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"I Want Normal Kids"

John Marine | 7/23/2010 06:14:00 PM |
Thirty-year old mother, Saiqa Akhter, killed her two children because they were autistic and wanted "normal kids." Saiqa made a disturbing call to 911 that she killed the autistic kids. This incident happened in Irving, Texas, USA. I didn't want to blog about this until I really began to think about this story and the gravity of the impact of this story. So allow me to sound off. By the way, here is the lady who will NOT be winning "Mom of the Year" anytime soon:

^ from: - Saiqa Akhter.

If you want to read the article online I am taking information from, please visit this link: Mother Kills Her Two Kids for Being Autistic (courtesy of

What the bloody hell were you thinking, killing your two children, let alone two autistic children? I am reminded of a young woman who requested me as a friend on Myspace. She is a woman with a great heart despite her rough past. She's working to get a job, go back to school, and... raise her autistic son. The difference between my Myspace friend and this woman who wanted normal kids is that despite the troubles and slow times for my Myspace friend, she hasn't resorted to killing off her autistic son.

I have no experience in being a parent or a babysitter, but killing off a child (let alone an autistic one) is a deplorable shame. Whatever happened to giving birth to and raising a child or children despite any abnormalities or ailiments? You don't take away your own child or childrens' lives as a parent. You just don't! What you're saying as a parent is that you've given up and that all the effort of being pregnant and raising a child... goes for nothing. You might as well say that. You've wasted years of your life, lots of money, and lots of tender loving care in helping raise children and start a family. Congratulations- you are not only a disgrace to mothers living in the United States, but also mothers in general. Is this a way to send a message to parents of autistic children?

As for autism itself, I am not educated in any such way about autism. Most parents who have children with certain illnesses or abnormalities have loving care and loving support of their children. This woman, obviously does not. I am appalled by this woman's decision to kill her autistic children. The best friends such children will EVER have is their parents. When a parent fails to deliver his/her end of the deal, that child becomes even more screwed for life. For a family to actually BE a family, the parent(s) has/have to step up. Saiqa and her actions and words are truly appaling. Being a parent can be stressful, but it should NEVER... and I mean NEVER come to this. Don't give me a negative reaction to this next sentence, but your kids ARE normal even if they have some abnormality or ailment. They just need more attention and care. And just to kill them because you wanted "normal" kids is just terrible.

Let this be a lesson to any parent or future parent that may have a child or children diagnosed with a certain abnormality or ailment. Being a parent to a child or children is a life-long process. It is a life-long process that involves being taken what you are given and trying to make the most out of it. You fail as a parent and as a human being when you kill your own children the way Saiqa did. If Saiqa is somehow given a second chance (she could be faced with life in prison or the Death Penalty if convicted), I hope she never makes this mistake again if she gives birth to any more children. As for the slain children of their deranged mother, one can only imagine what kinds of futures they would have if they weren't killed by their mother. This woman robbed her own two children of a happy and promising future. That, as a parent, is inexcuseable. Good luck trying to defend this because there is no defense. One should know better than to attack his/her own children in this kind of way, and even more so when the children have some kind of ailment or abnormality (like autism). She acted among herself and gave a black eye to parents around the United States.

That's my ideas on this issue. I'm just angry about all of this. What do you think about a situation like this? SENSIBLE comments, please (meaning no personal attacks, racism, spam, etc.)!
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John B. Marine said...

Wow, this makes me so, so angry. I have an autistic brother and he didn't get diagnosed until he was 16 so our family had a huge struggle for a long time because we didn't know what was wrong with him. Never once would my mom have thought of doing something to hurt him, even when he annoyed me and I thought he was "weird", I didn't want to hurt him either because I knew it wasn't his fault he was like that. If she was struggling she could have given the kids to a relative or for adoption, there is never an excuse for killing your kids.

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