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UAAP Sports

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(UPDATED: July 18, 2012)

One of two different college sporting associations is the UAAP, or the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. Eight schools play in over 15 different sports for this league established in 1938. I was first introduced to the UAAP as I saw an infamous video of a game between De La Salle University and University of the East (or UE). The infamous incident involved Rico Maierhofer fouling Mark Borboran hard. A melee by both teams ensued afterwards. And as Mark Fampulme (of UE) went in to confront Rico Maierhofer, Brian Ilad of De La Salle, on the bench, sucker punches Fampulme in the back of his head. As I began to learn a little more about the UAAP, I became a bit more educated about the schools involved. The UAAP is the only Filipino college sports association I know of besides the NCAA (the NCAA in the Philippines is NOT associated with the NCAA in the United States).

This blog entry will expose you a bit to the teams that comprise the UAAP. I get a lot of viewers from the Philippines, so this is a chance for me to chat about Filipino sports. Here is a logo of the UAAP that I've found online. The eight circles represent the team colors of the eight member schools:

UAAP logo
^ from: - the UAAP logo.

CREDIT: Wikipedia (most of the following information)

--- The Teams of the UAAP ---

Teams in the UAAP feature eight colleges and eight high school equivalents. You'll see the college teams followed by their high school counterparts. The nicknames for the sports teams are in CAPITAL LETTERS. The female teams (if any) are in parentheses and in italics. You can visit these teams' websites (if any) towards the end of this blog entry. Have a look:

UAAP Schools: Colleges and Universities/Seniors.

First up, here are the eight member schools of the UAAP. These are the college teams.

• Ateneo de Manila University BLUE EAGLES (LADY EAGLES) (I included Ateneo first in honor of a friend of mine. You can visit my friend's blog at Ericatrish)
Ateneo basketball
^ from: - the Ateneo Blue Falcons' men's basketball team. They are often called the "Hail Mary School" for their miraculous comebacks and clutch performances.

Adamson Soaring Falcons
^ from: - the Soaring Falcons men's basketball team of Adamson.


^ from:, by way of - De La Salle wants its opponents to "Fear the Green."

• University of the East RED WARRIORS (LADY WARRIORS)

^ from: - The UE Red Warriors taking on the FEU Tamaraws.

• Far Eastern University Nicamor Reyes Educational Foundation (or FEU) TAMARAWS (LADY TAMARAWS)
FEU Basketball
^ from - the FEU Tamaraws (green/gold) vs. the Growling Tigers (white/gold).

• National University BULLDOGS (LADY BULLDOGS)
National University Bulldogs
^ from: - a Bulldog (white uniform) trying to defend against a UST Growling Tiger.

• University of the Philippines FIGHTING MAROONS (LADY MAROONS)
UP Maroons
^ from: - the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons' men's basketball team.

• University of Santo Tomas GROWLING TIGERS (TIGRESSES)
UST Growling Tigers
^ from: - the UST Growling Tigers' men's basketball team.

UAAP Schools: High Schools/Juniors.

Up now are the high school (or Junior) teams.

• Ateneo de Manila University High School BLUE EAGLETS (no girls' team)
• University of the East High School JUNIOR WARRIORS (LADY JUNIOR WARRIORS)
• Far Eastern University Nicamor Reyes Educational Foundation BABY TAMARAWS (---no girls team ---)
• National University High School BULLPUPS (LADY BULLPUPS)
• University of the Philippines Integrated School JUNIOR MAROONS (LADY JUNIOR MAROONS)
• University of Santo Tomas High School TIGER CUBS (LADY TIGER CUBS)

The three original schools of the UAAP are the University of the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas, and National University. The youngest member of the UAAP was De La Salle, who joined in 1986. The only two former schools of the UAAP were Manila Central University (1952-1962) and the University of Manila (1952-1954). Ateneo, De La Salle, UP, and UST all compete in all sports the UAAP offers.

--- Sports of the UAAP ---

Among the 15 sports of the UAAP, the biggest sport in the UAAP is basketball. Sports are offered in two semesters. The first semester sports last between July and October, and the second semester schools last between November of the current year and into March the following year.

