Friday, May 28, 2010

Dark Socks/Tights with Light Shoes

John Marine | 5/28/2010 02:57:00 AM | |
I personally never understood what makes this even remotely fashionable. Let me set the mood- you see someone wearing dark-colored tights or socks with light-colored shoes. It is good to emphasize bright-colored garments to cause a diversion, but I've never understood or liked wearing dark tights/socks/stockings with light (usually white) shoes. I make reference to tights, so let me please note what kind of tights I'm talking about... I'm talking about an average pair of tights with feet to them. I'm not talking about the footless tights or leggings that have been "it" fashion deal for most of today's femmes.

Here is an example:

^ from: - dark tights with white sandals. Fashionable to some, but I just don't get this look.

Wearing black leggings or tights can add an immense slimming effect. However, when pairing black tights/leggings/stockings with light-colored shoes... I just don't get it. Plus, it just looks wrong to me. Why have dark tights with light shoes? I think black tights/socks/stockings with mahogany-colored shoes is okay. Most other combinations are just wrong to me. Here is another example:

^ from: - black tights with peach-colored pumps.

I've never understood this look, especially black tights with bright-colored shoes. But then again, I thought I knew fashion until I've gotten a rude awakening from a number of people online. It's one of those '80s styles I've just so despised. The '80s are as dead as the dinosaurs, yet someone has to keep going back to the '80s as if we need to keep being re-reminded of this overrated decade. And since getting a bad rap from certain people who know much more about fashion than I do, this only reassures why I've taken any spirited fashion commentary to my blog because I am happy to know that I am responsible for me, rather than someone watching over my comments and crying foul over my comments.

Even more of a "why?" fashion look is the look of black socks or tights with white or bright-colored peep-toe shoes or sandals. I think just wearing black or dark socks with light-colored open-toe shoes or sandals is equally wrong.

The exception to this would be certain shoes that aren't very bright or loud.  For example: black tights with mahogany boots, black socks with brown oxford pumps, or black stockings with dark-colored velvet pumps. 

What makes this look so fashionable to most femmes anyway? I just don't get this look at all.  What do you make of this look that I've discussed?

PERSONAL NOTE: I try to offer my own opinions on things, but I'm also mindful on if I've offended anyone. I apologize to anyone whom I might have offended if you like this look I've discussed. These are all just my opinions. I try to express things without making any insensitive comments. So I'm sorry to anyone whom I might have offended in this blog entry.
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John B. Marine said...

I'm not finished read this yet, but it's so fabulous 'n I'll back again when I was finished my job :D

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