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Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2

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A second dosage of Capcom goodness was delivered a year after the first collection. The first title shown off various classic titles. The focus now is on more vivid and more detailed games from Capcom's history. This time, you are playing 20 titles from Capcom's history. This game even has the ability to create Save States, which can come in handy. I'll tell you one big reason why I think this feature is included in CCC Volume 2 later in this blog entry. But for now, let's talk more about this game in my review!

--- Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 at a Glance ---

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Picking up where the first title left off, Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 features a broader variety of games to play. This game mostly defines more vivid and details games rather than a bunch of classic titles as the first one. Consider these the neo-classics, if you will. The oldest titles are from 1987, and the youngest title is from 1994.

This game adds in the ability to save games. It can help, especially with one game in this collection. Video options are enhanced to include Progressive Scan. A helpful piece of info is that this game features the Bonus List that can be accessed from the Pause Menu. This will help you to remember what tasks have to be completed to unlock each extra.

One last bonus to this game are cheats. You can unlock the cheats by playing a special extra game. Progress through this extra game will allow you to play certain games with cheats enabled for all the games. There is only one cheat for each game, and your game progress will NOT be saved or recorded as you use them.

There is also a tutorial designed to help you with Super Street Fighter II Turbo. It features a number of videos. Use these videos to help you dominate in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

--- Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2: The Games ---
Here is a look at all the games you will be playing in this package:

1941: Counter Attack (1990).
This game basically serves as a prequel to the 194x series of games. In this title, you are battling this time against forces in Europe. More exciting gameplay and intense weaponry is included in this game. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Avengers (1987).
Six young women in Paradise City have been kidnapped by thugs. It's your job to head into town and rescue all six women. Gameplay can be frustrating at times. Let this be said- you'll need to button-mash your way to victory in this game. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Black Tiger (1987.
Destroy the dragons that have destroyed the kingdom. You are a fellow with a huge morning star that throws three daggers upward destroying all beasts in your path. Collect money to upgrade your powers all the further.

Block Block (1991).
Simply put, this game is Capcom's answer to Breakout. The more times the ball bounces back on your paddle, the more your paddle shrinks. So you'll need to clear each level quickly. Collect various fruit items to extend the paddle. Two-player play adds a very helpful dynamic to this game. Try the 10-level Beginner Course or go straight for the 50-level course. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Captain Commando (1991).
Captain Commando has you taking the role of one of four different heroes in saving the world from the wrath of Genocide. Genocide's influence is responsible for terrorizing the world and even mutating a lot of the enmies. Ten levels await you here. Two players can play cooperatively, but there are also options to play for up to four players cooperatively. However, you have no control over the character you select with four-player play. HINT: In 4-Player Mode, Player 1 is Mummy Commando, Player 2 is Ninja Commando, Player 3 is Captain Commando, and Player 4 is Baby Commando.

Eco Fighters (1994).
This inventive side-scrolling shooter has you piloting a ship in trying to save the world from environmental disaster. Various corporations have sapped the resources and lives out of many planets in expanding an empire, turning them into Dread Spheres. Earth is becoming one of those Dread Spheres. It's your job to prevent Goyolk K.K., the largest of these from turning Earth into a Dread Sphere by using a variety of weapons. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

The King of Dragons (1991).
In this beat-em-up action game, your job is to restore order to Earth as monsters and dragons disturb the peace. You can select one of five different characters. Characters can be upgraded to be more powerful. Up to three characters can play cooperatively.

Knights of the Round (1991).
Knights of the Round can be thought of as a three-player version of Final Fight. Unlike Final Fight, however, the sounds are pretty weak. This is Capcom's rendition of the classic Knights of the Round Table and Excalibur. You can be either Lancelot, King Arthur (or just Arthur here), or Perceval. This game features great music and impressive graphics. It's one of my personal favorites in this collection of games. Characters can be upgraded. Up to three players can play cooperatively.

Last Duel (1988)
Twin planets Mu and Bacula are at war with each other. Mu's queen, Sheeta was kidnapped by a tribe on Bacula called Galden. Galden has now taken over Mu. It's up to you to rescue Queen Sheeta before Galden's hostile takeover. Up to two players can play cooperatively, and some levels have you as a car or as a plane.

Magic Sword (1990).
Terrible misfortune has befallen the world, and it's all thanks to the Black Orb. Your job is to head to Drokman Keep and climb its 50 levels to rid the world of evil. Allies can join your cause, and you can pick up more powerful weapons as you progress. Your allies can even be leveled up. Up to two players can play cooperatively. A big hint to remember about this game- there are two endings to this game. Doing one specific action determines what kind of ending you will get.

