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Motorsports Style - The RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580

John Marine | 10/13/2010 02:45:00 AM |
With Pikes Peak supposedly getting all paved in the future, it's time to make some tarmac road rockets to take on the almighty hillclimb. The Millen folks are a family of great racers. Rhys Millen went up Pikes Peak in a most unusual car called the RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580. This car looks more like it should be racing Le Mans and not Pikes Peak. According to stats and figures of this car, it has a 5-speed transmission, four-wheel drive, and 750 horsepower from a single turbo Hyundai V6. Land rocket is probably the best way to describe it. This blog entry is my first Motorsports Style blog entry in a long while.

--- Motorsports Style: The RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580 ---
I've talked about it, now SEE it (hover your cursor over the image for additional credit information):
RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580
^ The Hyundai Genesis PM580 by Rhys Millen Racing. (ORIGINAL PICTURE CREDIT:
(original picture credit:

Or to see it in action, check out this YouTube video:

^ courtesy of: Red Bull's YouTube channel

The Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis PM580 is a land rocket going up Pikes Peak. While it may not be as insane as the Toyota Tacoma and the Suzuki Escudo that climbed Pikes Peak in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the PM580 is still a psychotic beast.


This car looks like it should race Le Mans rather than Pikes Peak. However, it is real narrow up front and in the rear. It has a GT prototype style to it, but its dimensions aren't as wide as more proper GTP racing cars. The front features a pair of headlight decals accentuating the front of the car. To the outside of the decal headlights are two big front winglets to provide some extra front-end downforce. The big ducts up front help provide plenty of aggression and front-end downforce along with the front splitter. The car's canopy is quite narrow, almost like a powerboat. From the sides, the car takes on a character somewhere between a full-blown GTP Le Mans race car and a Formula 3000 car. The side aerodynamics are nothing short of impressive. The Formula 3000-like detail can be found with the extra air scoop on the left side of the car. Up top is the huge air scoop feeding air into the turbo Hyundai V6. The huge rear wing is not molded to the car or anything. It does, however, get the job done at providing sufficient rear-end downforce to keep this rocket from going airborne. The rear, like most other prototype or formula race cars, doesn't have anything special to it except for the huge rear wing. The rear wing is as spectacular as the rest of the car.


The interior features a sufficient roll cage along with a high-tech steering wheel. As with most race cars, don't expect any lavish interiors or anything. Only thing close to a great interior for a race car would be a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.

This car seems more like an F1 car with the dimensions of a Le Mans prototype. A car like this is a road rocket that is long on the sides and narrow up front. I think this car could easily do at least 180 mph down the Hunaudieres (or Mulsanne Straight) if a one-off speed demonstration was done at Le Mans with this car. It has most of the packaging to be a consistent contender if at Le Mans. Only thing is, they'd have to get rid of the 4WD in favor of a RWD drivetrain. Truly one of the most unique racing machines you'll ever see. Part of me wants to imagine Hyundai starting a sportscar racing program making their own GTP coupe to challenge big time sports car racing. Just imagine a horizontally-wider version of this car. It would be a thing of beauty.

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John B. Marine said...

The new Hyundai video is attractive looking.
But I want to know more about this Hyundai sports car as I'm a car racer.

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