Friday, May 7, 2010

No Faith in People

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Some people talk about others like they have no faith in them. They will always fail even when you put full trust in someone. Saying "I love you" or "I respect you" only seems to soften up. Those words are what we all want to hear... except when we fail at something we could have done better in. Think about when a friend tries to offer you kind words and show his/her respect, but in the back of his/her mind, they know you will fail at something. Think of when a parent believes in you, but knows in the back of his/her mind that you'll learn a lesson... the hard way. It is almost as if you're expected to fail at something, only that you're not told that immediately.

What ends up happening is that people become liabilities. Do you know what a liability is? People who see you as a liability basically see you as someone likely to screw up (and usually screw up badly). For someone like myself, who has been a liability to people, nothing angers me than knowing that I can never totally satisfy or impress someone because I know I'm going to fail, and that I will only fulfill what someone's premonitions about me.

What do you do when it feels like people have no faith in you? Basically nothing... unless that person really has a change of heart. Something I usually recommend is to be around people whom you know will treat you as someone special and as someone respected. If its members of your family that seem to have no faith in you and don't seem to care about you enough, you may want to give a heart-to-heart chat with that family member.

For someone to have no faith in you or totally believe in you, it's just a feeling like nobody loves you. You feel like you have no reason to be alive because no one seems to care about you. We all have moments where we screw up on things. Depending on who you're around, either you are expected to botch even common sense things (I've been victim to this countless times) or commit some other monkeyshine you normally wouldn't commit.

Does this happen to you, in which it feels like someone you really love always seems to have no faith in you at certain opportunities, always talking down about you in certain times, or things like that? How do YOU handle this? Comment away and thanks for reading.
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