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MegaMan Anniversary Collection

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The ultimate present for any MegaMan fan is MegaMan Anniversary Collection. This is where you get a chance to play all eight of the original MegaMan titles. The package also includes two bonus games you can unlock. There are also many other bonus items you can unlock including artwork, special remixes, as well as the entire very first episode of the MegaMan cartoon series back in the mid-1990s. I'll tell you as much as I can about this title, at least from the PlayStation 2 version. This game is also available for the Nintendo GameCube and the classic XBOX.

--- MegaMan Anniversary Collection in General ---

MegaMan Anniversary Collection
^ from: - MegaMan Anniversary Collection box.

This game features the extensive history of the original MegaMan/RockMan games. Six NES titles, one SNES title, and one PlayStation 1 title are all compiled onto one disc along with loads of extras. You are able to save your progress so that you don't have to continually start from scratch all the time. But in true MegaMan fashion, you'll have to start from scratch when you reach the final levels of each MegaMan title. This is VERY helpful, especially for MegaMan 1, which is hands-down the hardest MegaMan game EVER. You are able to adjust a variety of options. You can even to listen to remastered songs for the six NES MegaMan titles.

In case you are unsure about MegaMan storylines, it's fairly basic- robot bosses of the world cause havoc on the world, and it's up to MegaMan to restore order and defeat Dr. Wily. MegaMan is best known for draining energy from robot bosses and using them to take down various foes and to solve various puzzles. With the exception of MegaMan 1, you face eight bosses and then unlock the way to the final castle.

--- MegaMan Anniversary Collection in General ---

Here are some "theories" of mine in playing MegaMan games. It is my advice to you, speaking as a MegaMan veteran:

• The easiest levels sometimes have the hardest bosses.
• The hardest levels sometimes have the easiest bosses.
• The most fun levels sometimes have medium-difficulty bosses.
• The weapons you least likely think will defeat a boss are the weak point of a boss. MegaMan's cannon isn't always the basic weapon that takes down enemies or deals damage.
• Pay attention to the attack and movement patterns of the large regular enemies. Most of them are massive enemies that jump really high and don't attack you with projectiles. Most of them are stationary large enemies with predictable attack combos.
• MegaMan 101- touch spikes, and you die. A tactic you can try is to intentionally take damage to run into spikes without dying.
• Pay attention to what weapons use the least weapon energy and which use the most weapon energy. KNOW your weapons in each title and how to use each one.
• It's recommended to enable Navi Mode for an enhanced look at the six MegaMan games, but also to learn secrets and hints.

Hope these things help!

--- MegaMan Anniversary Collection: The Games ---

I'll share with you a look at each game along with my own commentary on each title.


Known as a MegaMan title for true gamers, and also known for having one of the absolute worst box art for a game EVER, the very first MegaMan features six robot bosses. Here are your opponents:
• GutsMan - the easiest boss, but time your jumps properly on the footholds.
• FireMan - go through a factory with flames shooting up.
• IceMan - a very challenging stage that has slippery floors and some underwater sections.
• BombMan - lots of enemies that blow up in the area.
• CutMan - beware of the flying blades that shoot out from objects!
• ElecMan - a tall building with a lot of electric bolts as obstacles.

MegaMan 1 is the only MegaMan title where after opening the gate to the boss, that you face a bunch of enemies guarding the way to the boss. It's also the only MegaMan where points are paid out. You can replay any stage you've beatn... just to fight the bosses again.

MegaMan 2/II.

MegaMan is the easiest MegaMan I've ever played. This was the first MegaMan game to feature a password system and the first to feature eight boss enemies. Here are the bosses in no specific order:

• AirMan - a very easy stage high in the clouds with one of the simplest boss fights.
• BubbleMan - a stage mostly underwater. High jumps are possible, but make sure you avoid the spikes!
• MetalMan - ride conveyor belts while avoiding various mechanized hazards.
• FlashMan - a stage with slippery floors
• HeatMan - a difficult stage with many fiery pits.
• CrashMan - climb ladders and follow platform tracks. Only one weapon damages CrashMan...
• WoodMan - a level set in a forest.
• QuickMan - a difficult stage where the lights go out at times. Touching the laser beams is instant death!

I have only one bit of advice. When you reach Wily's castle in Stage 3, you will need at least two lives facing the Wily Stage 3 boss because one weapon drains out so quickly. It's the only weapon that can be used to deal damage, so make sure you have enough energy to use that weapon again when you reach the boss's level. Don't even think about using an Energy Tank unless you're low on health in your second trip to the boss's room.

Here is a fun fact- MetalMan's own weapon kills him with one shot when you fire it!

