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World Driver Championship

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If the Nintendo 64 had a decent challenger to Gran Turismo, it was World Driver Championship, a game featuring fantasy cars racing around on a variety of mostly street courses. The premise of this game is through the intense realm of GT racing. You race GT2-spec cars across a variety of cities around the world (otherwise, why call it WORLD Driver Championship?). The cars are all fantasy, but car fans will be able to easily identify what each car even remotely resembles. You can race with much faster cars by improving your rank in the game.

This blog entry is about "World Driver Championship" and how I feel about it as a whole.

--- World Driver Championship at a Glance ---

^ from: (it was the best I could find) - World Driver Championship, perhaps the most beautiful racing game on the Nintendo 64.

World Driver Championshipis about full-speed racing on mostly city streets with GT2-spec cars. GT2 is defined as a class of cars that are modified for racing, but not extremely modified to where they bear no resemblance whatsoever to their road-going counterparts. Up to eight cars can race at once on each track. You begin racing on a few different courses at a time. With progress through the tournaments, you can race the more powerful and faster cars. You can also race on some of the tougher courses with progress. Your racing adventures take you to places such as Hawaii, Rome, Sydney, Kyoto, Las Vegas, the Black Forest, and more. This game was created and developd by Boss and published by Midway.

That's really it to the basics of this game.

To help you learn more about this game, here are some YouTube videos to give you a preview of what to expect for this game:

^ Introduction and a little look at some of the cars and tracks available.

^ Racing sample- Kyoto B.

Maybe the most enticing element of this game was the enhancement in graphics by going with a widescreen format. It comes at the expense of, however, a letterbox screen.

--- My Thoughts on World Driver Championship ---
This was a game I remembered renting long ago. It was a great racing experience, but not really enough to make me want to consider getting it. The sounds may be weak for a system like this, but it is still very manageable. The music is mostly generic rock music. It can be terrible at times. As for the graphics, there's no way you can deny this is a gorgeous game (even for the N64). The amount of challenge in this game is very acceptable. It is an intense experience. All the tracks are in lovely detail as well as with how the cars all look. It's a beautiful game.

If you enjoyed this review and if you have a Nintendo 64, I encourage you to buy this game if you want to get this game. Buy from Amazon:

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