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Making Your Own Clothes

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(UPDATED: July 25, 2013)

Who is the best designer in the world? If you had your way, you'd say that you are, especially if you make your own fashions. You don't have to go to department and retail stores to shop for the latest fashions. In fact, you don't even have to look for the latest fashions- you can make them yourself! People into crafts and sewing can make their own fashions rather than always have to shop at stores for fashions. My grandmother is about the only person I know who still does sewing. Some people have the skills and creativity to sew or knit their own fashions rather than always rely on the department store or mall for fashions. It takes more work to create fashion from scratch by using lots of patterns and such. However, you are able to create fashions that are unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Not every store is going to have the best fashions available for all to purchase.

This blog entry concerns handmade fashions. It is about making your own fashions and honoring those who sew or knit their own fashions. I'm dedicating this one to the do-it-yourself (or DIY) crowd. This includes sewing, crocheting, knitting, and upcycling fashions.


JUL 25 2013 - edited a link, updated post.


This same topic is offered in my fashion blog, "StyleSpace by JBM." To read my updated post on this topic, please visit the link below:

"Making Your Own Clothes" (StyleSpace by JBM)

Otherwise, enjoy reading this original post here on "John's Blog Space!"

--- Why Make Your Own Clothes? ---

There are some times when you feel like you can make stylish outfits rather than always have to shop for them. Maybe you want to turn a pair of denim jean shorts into a skirt. Maybe you want to take some T-shirts and turn them into shorts or pants. Options vary greatly for why you want to make your own fashions or convert certain clothes into other kinds of clothes.

What begins with a mess of patterns, threads, and things like that ultimately become one-of-a-kind fashions. People ranging from single designers to high-end design firms often create their own clothing. High-end designers even create certain clothes (especially at events such as award shows) for celebrities for high-profile events. The range of applications for making your own fashions is immense.

--- Making Your Own Clothes in Pictures ---

I will try to examine this deal in a variety of pictures. Have a look at what people have done to turn patterns into stylish clothes...


--- Sewing and Sewing Patterns ---
sewing pattern
^ from: - a sewing pattern from Simplicity. Simplicity is one of the many popular sewing pattern makers including (but not limited to) Butterick, McCalls, and KWIK SEW.

turn jeans into a skirt sewing
^ from: - Sewing allows you to do many things, such as taking a pair of jeans and turning it into a cute skirt.

Sewing patterns give you all that you need to make any fashion. There are two methods to sewing fashion: have everything in one package, or you have to purchase various other items to help you to make your own clothes.

^ from: - Cosplayers often sew their own outfits to custom fit them.

You want another example of how special it can be to make your own clothes? Just look at Cosplayers. The unique realm of Cosplaying relates to being able to make great fashions that no single store can provide. After all, it wouldn't seem right to buy a costume from a store when you can make your own costume and really stand out among other Cosplayers.

--- Sewing Itself ---
sewing clothes
^ from: - Sewing clothes can be hot! :)

fabric store
^ from: - A trip down to the fabric store or a hobby store can help you to get started in making your own fashions. You usually go pick out fabric or any other materials you need to build your own items.

^ from: - what begins as rolls of thread can eventually lead to stylish fashions with time and effort.

While it's perfectly fine to go to the store to purchase clothes from well-known and little-known makes, the real beauty lies in being able to make your own clothes. So what if what you make isn't made by some world-renowned designer or label? The creativity exists in making clothes that no store will ever sell (unless you offer your material for sale). Those endowed with a sewing machine and lots of skill in sewing clothes will be blessed with making all kinds of fashion items. They can be either clothes or some accessories. In addition, this is more like old school clothes making. Some people (like my grandmother) still owns and uses her sewing machine to make clothes. I even remember as a youth just seeing some packs of sewing patterns left over from my grandmother.

It just goes to show that some people would rather sew their own clothes than always go out shopping for the latest styles. There's another reason why sewing is better- there may be certain items not available for certain sizes. There is greater satisfaction knowing that you can design your own clothes the way you want to. Being able to create and maintain your own clothes is a testament of cool that no one else can aspire to.

Crocheting and Knitting.

crochet bolero
^ from: - a crocheted bolero.

knitted dress girl
^ from: - a young girl in a knitted dress.