MegaMan 3/III.

The only MegaMan game I haven't played on the NES is MegaMan 3. This MegaMan debuted the ability to slide. This would prove an invaluable skill to MegaMan as he is able to go through narrow cracks or evade enemy attacks. This is also the only MegaMan title where you don't automatically go to Wily's castle after beating all eight bosses. You take on extra extra bosses from four harder versions of MM3 stages with familiar attacking patterns. Sometimes, you may go into a brief showdown against ProtoMan. Another aspect of this game is the debut of MegaMan's dog, Rush. Here are your bosses (in no particular order).

• NeedleMan - this level within a city features many obstacles, including spikes and large needles.
• GeminiMan - a colorful stage with a multitude of hazards.
• SparkMan - go through this factory while avoiding electric sparks and other hazards.
• MagnetMan - creatively use the magnets to go through this stage effectively.
• TopMan - a rather fun stage within a wildlife-like setting.
• SnakeMan - Take on many mechanized snakes in this intense stage.
• ShadowMan - be careful, as the lights will go out and illusions will fill the air.
• HardMan - appropriate name, because this stage within a desert setting is hard!

MegaMan 3 is a tough game. You'll get beaten multiple times before eventually find your way with this game.

MegaMan 4/IV.

While this may not be a very exciting title, it is one I've done pretty well with. I remember playing this as a child on the NES. I even asked my mom to help me hold onto this game longer because I couldn't beat any of the robot bosses. We did, and I almost beat the game at one point. MegaMan 4 debuts the Mega Buster. You can now charge up your shot to deliver a stronger blast. This MegaMan game debuted Eddie, a helpful character who offers items to you in one room to help you out. They range from health to extra lives. VERY helpful character... most of the time. This adds a new element of strategy to the game as you think about how to attack with new power. Here are your bosses:

• RingMan - there are a lot of rainbow footholds and other madness.
• SkullMan - this stage isn't very difficult, and neither is its boss.
• DustMan - go through this junkyard or factory while avoiding the various obstacles.
• ToadMan - try to manuver through this stage during a heavy rainstorm and into the waterways.
• PharaohMan - take a stroll through the desert and into the underground temple.
• DiveMan - the majority of this stage is spent underwater with many large enemies. Enjoy high jumps!
• BrightMan - a tough stage where lights go on and off when attacking certain enemies.
• DrillMan - go through this underground stage while making sure to avoid the drill enemies.

This is the first game in which you faced a leader other than Dr. Wily. In fact, you go to Russia to take on Dr. Cossack before eventually taking on Dr. Wily.

MegaMan 5/V.

This is my all-time favorite MegaMan title. It is just a fun MegaMan title overall with great music and great levels. This was the first MegaMan game I've beaten in MMAC. I initially made it all the way to the final boss in MegaMan 5 for the NES, but never beaten him. This was the first MegaMan game to feature a tank that fills your health and your weapon supply. It was the debut of Beat. Beat is MegaMan's bird friend that aids him in taking down baddies. Collect all eight plates to acquire his services. This is a game in which Dr. Light gets kidnapped. The one causing this mayhem is... ProtoMan? These are your opponents:

• StoneMan - a very simple mountain stage with a boss that isn't too difficult to beat.
• ChargeMan - in a stage where you ride trains, ride your way towards the boss.
• GravityMan - a stage where gravity is altered often. Remember the boss' pattern to beat him easily.
• CrystalMan - a beautiful, yet difficult stage with many crystals around.
• GyroMan - take to the skies and try to ground the enemies and the boss.
• NapalmMan - this is a dangerous stage through a jungle and underground. The tigers deal serious damage.
• WaveMan - it is a water stage, but you will not be underwater here.
• StarMan - enjoy low gravity and high jumps in this space stage. Very fun level.

Until I've played this game, there was one section I didn't even know how to get to the lone 1UP icon in StoneMan's level. That Navi mode really helped me figure out what has failed me YEARS since playing this game! Some of my all-time favorite MegaMan game songs is in this game.

MegaMan 6/VI.

The swan song for NES MegaMan games was MegaMan 6 in 1993. It was a title This game was the first MegaMan title to feature two different modes for MegaMan. Some levels even had multiple routes to face bosses or complete levels. There are a lot of surprises and secret routes in this title. Beat makes a return for you to unlock.

• BlizzardMan - as you can tell, this is an ice stage. Beware the bombs and be careful around the submarine.
• KnightMan - enter a castle with its fair share of tricky obstacles.
• WindMan - enter a big tower with plenty of surprises and tough enemies.
• TomohawkMan - the Wild West is your setting with some outlaws ready to rub you out.
• FlameMan - this Middle Eastern level has oil fields that become fire pits when burned. POW suit recommended here.
• YamatoMan - enter a Japanese fortress chock full of dangerous hazards and enemies.
• CentaurMan - a difficult stage that goes underwater and above water.
• PlantMan - enter a large forest and botanical garden and try to survive.

