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24 Hour Restaurant Battle

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I have been watching a lot more of Food Network lately. One show I've seen was the premier of "24 Hour Restaurant Battle," hosted by chef Scott Conant. Allow me to set this up. What you have is two teams of either two or three people. Both of which, are given about $4,000 USD to set up an entire restaurant in this big room divided by a wall. Both restaurants will be on either side of this wall. Basically, these are two rookie restaurants in (and I stress) CLOSE competition with each other! The teams have 24 hours to prepare everything from start to finish. Once the restaurants have been finalized, a variety of customers (including some big name judges in the food industry) will enter and evaluate the restaurant. The winning team will receive $10,000 USD to start their own restaurant. It's a great concept. Teams have to prepare the following:

* a restaurant name
* preparation of a full menu
* furniture and decor
* prepare and cook lots of food
* while given staff, the teams are responsible for managing that staff

I have to say- this is a great concept. It's great to envision that these teams can prepare a makeshift restaurant complete with a variety of food for many people. The big bopper for who won the first episode (it involved Italian Cuisine) was that one team prepared RAW chicken- health hazard! It's really amazing how these makeshift restaurants are put together while offering so much for customers. If you get Food Network, please be sure to check out "24 Hour Restaurant Battle."

For more information on "24 Hour Restaurant Battle," visit its homepage on Thanks for reading! Do you and a few others have what it takes to build a makeshift restaurant from start to finish within 24 hours, while also providing high-quality food and service? I couldn't come up with a restaurant in 24 hours even if (and a few others) have tried. So therefore, I have great respect for those who take part in this competition.

Extra Material...
* To keep up on who won each episode of "24 Hour Restaurant Battle," here is a link I found that may be of use to you: 24 Hour Restaurant Battle News (

* If you have Facebook, Become a Fan of "24 Hour Restaurant Battle" on Facebook!
* Visit the new website, the official home page for "24 Hour Restaurant Battle" host, Scott Conant.

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John B. Marine said...

where can I get the & Jelly menu?

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