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Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1

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Capcom has lots of history in making games. They're willing to show you how much in 2005's Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1. This features 22 titles from Capcom's history including well-known franchises and little-known games. It is your chance to explore the history of Capcom through this era of games. No game is older than 1984, and no game is older than 1992. This also features miniature reviews of each title as I've played just about all the games.

--- Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1 at a Glance ---

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Take a trip back in time featuring 22 of Capcom's classic titles. Assume the role of various heroes and such in trying to accomplish each task asked of you. Each game features information on each title and a bunch of extra material help enhance the experience. Each game features various objectives you must accomplish in order to unlock bonus material. The most common objectives is to score a certain number of points, defeat a certain boss, or even beat the game. Unlock these extras by playing each game until you accomplish whatever task is presented to you. You can set various options for each game, allowing you to make the games as easy or as hard as you like. You can even adjust the screen settings to feature either the games in normal format, or an enhanced format.

Some games feature remixed and remastered music that you may request to listen to for each game. Or if you're a purist like I am, you can listen to songs the way they were meant to be played. There are options for sound and screen to help you to enjoy the games the way you want to enjoy them.

You can edit the controls for each game to your liking. You can even enable Rapid Fire for just holding down the button and dealing more damage.

This title even includes bonus extras you can check out. There's something for everyone in this massive title.

--- Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1: The Games ---
Here is a look at all the games you will be playing in this package:

1942 (1984).
1942 takes you into the Pacific Theater of World War II as you try to defeat Japanese aircraft while proudly representing the United States. Power up your plane as you go through a lot of stages. It has perhaps the most terrible music of any scrolling shooter. Two players (alternate) can play this game.

1943 (1987).
Whereas 1942 was a very basic title, 1943 offers up a second helping of aerial combat. Bigger bosses and stronger weapons await you in this game. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

1943 Kai (1987).
1943 Kai is simply an upgrade of 1943. Having said this, I personally think this provides the best experience of this franchise. GREAT music, too. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Bionic Commando (1987).
The world's best soldier who is too good to jump off of his two feet is ready to save the world in an intense mission. This is a purely arcade title with about five or six missions, unlike the very good NES version. You can power up your weapons and take on some very strong bosses. Up to two players can alternate.

Commando (1985).
Commando has you going through a total of eight levels spread across two different areas (meaning one area with four levels each). Take out the enemy soldiers while making sure not to get shot trying. Up to two players can play alternatively.

Exed Exes (1985).
Can you survive all 30 levels of this fun vertical shooter? The bombs you drop don't destroy everything on the screen What they do, however, is rid the screen of enemy fire. So this game forces you to attack skillfully with your bombs. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Final Fight (1989).
Let's get one thing straight- the Final Fight series is my all-time favorite beat-em-up title. This was really one of the games that set new standards for beat-em-up games. Just so you know, this is the actual arcade version, not the crappy SNES version. It featured vivid graphics and intense combat. This game has you going through six parts of Metro City trying to save Jessica, Mayor Mike Haggar's daughter and Cody's girlfriend. This game had it all. It was offensive and controversial. Offensive material included the likes of enemies named Damnd (renamed Thrasher in America), Sodom, and perhaps the most offensive of all- Roxy and Poison, two transsexuals. Roxy and Poison were controversial since there was some skepticism as having male hero figures attack women. Anyhow, this game features the hard-hitting Haggar, the balanced Cody (though I don't like him that much), and the very quick Guy (who I REALLY love in this game). Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Forgotten Worlds (1988).
Perhaps the most difficult scrolling shooter ever, Forgotten Worlds has you saving our world from vicious monsters from the past. What makes it difficult is how you have 360° control of your fighter. You need to attack in front of you, above you, below you, and behind you as the screen scrolls. You will be battling bosses representing various time periods such as ancient Egypt among others. Unique to this game is the ability to purchase items and powerups to enhance your firepower. As a recommendation, the Homing Missile is a great help for your arsenal. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Ghosts 'n Goblins (1985).
To this day, the Ghosts 'n Goblins franchise is one of the most difficult platformer series of all time. You play as King Arthur trying to save the princess from a horde of demons. This even includes the dreaded and tricky Red Arremer. Seven stages of Hell await you. Good luck... you might need it. Up to two players can play alternatively.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1988).
Ghouls 'n Ghosts is an evolution of "Ghosts 'n Goblins." This version is basically a Genesis/Megadrive title. Improvements to the system include various weapon upgrades as well as armor upgrades. Take hold of the various other armor powerups to become that monster-killing King that you just don't mess with. Once again, you must rescue your beloved princess from these monsters and demons. Up to two players can play alternatively.