First Semester Sports of the UAAP.

• Basketball
• Badminton
• Beach Volleyball
• Judo
• Taekwondo
• Table Tennis
• Cheerdance (think of this as cheerleading meets Battle of the Bands)

Second Semester Sports of the UAAP.

• Baseball
• Football (soccer to us Americans)
• Softball
• Tennis
• Track and Field
• Volleyball
• Chess
• Fencing

Unlike in America's NCAA, most of these games are played at certain venues rather than at most of the on-campus or nearby facilities. That probably helps when you have only eight member schools or not as many schools that could afford on-campus facilities. Most of these sports are played at only one facility while many others are at others. Not a lot of games are played at on-campus or near campus facilities. The UAAP season is usually divided into actual numbered seasons, and a certain university plays host to UAAP action. This season (2010-2011) of UAAP action is UAAP Season 73 and hosted by De La Salle.

I noted basketball earlier. Unlike in America's NCAA Basketball, basketball is played in four ten-minute quarters. Just to tell you right now, this is going to be almost completely from Wikipedia reading. I do not know how to explain the format. However, I will try. There is a playoff system in UAAP basketball. The best four teams qualify for Postseason play. There is also a step ladder format used if a team is unbeaten. Of the top four, the two highest seeds have the advantage. The top seeds have to be beaten twice to be eliminated from the playoffs. If the top seeds win their elimination games, they go right into the Finals and get a Bye. The bottom two seeds of the best four go into single-elimination. Their next match will be against either the first or second seed based on the tournament bracket. Again, I'm sorry that I couldn't explain the format better than what I came up with.

I've read that the biggest rivalry in the UAAP is the rivalry between Ateneo and De La Salle. NOTHING makes sports better than rivalries, so I'm sure this rivalry is extremely heralded.

Overall Championships.

In addition to championships in individual sports, the UAAP has an OVERALL championship awarded for excellence in all sports during that season. Think of it as an accord for winning championships and finishing well in all sports. The Seniors' honor has been around since the 1947-1948 season, and the Juniors' crown has been around since the 1995-1996 season. The University of Santo Tomas and Far Eastern University (in order) have won the most Overall championships. The winner of the very first Overall champion honor was Far Eastern University. They won the Overall Championship every year until the University of Santo Tomas won in the 1958-1959 season. The first Junior Overall championship honor went to the University of Santo Tomas. The most total Overall Championships by any school (as of the date of this blog entry) is 49 (12 Juniors, 37 Seniors) overall championships by the University of Santo Tomas.

That concludes this blog entry. Here are links to each of the aforementioned schools. The links include links to the school's official website. On my check, none of these schools have any official websites for their sports teams. The only thing close to an official sports site for the specific schools is a site for the De La Salle Green Archers at. Have a look:

UAAP School Websites: Official.

Ateneo de Manila University
Adamson University
De La Salle University
University of the East
Far Eastern University Nicamor Reyes Educational Foundation (or FEU)
National University
University of the Philippines
University of Santo Tomas

UAAP School Websites: Facebook.

These are Facebook fan pages you can link to if you have Facebook and are fans of the schools mentioned:
Ateneo on Facebook
De La Salle on Facebook
University of the East on Facebook
Far Eastern University on Facebook, and FEU Tamaraws on Facebook
University of the Philippines on Facebook
University of Santo Tomas on Facebook

No OFFICIAL Facebook for: Adamson University or National University

UAAP School Websites: Twitter.

Follow these UAAP schools on Twitter if you're a student or fan of these universities:

Ateneo de Manila University on Twitter
De La Salle on Twitter and DLSU Green Archers on Twitter

No official Twitter for the following: Adamson, University of the East, Far Eastern University, National University, University of the Philippines, or University of Santo Tomas

You can learn more about the UAAP by visiting the official website of the UAAP. You can keep up with college basketball in the Philippines by checking out ! The specific link on for UAAP college basketball can be reached at UAAP basketball on

Thank you for reading!

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