There is a misconception that only elderly people knit clothes. In fact, I read this article on about teenagers who knit their own clothes. That's right- teen girls who knit their own clothes. They can range from accessories to certain kinds of outerwear. Knitting and crocheting is not just for older women. You'd be surprised how many young people sew or knit their own clothes.


upcycle fashion
^ from: - What used to be an umbrella is now a cute skirt by way of upcycling it.

soda can tab earrings
^ from: - earrings made from soda can tabs.

Upcycle it, don't trash it! The best way to describe upcycling is by taking worthless or useless items and turning them into other things. Relevant to this blog entry, items are upcycled for clothes and accessories. It is a trendy method of waste reduction by turning used items into fashions. This kind of ties into my past blog entry about eco-friendly fashions since it involves taking what already exists, rather than trashing things for good. The first picture features a skirt that used to be an umbrella. This can allow for a cute skirt to twirl around in. Plus, it's waterproof! :)

(BRIEFLY OFF-TOPIC) Not sure if this qualifies as upcycled, but I've once seen a college girl wearing paper two clips as earrings once.

These are some of many methods in which people make their own fashions. They either come from patterns, material (such as threads and fabric), or they come from old items to make new fashions. Whatever the case, there are many ways to passionately make your own fashions and accessories. You just have to have creativity and charm in making these fashions for you or someone else.

I strongly recommend you visit to see many more handmade fashion items. You will be surprised at just what you can make by taking old items and making new ones.

These are some of many methods in which people make their own fashions. They either come from patterns, material (such as threads and fabric), or they come from old items to make new fashions. Whatever the case, there are many ways to passionately make your own fashions and accessories. You just have to have creativity and charm in making these fashions for you or someone else.

--- Do It Yourself Fashion in the Blogosphere ---

I want to add more blogs to feature here. Anyhow, this blog post concerns bloggers who make their own clothes or alter their own fashions. I have provided this blog post to salute these blogs and showcase making your own fashions. If you see a hyperlinked header, it takes you to the proper blog.


Meet a beautiful young lady named Mackenzie. She makes some of her own fashions as well as wearing fashions from other designers. So please visit Deconstruction and check out some of her styles.

That's all. More will featured in future edits.

--- Where Can I Find Handmade Fashions? ---

Perhaps you prefer making your own fashions and even shopping for fashions made by other people. You don't have to have style from big-name companies. Some people who make such one-of-a-kind fashions are probably just from an average family or couple! If they are selling their homemade fashion items, you have a chance to pick up some styles from people just like you! So here are some resources featuring handmade and upcycled items. I may include more in future edits, and MANY more in John's Shop Space. Please visit these links to find more items online from the realm of handmade and upcycled items:

--- Sewing and Sewing Patterns ---

--- Sewing Itself ---
ThreadBanger (as seen in Vogue Magazine)

--- Knitting and Crocheting ---
Learn to Knit and Crochet

Explore Crochet & Knitting (features more resources online)

--- Upcycling ---
Etsy is perhaps the best at showing off fashions handmade by other people or upcycled from various materials. Not only do they make these fashions, they also sell them to others across the Internet.

Portland, Oregon, USA-based LooptWorks designs urban fashions for men and women using items that already exist, rather than trash them completely. It's about making new items using old products for this company.

More resources may be added in future edits to this blog post.

This concludes my blog entry on making your own fashions. I salute all of you who either make your own fashions from scratch, or use old products and materials to make new fashions. I will work on an entry for "John's Shop Space" in case you are interested in shopping for handmade items and upcycled items. I think at most, I may be able to showcase (especially on Amazon) mostly sewing patterns). You will see a graphic below where you can shop for more relevant items from this blog entry on John's Shop Space.

In the meanwhile, allow me to return thanks to you by offering you items from Amazon in case you are interested in making your own clothes. The primary resources here are sewing patterns and sewing machines. Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog! (Please read "An Important Amazon Note" for important info on all Amazon items featured in my blog.)

For sewing patterns on Amazon:

For sewing machines on Amazon:

For upcycled fashions on Amazon (exclusively from LooptWorks):

Thank you for reading! You don't have to go shop for all the latest fashions- you can make your own! So go ahead... make your own fashions and show some style! :D

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