Gun.Smoke (1985).
Gun.Smoke is NOT related to the popular TV series Gunsmoke. The only things the TV/Radio series and this game have in common are the Wild West and serving double-fisted justice with your two guns. Gun.Smoke has six different firing directions that you must use creatively to restore order to the Wild West. Up to two players can play alternatively.

Legendary Wings (1986).
The beautiful landscapes you encounter in this game are under attack by many monsters and various computer systems. Two humans are given the power of flight. Restore peace to these beautiful lands by taking flight and shooting down enemies in this vertical shooter. This even includes some side-scrolling shooting as well. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Mercs (1990).
This game picks up where Commando left off. The President of the United States was captured in the ficticious central African nation of Zutula, and your job as a mercenary (or Merc) is to rescue the President from the enemy forces. This game features intense action and powerful weapons. You can even commandeer certain vehicles and big guns to deal greater damage. Up to three players can play cooperatively, and this is the ONLY game where more than two players can play. Strategy is involved when inviting three players to play.

Pirate Ship Higemaru (1984).
Pirate Ship Higemaru is the only puzzle game in this collection of games. Your task is to rid each stage of enemy pirates by picking up barrels and throwing them at the pirates. This game is VERY fun! Up to two players can play alternatively.

Section Z (1985).
This is a horizontal-scrolling shooting game where you must rid spacecraft of enemy robtos and aliens. Each Section is marked off by a letter of the alphabet. Unless you had to re-take Kindergarten a few times, you'll know that there are 26 sections of this game, to correspond with the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Up to two players can alternate play.

Son Son (1984).
Your job in Son Son is to rescue your friends from enemy forces. This game can become frustrating in later stages, as it seems like you die in less than a second of respawning. Collect food items and get the bamboo shoots for more points.

Street Fighter II (1991).
Something has to be wrong with you if you've never heard of this series. This was the fighting game that revolutionized fighting games and made Capcom a household name in the genre. This is the classic Street Fighter II that only allowed you to choose between eight characters. Up to two players can play versus style.

Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1992).
You are now able to play at the four boss characters in this game. Combat as a whole has evolved in this game compared to the base title. I think you can also set up same character battles (for example: Ryu vs. Ryu). Up to two players can play versus style.

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting (1992).
SFII Hyper Fighting is perhaps the best of the three Street Fighter II titles. Play as any of the 12 characters and even choose how fast you like your fighting. You can play this game on Turbo settings to make combat faster and more interesting. Up to two players can play versus style.

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1991).
The ultimate experience in this franchise can be found with this game. Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts is the SNES title that offered the most difficult experience of the series. Impressive graphics and difficult gameplay really tested the limits of your skills. You're back as King Arthur (again) to save your beloved princess. This is the best gameplay experience of the three titles in the franchise, but it is also the most difficult. Only one player can play.

Trojan (1986).
In a post-apocalyptic world, you decided to side with Achilles. The end result, however, was to your disliking as many people have died, and the world was down to its knees. Take your sword and shield to rid the world of evil. Six levels await you, and you can choose which level you want to start with. Up to two players can play alternatively.

Vulgus (1984).
Let's get one thing out of the way- this game is HARD. Vulgus has you traveling through space and around various worlds trying to protect the skies and space from evil ships. This game will frustrate you to no end. Here is a hint I will provide: one of the bonus objectives to this game requires you to defeat a formation squad and pick up 5,000 points. The only way to do this is to defeat the formation without getting killed. Six enemies will line up, and you must take down all of them. If you die and don't rech 5,000 points in taking down the formation, you'll need to try again, starting back at a maximum of 500 points for defeating the whole formation. Up to two players can play alternatively.

--- My Opinions of This Game ---
This is a great title for a number of reasons. Important to me is the screen options. My TV screen doesn't show things at the extreme top or extreme bottom very well. I really think EVERY game (even today's modern titles) should allow you to adjust the screen size. Most games just have you panning the screen in certain directions. This game, however, enables you to adjust screen size by widening or thinning certain dimensions of each game. That's what I love most about this game more than any other aspect of it. All the games play very well and offer lots of lots of replay value.

Another thing I love about this game is that you can play two-player action even if you have just one controller. Especially for games that have you playing two players alternatively, you can pass the joystick to whomever you're playing with so that you don't need to have two controllers connected.

So really, it's the little aspects of this game that I love the most. It is basically a number of small details that I think almost every game should have. The only negative... some of these games are for real gamers only. You'll find yourself playing some of these games for a while and constantly dying in trying to complete each game.

If you enjoyed my review of this game and the reviews of all the other games, I invite you to go get this game if it interests you. Here is a link below to where you can buy this game. I found out this game is also for the XBOX classic:

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