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Ensure Nutrition Shake

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(UPDATED: MAR 2 2011 - added an Amazon Carousel where you can find Ensure Nutrition Shakes on Amazon. Also, made some spelling edits.)

If you are in need of a delicious way to get all the vitamins you need to start the day, or if you're looking for a tasty and nutritious snack, then Ensure has your answer. Ensure is a lineup of nutrition drinks that come in a few different varieties to fuel you for the day ahead. Ensure comes in six different varieties, all of which come in the form of a delicious milk chocolate shake. There are also some vanilla-flavored shakes from Ensure. Here is a picture I took showing two bottles of Ensure:

^ two bottles of Ensure Nutrition Shake (the right one is open).

When you taste Ensure's chocolate nutrition shakes, the taste is like tasting chocolate ice cream with marshmallows. It is absolutely delicious to drink! It is also very beneficial in helping you get the vitamins you need for the day. It can also be a liquid snack to have when you want to drink something healthy.

As I mentioned earlier, Ensure comes in six different varieties. The one in the picture featured the basic nutrition shake. Here is a look at the six varieties of Ensure (descriptions taken from

* Nutrition Shake - to help get strong on the inside
* Plus - to help gain or maintain a healthy weight
* Bone Health - to help build strong bones
* Immune Health - to help support your immune system
* Muscle Health - to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time
* Clinical Strength - serious nutrition for your health goals

Ensure helps to get you ready for the day. So it's something to check out if you want to drink something nutritious while also being delicious. Just because something is good for you doesn't have to like it. This, however, is something you WILL love if you enjoy drinking chocolate.

If you want to try Ensure, I have two options for you:

* This Amazon Carousel is your preview of Ensure Nutrition Shake items on Amazon:

* Learn more about Ensure by visiting

* Shop for Ensure shakes on Amazon (please read "An Important Amazon Note" for notes on all Amazon items featured):

Thank you all for reading! Take care, everyone! :)
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