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Flat Boots

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Boots are usually the go-to shoes for cold weather. While a pair of decently heeled boots are stylish, some females favor flat or low-heeled boots more. The most common low-heel boots are usually riding boots, your average sheepskin boots (like UGGs), cowboy boots, and combat boots. Whether you favor flat ankle boots or flat over-the-knee/thigh-high boots, this blog entry is about flat boots. I know this is something that my blogging friend at Hottest Heels - Heels Are Hot! Anything Else Is Not! won't like since I'm discussing low-heel and flat shoes. So if you think that flats and low-heel shoes are NOT hot, you may want to avoid this blog post.

--- Flat Boots at a Glance ---
While nothing says "hot" quite like a pair of high-heel (or even kitten-heel) boots, some females favor and fancy a pair of flat or low-heel boots. The feeling of wearing a tall pair of boots adds some sweet appeal to any female. I personally prefer high heel boots, but you know there are those who find better comfort and style with flat boots and low-heel boots.

--- Flat Boots in Pictures ---
The key to making my blog posts move is in finding pictures. It means nothing for me to just describe things and not have pictures to back up my posts. So here are some pictures from around the Internet showcasing various flat boots.

Riding Boots.

riding boots
^ from: - Riding boots are well-liked by many flat boot lovers for their chic style.

During most of the country Western deal of the mid-2000s, one such trend was riding boots. Riding boots provide equestrian chic as well as great style for most regular outfits. A pair of riding boots tucked into jeans provides a cute look for females. Here is an example:

^ from: - Riding boots tucked into jeans and worn with a button-down shirt.

Rain Boots.

^ from: - Colorful and expressive, rain boots offer more than keep your legs and feet dry in the rain and in flooded waters.

Rain boots are mostly popular in fashion when it is NOT raining. I've criticized rain boots for when it's not raining, but there is a reason why these boots are so popular and liked- their intricate designs.

If you want to read more about fashion rain boots, I posted this blog entry a long time ago: trendy rain boots.

Flat Booties and Ankle Boots.

^ from: - More practical than their high-heel counterparts, flat ankle boots can be a worthy alternative to a sexy pair of high-heel booties or high-heel shooties.

Flat ankle boots are tough to make stylish. What makes boots appealing (especially of taller varieties) is in seeing a towering pair of boots cover the lower legs and offer a sensual image. Even tall combat boots have their own distinct charm. Flat ankle boots and booties/shooties (like the ones above) however, lack the charm and appeal of any high-heel booties. They may be more practical, but not as stylish. The most common look I would see with a pair of flat booties would be a pair of flat lace-up ankle boots. If you can work a pair of flat booties or flat ankle boots well, then more power to you.

Flat Over-the-Knee/Thigh-High Boots.

^ from: - Dare to go above the knees with a flat pair of boots?

You've probably read my thoughts on over-the-knee/thigh-high boots if you're familiar with my blog. To me, flat over-the-knee/thigh-high boots look completely off to me. I'm sorry. I am also sorry if you like boots above the knees and see my rant of those.

--- Is Flat Better? ---
Let me show you two pairs of boots. Which seems better to you, high-heel boots...

high heel boots
(from: - high-heel boots)

...or flat/low-heel boots...

flat heel boots?
(from: - flat boots.)

I highly regard footwear as much as any other element of one's fashion. The wrong shoes with the right looks can destroy an entire outfit. Whether or not to go with flat boots (if wearing boots) depends on the outfit. If wearing boots, would you look better with high-heel boots or with flat/low-heel boots? High heels show a sign of femininity and style. Flat boots, however, can still be stylish as long as you have a great outfit put together. says that flat boots are more practical than high-heel boots, but you should stay away from flat boots if going to dressy occasions. Choose your boots carefully to go with your outfit (if wearing boots) and especially if wearing flat boots.

High heel boots are more dramatic and more appealing than flat boots. Flat boots don't provide as much a fashion kick as a hot pair of high heel boots. They don't offer any edge that high heel boots provide. Still, with the right clothes to compliment ankle boots, any girl can be a fashion diva.

So if you ask me, going with high-heel or flat-heel boots depends on your outfit and how you plan on wearing it. Do you want to make a statement? Go high-heel.

Petite Flat Boot Considerations.

Not that I am any kind of fashion expert, but I think flat boots are something you'd want to avoid if you're a petite. They just make you look shorter. According to, however, petites can wear flat boots without looking short or stumpy. It all depends on finding a pair of flat boots that suit your proportions. Wearing certain clothes will help elongate your petite frame if wearing flat boots.

If you are a plus size/curvy petite, flat boots can be very tough to pull off for plus size petites. So you may want to go with a decently-heeled pair of boots. In addition, would recommend you go with something monochromatic to go with the boots. So a dark blue pair of jeans with black flat boots will work just fine. However, dark blue jeans with beige flat boots will just make you look shorter.

If you'd like to look for flat boots, I can help you on Amazon! Use this widget below to shop for some flat boots that may interest you. These concern flat boots in general on Amazon. You may change the default search text to whatever you please (relevant to this blog post).

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