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Puebla (formally known as Autódromo Miguel E. Abed) is an oval that has a tough road course. This track is raced on by various series ranging from NASCAR Mexico to a round of the FIA World Touring Car Championship. It even plays host to an endurance race called the 24 Hours of Mexico. The oval registers at 1.359 miles (2.171 km), and the road course is 2.090 miles (3.363 km) long with 18 turns. The track can be found in Azomoc, Puebla, Mexico. It is 18.64 miles (30 km) east of Ciudad de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. It is a young race track as it was opened in 2005. The track features modest elevation changes, and the backdrop features some lovely mountain views.

This blog entry concerns Puebla (Autódromo Miguel E. Abed). If you play RACE 07 or GTR Evolution, you know what to expect racing this track.

--- Puebla (Autódromo Miguel E. Abed) ---
Here is a look at this track:
Autodromo Miguel E. Abed
^ from: (best I could find) - Puebla has a fast oval and a technical road course.

Get ready for a fast oval as well as a tough infield road course. All four corners of the oval are incorporated into the road course's layout. The road course essentially features three different hooks that makes the 1.3-mile oval form that 2-mile course.

One Lap - Oval Course.

The oval course features corners that are all identical in nature. A lot of the track doesn't have a whole lot of open areas, so you'll need to keep mistakes to a minimum. You don't have the luxury of a lot of pavement or grass to slow you down if in the event of a spin or crash. The IndyCar Series even wanted to race the Puebla oval a few years ago. I'd hate to imagine seeing this track become a crash-fest if the series raced at Puebla.

One Lap - Road Course.

To me, the track is better suited for road racing than oval racing. The track's nature isn't very good for traditional (as in American) oval racing. There are three hook-like sections that detract from the oval. The first corner is a sharp left-hander. Turn 2 is a right-hander that is somewhat less sharp. The next two right-handers are fairly modest. Turn 3 is smooth as Turn 4 is a bit more sharp. Turn 5 is a left-hander that takes you back onto the oval. Turns 6 and 7 of the road course are turns 1 and 2 of the Puebla oval. Both offer sufficient banking, but not much room for error if there is a spin in these corners. Turn 8 ir a left-hander that comes in sharply at an obtuse angle. Turn 9 comes in at about the same angle as Turn 8, but this is a right-hand corner. Turn 10 is a smooth open corner that is left-handed. Turn 11 is a sharp, but wide left-hand corner. A little left-handed kink at Turn 12 leads back onto the oval. Turns 13 through 16 sets up the last of the three hooks. Turn 13 is a smooth left-hander, and Turn 14 is a smooth right-hander. Both corners are about the same in radius. Turn 15 is a fairly long and open right-hand corner. Turn 16 is wider than Turn Turn 15. Finally, Turns 17 and 18 make up Turns 3 and 4 of the oval. Cross the finish line and prepare to do 2.090 miles of racing all over again!

Video Lap.

I couldn't find a good video of a lap around the Puebla oval. And considering how crash-happy most racing fans are, I can't find a decent video except for Puebla except that crash that killed Carlos Pardo back in 2009. I provide videos for educational purposes, and it can be tough trying to fulfill that role if what people like looking up are videos on crashes and other crap like that. Here is a video lap, then, of the road course.

Road course lap (done by Tom Coronel for SEAT TEAM Holland in 2009):

To learn more about Autodromo Miguel E. Abed, visit Puebla's official home page (Spanish only). The link includes Facebook and Twitter profiles. Thank you for reading my blog entry on Puebla! Subscribe to my blog via FeedBurner (or any other aggregator in the sidebar)! Click on the graphics below to subscribe to both of my blogs, and also Become a Fan of my Facebook Fan Page:
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I love love love this game. I had trouble getting the force feedback to feel right to me and had to manually edit the configuration file the game uses to get it right. This was a major pain. Once I tweaked the force feedback to where I was happy, the game was great. There are areas that could use some improvement. The AI could be better and so could the graphics. But overall this is the game I keep coming back to. I could be playing Dirt2, GRID, rfactor, iracing, or need for speed(lol yeah right). GTR Evolution just seems to be the game that keeps me coming back for more. I think its the combination of really great tracks and cars. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to take a BMW down Nordschiefe, and GTR is the game to do it in. If you like racing sims, this is a must have. You won't regret it. If you like need for speed, this probably isn't for you, but try it anyway.


As one of the reviewers pointed out, if you liked GTR2, you will surely like GTR Evolution. I have not played Race 07, however compared to GTR2, this title expands on the awesome pedigree of the series by providing the user with a different selection of cars, tracks as well as some graphics and AI upgrades. All the great physics and realism are there and this game is such a delight to play with Logitech G25 wheel. I have played all the new titles that came out in the past few years such Dirt 1 and 2, GRID, NFS Shift, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and I keep coming back to GTR2 and GTR Evolution because the depth and realism of these games remain unmatched. If you are passionate about cars and racing sims, then there are no better games than GTR Evolution and GTR2 for you to play.

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