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Car Style - The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

John Marine | 7/05/2010 03:28:00 AM |
(UPDATED: February 25, 2012)

Mitsubishi's Lancer has seen ten generations with the latest model. From the outset, this is the most aggressive-looking Lancer ever with sharp style to match its sharp character. It's the car Subaru Impreza lovers have hated for years. The Impreza vs. Lancer usually makes up one of the most intense rivalries among Japanese cars. You might as well call it the Camaro vs. Mustang of rally-bred cars. If you're a Gran Turismo fan, you may have had your heart broken to see a Lancer Evo X crash right into a tire wall at Tokyo R246. Whatever the case, you are talking about the sharpest-looking Lancer EVER. This blog entry concerns the sedan version of this great car. I had planned on doing one on just the Lancer Sportback, but decided not to. At least, not for now.


FEB 25 2012 - updated post

--- Car Style: The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X ---

For your enjoyment, say hello to the tenth-generation Lancer:
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
^ from: - the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

The latest Lancer has some boldness and some aggression to it. Many people will instantly say "boy racer," but this is a bold and sharply designed car. Then too, I think ANYONE will automatically call it some kind of "boy racer" just because it's a sporty Japanese car. Almost as if it's against the law for Japan to make sporty-looking (and performing) vehicles. It is a very sporty sedan if you look at this as a sports sedan. It's a rally beast if you value the heritage of Mitsubishi's rally racing history. Mitsubishi may not be Lancia, but they are certainly one of the greatest Japanese companies to challenge the arena of rally racing. This car is just the latest culmination of their efforts.


If looks could kill, the Lancer's looks up front would be on Death Row by now. Perhaps the most recent styling trend has been that of grills that look larger than they actually are. I'm reminded of the Nissan GT-R in regards to this "mustache" under the front grill. The Lancer Evo X has its own "mustache". If you want to call it the "mustache," then let's move on to the eyes- the headlights. The headlights are clean and sharp in looks. They look more like a beast ready to attack or like an angry man's eyes. Fog lights adorn the openings on either side of the front bumper up front. The Lancer's front hood is a powerful and aggressive one. It has a miniscule front scoop, but a "W" style hood design.

Its side profile expresses this car's overall fierceness while adding muscle and style. A lovely set of wheels accompany the tires to this car. There's plenty of muscle to this car. Evidence of this is in its fender flare design. Bold? For sure. Modest? Absolutely not. Ahead of the front doors is a side duct, similar to the side duct from its rival Subaru Impreza WRX STi. The side skirts offer some extra aggression. If you take a look at it from the sides, it just looks beautiful and aggressive. Perhaps not as fluid aerodynamically as the Peugeot 406, but VERY fluid to me.

The rear of the Lancer has a combination of style and aggression. Its taillight arrangement is very nice. It boasts a very nice rear spoiler (regardless of trim level). The Lancer boasts a pair of mufflers to accentuate the rear bumper, but unlike the tailpipes of the latest Impreza WRX STI, both mufflers boast just single tailpipes. The rear showcases perhaps the raciest character of the car.


If you can't resist the urge to step inside, what does the inside of the car boast? For one thing, the interior is even more sporty than the Impreza WRX STi. Everything means business quite well. The steering wheel looks stylish as the three diamonds of Mitsubishi ("Mitsubishi" translates to "three diamonds" in Japanese). The gauges in the instrument panel are outlined in metallic accents and are simply stylish. Touchscreen navigation commandeers the center console up top. The gauges for oil and water and such are part of the center console. The shifter is very sporty in design. The Evolution X's dashboard, as a whole, looks pretty nice. I was actually going to rant in it, but I think it's looks very alright. Sporty seats help keep you comfy as you contemplate how you're going to tear up the road or the track.

There is no doubt about it- this car is ready to play. Thing is... it doesn't play around. It is a car that packs plenty of punch from a style and performance perspective. The car packs plenty of character while not looking severely overaggressive. There is actual style to this car, though not what you'd find in cars from, say... Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, or any company like that. I'll say it now- the Lancer Evolution X is perhaps the most beautiful Lancer ever. Doesn't matter what trim level you get it in (as long is it isn't some weak sauce Lancer like the very first Lancer the USA got in 2001)- the latest Lancer is a lovely car.

I actually wanted to do a "Car Style" blog entry on the Lancer Sportback, but I might do that for a future blog entry. Do you own a Lancer Evolution X or some other car and want to buy some parts for it? Seek parts on Amazon using this widget below. Thank you for reading! Please read "An Important Amazon Note" for information on all Amazon items.


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John B. Marine said...

Mitsubishi Lancer is known for power,speed and performance.This is why the rival between other powerful cars are still present.It's a family car but later having the touch of sporty appearance made it more interesting to have for customers.

John B. Marine said...

I love the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series! I've always wanted to drive one here in Indianapolis! You know that game called Maximum Tune? I remember using that same car, haha! Anyway, that's a nice review of the car. I really hope I can get to ride one. Heck I'll be very happy even if I'm just able to see the real thing. LOL!

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