car. It's defined as a 3-door hatchback on Wikipedia, but it very much looks like a sporty coupe. Give it RWD, and you can probably light up the tires like a pack of smokes. The rear deck of the car has a lip-style spoiler. * The taillight cluster looks like a fierce predator ready to eat its prey alive. A lot of the boldness of this car can be found with the protruding rear bumper. A lot of its subtle character, however, can be found with the minimal muffler at the rear. Only problem I have with the car's design is the very small rear windshield. Doesn't look to be a lot of coverage you get from the rear of the car.

While the Puma can seat two people, there's very minimal space for if two other people wanted to ride along in the Puma. There are seat belt in the back suggesting two more people can fit inside the small Puma. A simplistic and stylish dashboard and center console accentuate the Puma from the inside. The Ford Racing Puma, however, features racing seats and an even more stylish dashboard, center console, and racy steering wheel.

The Ford Racing Puma is the car in this picture:

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The rally car version of the Puma features an upswept rear wing at the back. Here is an example of a rally car version of the Puma:

Rally Puma
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