Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Obsessions

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For many who love fashion, there are fashion items that we can't get enough of. Usually, the most common fashion obsessions are either shoes or certain accessories. Some girls usually have a lot of a certain fashion item and enjoy wearing them.

These are some of the most common fashion obsessions:
* shoes
* bracelets and bangles
* handbags
* caps and hats

Celebrities even have their own fashion obsessions. Just to give you an idea that many celebrities have their own fashion obsessions... Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with leather jackets, thin T-shirts, and American Apparel skirts (source: Meaghan Martin: dresses; only wears if she can't twirl in them, at least in her youth (source:

I meant to find more fashion obsessions reported by celebrities, but was unable to.

Everyone has a certain fashion obsession. It's like having a fashion essential that you completely incorporate into your wardrobe. What is YOUR fashion obsession(s)? What do you tend to purchase a lot of? Maybe... do you have an unusual fashion obsession? Feel free to comment away!

A Fashion-Themed Announcement:

I may consider various other fashion-themed topics including blog entries regarding various other topics instead of just focusing on only one aspect of fashion. For example... I may chat more about specific celebrities' style, certain looks and trends, and things like that. I want to post more on fashion-themed topics. Because I'm so independent, whatever fashion topics I come up with have to come with inspiration followed by a quality blog entry on it.

Thanks to everyone who have enjoyed my blog entries. If you're from, allow me to welcome you to my blog. This is where I take more passionate discussion these days.

That's all. Thanks for reading!
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John B. Marine said...

I love fashion. I'm particularly obsessed with dresses, frilly skirts, lots of different accessories, and headbands! :) Great post.

-Principessa Gabriella

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