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Time Crisis (PS1 Version)

John Marine | 7/01/2010 05:00:00 AM |
NOTE: This blog is a do-over. It was originally posted July 1, 2010; deleted previous blog post because of thumbnail issues.

Time Crisis was Namco's answer to Konami's Lethal Enforcers and Sega's Virtua Cop. What made Time Crisis different were two things- working quickly to eliminate the enemies, and more importantly- strategy. You can't just go into an area and bust caps on every enemy in the area- you need to know when to attack and when to retreat. This game was was a hit in the arcades in its day. Its home version is just as fun for the PlayStation 1 as it is in the arcades. While you may not have a pedal to step on for the PS1 version, you can still press a button either to attack or hide. This blog entry is a look at the home version of Time Crisis for the PlayStation 1. By the way, it's was the ONLY Time Crisis for the PlayStation 1.

--- Time Crisis at a Glance ---

^ from: - Time Crisis for the PlayStation 1. It was released in 1995.

The primary goal of Time Crisis is to head into a castle to save the president's daughter. A man related to the royal family is holding her hostage in exchange for military secrets. If the princess isn't saved by sundown, the princess will be shot and killed. So head into the castle and save Rachel before it's too late!

Remember that the main goal is to work quickly to rid each stage (three in all) of bad guys. The quicker you work through each level, the better. Run out of time or run out of lives, and you're finished. You can do Arcade Mode, which takes you through the three stages of the arcade version. You can do a Time Attack where you must try to clear each stage in the fastest-possible time.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 1 version, there is a bonus mission. This bonus mission has to traveling to a hotel. It is no ordinary hotel, though. It is a hotel that's actually a missile silo! Your job is to head into the hotel and disarm the missile. How far you actually progress in this mission depends on how quickly you work to complete each level. This mission is tougher than the arcade mission.

You can play this game with a regular controller if you don't have a good light gun (preferably the Guncon). It's a great game. There are two methods- press a certain button to attack, or press a button to hide. I prefer pressing a button to hide. Don't worry about accidentally shooting hostages because you'll be facing bad guys only.

It's a classic title you must play if you want some fast-paced light gun action. Here is a video preview (English with Japanese subtitles):

Here are some items for you on Amazon in case you want to buy this game (Please read "An Important Amazon Note" for information regarding Amazon items):

1.) Time Crisis for the PlayStation 1. Rated "T" for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

2.) The GunCon for the PlayStation 1.

3.) Time Crisis for the PlayStation 1, bundled with the GunCon. Rated "T" for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

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John B. Marine said...

That time I wasn't hooked yet into gaming and so I missed the first released of time crisis but now I make it a point to visit the amusement center just to play time crisis 4 with my friends. It's sometimes tiring but a morale booster everytime you beat some other guys.

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