Mega Twins (1990).
Mega Twins is a very cute game with serious action! You control one of the two infant twins that survived from Alurea's decimation to save Alurea. The two twins are now teenagers. As these teens, you are set out to save Alurea and get revenge for your parents' death. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

Quiz and Dragons (1992).
Considered by a number of gaming fans as one of the worst gaming ideas ever, Quiz and Dragons is a puzzle-type game where the way to save Capconia is by answering questions on various topics. Your main goal was to recover the wisdom seed from Gordian. Because of Gordian's rule, the dragons unleashed ask common folk questions. If they failed to answer the question correctly, they would be eaten by the monsters. Every "battle" you take part in is a question-answering game designed to test your knowledge. Each of the four heroes have different abilities to help them. Consider it as a trivia game with board game execution. Up to two players can play versus style. A special version of "Quiz and Dragons" is made specifically with questions related to Capcom. This version is the one you can play to unlock various cheats for each of the games in CCC Volume 2. VERY IMPORTANT: most of the questions are based on material from 1992. So think about 1992 for answering most of the questions!

Side Arms (1986).
The world is under attack in the future. You fly in to take out Borzon and his minions from destroying the world and life thereof. Fire ahead and behind you in this horizontal scrolling shooter. Up to two players can play cooperatively, and it can sometimes be confusing if both of your ships connected as one moves one way, and you go another.

Street Fighter (1987).
There was a reason why Street Fighter never achieved fame until Street Fighter II. This game is the reason why. Street Fighter was born in 1987 despite the popularity of Street Fighter II. Before all these other characters came along, it was just Ryu and Ken. Before you think this was anywhere near fun as its sequel, moves like Ryu and Ken's famous Hadouken fireball and Shoryuken dragon punch were as easy to execute as they are now, think again. Before Bison being the big boss, there was Sagat. You visit four different countries taking on two enemies in each country. Beat them all, and your final destination is Thailand (spelled "Tieland" in the game). Up to two players can play versus style.

Strider 1989.
Grandmaster Meio has taken over the world. Strider Hiryu is the world's best hope to save the world from Grandmaster Keio's rule. Vivid graphics and difficult gameplay make this game a can't-miss title in this collection of games. There are five different levels in this game. Most of the levels are in Russia. In fact, you start in a futuristic St. Petersburg, Russia. I earned new respect for Strider Hiryu playing this title and beating this game. Up to two players can play alternatively.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1992).
Super Street Fighter II Turbo is perhaps the best gift to any fan of the Street Fighter II series. Super Street Fighter 2 gives you all 12 characters from the previous titles, but also includes four more characters. Fast and furious gameplay is to be expected in this title as everything gets a serious makeover. New to this game is that of the Super combos that deal much more damage and would become a mainstay for many modern fighting games. Up to two characters can play versus style. COMMENTARY: A reason why I think Save Games were enabled for this game is because of this game. If you can beat every character without losing a single round, rather than facing Bison, you face the game's toughest challenger- Akuma/Gouki. You also get the best ending this way. This game is hard to win without losing a single round or having to continue. So take advantage of the wins you get here.

The Speed Rumbler (1986).
The Speed Rumbler may sound like a racing game, but it is an action game where you drive a car through the various environments. People of Peace Village have been kidnapped and taken hostage. You must go from your Peace Village to Zap Town to save your family and many of the citizens from your home town. You have 24 hours (which is actually 24 minutes) to go through six stages. So obviously, you have to clear each stage within four minutes. Getting killed adds 10 seconds to your time, and if you fail to complete each stage within the allowed time, you must the level over again. If your car is about to explode, escape quickly and go on foot. Up to two players can alternate play.

Three Wonders (1991).
This is one of the best titles in the entire game. Three Wonders features three different games with three different genres. You select which game you want to play. Each game is engaging and fun. In my view, this game should really be called "2.5 Wonders because two games have similar characters and similar storyline. Midnight Wanderers is an Action game, Chariot is a Shooting game, and Don't Pull is a Puzzle Game. Midnight Wanderers and Chariot have similar characters and stortylines. Don't Pull is completely different. All three games are fun, especially Don't Pull.

Tiger Road (1987).
Children were kidnapped and taken to an evil dungeon. In this ancient China adventure, rescue the kidnapped children from the evil army. This game features a number of weapons and can sometimes be very frustrating to play, especially in later levels. Up to two players can alternate play.

Varth (1992).
Varth may be the best vertical scrolling shooter not named Aero Fighters or Raiden. The game features some of the most intense vertical-scrolling shooting action almost any game can provide. Pods around the ship help protect you from enemy fire and shoot missiles. You are essentially piloting old-spec planes in a battle to save the colony of Varth. The enemy craft are all newer craft. Over 30 intense levels await you. Up to two players can play cooperatively.

--- My Opinions of This Game ---
I love this game for the same reasons why I loved the first Capcom Classics Collection. It's just too bad that I wished the Save Game feature could be used in CCC Volume 1. The one thing I wish this game had was a more interesting set of challenges than what this game provides. The Save Game thing comes in handy. Otherwise, I would have NEVER beaten games like Varth or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo!

MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: One question in "Quiz and Dragons" asked for where the Astrodome was located, and I ACCIDENTALLY pressed the button for the wrong answer! One of the answers was New Orleans, and I accidentally pressed the button for the New Orleans answer when I tried to press the button for Houston, the right answer!

If you enjoyed my review of this game and the reviews of all the other games, I invite you to go get this game if it interests you. Here is a link below to where you can buy this game. I found out this game is also for the XBOX classic:

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