Of all the games in this collection, one thing bothers me the most about MegaMan 6 in "MegaMan Anniversary Collection." You'll see what it is towards the end of this blog entry.

MegaMan 7/VII.

In its first (and only) true original MegaMan game for the Super Nintendo (MegaMan Soccer doesn't count), MegaMan is on a 16-bit adventure to take out Dr. Wily and crush his evil desires yet again. MM7 is a complete change in philosophy. This was the first original MegaMan to feature an introduction stage. This game is also the first MegaMan title to feature a mid-point stage. While you still face eight bosses, you initially can fight against four of the bosses before being able to take on the remaining four bosses. Dr. Wily will wait for you when you've beaten all eight bosses. Another special element to this game is being able to purchase items. Collecting Bolts from levels help give you the chance to get powerups. Make sure to go there when you pick up lots of Bolts. This game has its own fair share of surprises and hidden items, but it just wasn't as fun as the original titles. Meet the eight bosses:

--- First Part ---
• CloudMan - an aerial stage is similar in design to AirMan's stage.
• FreezeMan - held in an icy setting, avoid the big polar bears and other hazards.
• JunkMan - go through a recycling factory and a junkyard while being careful.
• BurstMan - a water stage with many tough obstacles.

--- Second Part ---
• SlashMan - traverse through wildlife to meet the savage SlashMan.
• ShadeMan - this is a Ghosts and Goblins series level... MegaMan style!
• SpringMan - enjoy jumping high into the air here by bouncing off of multiple springs.
• TurboMan - a difficult stage with some powerful enemies and some dangerous fire jets.

The main tip I'll recommend is that if you're looking for more Bolts to have more items made, try ShadeMan's stage. Fighting the endless zombie robots early on can help you earn more Bolts.

MegaMan 8.

The only original MegaMan game for the PlayStation 1 is MegaMan 8. This is the most colorful and vivid MegaMan title of any of the included games. It is a multimedia showcase that is also a fun MegaMan title. Maybe it lacks the character and quality of past MegaMan titles, but this game filled a number of the gaps that MegaMan 7 had. This is the only MegaMan game where you can still use your Mega Buster while having a certain weapon equipped. It is also the only MegaMan where you can play the introduction stage and mid-point stages multiple times. Bolts make a return, but they are more rare now. There are now powerups to your Mega Buster. Rather than a power shot, you can use various other shots at full strength. This is the only MegaMan game in which MegaMan can actually swim in the water instead of walk and jump in the water (like I can). It is also the only original MegaMan title to have two-part levels.

--- First Part ---
• TenguMan - a Japanese level that is way in the sky.
• FrostMan - an icy level in far northern Canada or in Alaska in a city with lots of snow and ice.
• GrenadeMan - enter a Chilean facility to battle the bomb-happy GrenadeMan.
• ClownMan - visit a fun theme park in Australia with many cute enemies and tricky puzzles.

--- Second Part ---
• SwordMan - a long level in China with some difficult mini levels.
• SearchMan - venture into the jungles of south central Africa to take on the tricky, two-headed SearchMan.
• AstroMan - a trippy and tricky stage either in Denmark or Scandinavia.
• AquaMan - a water stage situated off the coast of Madagascar.

MegaMan 8 is the final original MegaMan title. I can say that I've been worried with loading times for when I played MegaMan 8 on the PlayStation 1. I'm happy to report that the "Now Loading" screen between levels is not there. Everything plays and flows very nicely for this game.

The Two Extra Games.

The extra two games are two fighting games. You now know what the two games are, but I want you to figure out what their names are and how they play. So get cracking, player! :)

--- My Final Thoughts on This Game ---

This is the best way to enjoy what makes MegaMan one of the greatest platform-type game series that ISN'T the Mario games. Every game plays beautifully and is a nice way of nostalgia. The remastered and remixed music is just as good as the original music. I have only one big problem with the game. The remixed music to MegaMan 6 was recorded too loudly, and it sounds pretty bad. It's still manageable, just that the remastered music for MM6 could have been recorded at a softer volume. Experience the MegaMan series the way it was meant to be experienced by picking up this title.

That concludes this blog entry. Thank you for reading! Did you like this game and my review? If so, please buy this game on Amazon for any of the following consoles:

^ PS2 version

^ GameCube version

^ XBOX version

Thank you for reading!

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