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My THIRD Blog... "John's Gran Turismo Space" is Born!

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I do not want to give away too many details, but here is what's up. I have started a third blog to compliment my other two blogs. This third blog blog idea that I have long conceptualized. When John's Blog Space debuted, the initial intent was to focus entirely on the Gran Turismo series. I ran out of ideas and then started to make blog posts on various things. So a blog supposedly of and about the Gran Turismo soon became my personal blog. Many of the labels and topics today weren't around when I started out. In fact, I didn't even know how to use labels until some time later.

So what is this third blog about? This third blog will be my first-ever niche blog. That niche blog is all about the Gran Turismo series. I may even mix things up by adding insight from other games. Having focused entirely on Gran Turismo in the past, I will attempt to blog about and only about the Gran Turismo series. At its earliest stages, still-relevant blog posts from John's Blog Space regarding Gran Turismo will be featured. But later, more exclusive content will be featued. I am hoping that what I've tried to do with John's Blog Space and John's Shop Space will work for Gran Turismo.

To help you to understand what I am working on, let me give you a look at what my blog's missions are.

--- Understanding my Plan ---
Because I don't specialize in one specific topic, I have created this blog post to help you understand what it is I am working on.

John's Blog Space - Mission and Purpose.

From being a Gran Turismo-themed blog to being my own personal blog, I have made a lot of progress building up my blog from barely cracking 100 views each day to exceeding 500 to even 1,000 views daily. I still use Gran Turismo as one of my largest topics for my blogging work. I am thankful for all the support I have garnered from everyone in the months and years posting on this blog.

John's Shop Space - Mission and Purpose.

John's Shop Space was supposed to be an attempt at easing up posting both a blog and various items. JSS is shopping-specific, meaning that the primary intent was to offer content from my past blog entries on JBS. The Amazon content was ported over to JSS to take the load off of discussing a topic while also trying to find relevant items to supplement my work. Because this blog was not supposed to be anything truly spectacular in concept and execution, I haven't seen very many great results because of this. It will still remain part of my blogging experience because I want people to find items online that might interest them based on blog posts I've made previously. A few exclusive blog posts have been made for JSS.

Now that you know about me not trying to make niche content, it's time to explain why I came up with this third concept.

Explaining the Third Blog.

The reason why I don't create niche blogs is because I can not fully commit to one specific topic. Lots of things run on in my mind. That's why I usually don't think about making a niche blog of any kind. What certain blogging types usually recommend is that you make niche content to better sort your content and provide a more complete and coherent audience. "John's Blog Space" has been successful mostly because I try to feature content for everyone on a variety of issues. Even though blog posts on various topics can lead to getting more readers worldwide, there is the potential for an underlying issue- a vastly mixed audience. With a blog that goes in multiple directions with various topics, it can be tough to market such a blog to one specific audience. That is why I've avoided trying a niche blog.

On the other hand, not creating a niche blog of some kind will mean I can not make something completely devoted to a certain topic. It also means that I will not get a decent blog made for a specific audience. I do not make blogs, blog posts, or blog labels if I feel a certain topic or group of topics will be discussed in the "casually professional" manner that I take my work as. Making something you are not going to devote time and energy to is like teying to open a lineup of products... with only one to three products. You do NOT set up something new without thinking about making something to grow and expand upon. That is why I try to make material only when I feel I can make and build upon. I will try to expand upon Gran Turismo chatter with this blog.

The name of the blog is something I am still deciding on. Part of my inclination is to go with something space-themed, as it has been my trademark. This blog will be no different in that department. I don't want to call it a franchise, but it is almost like a franchise I've set up with the two blogs I have set up so far.

Don't worry- most of my Gran Turismo material on John's Blog Space will still remain. I am just posting past GT material from John's Blog Space over to the other blog to get more people to check out my content. I just want Gran Turismo fans of mine to enjoy content posted exclusively by me. I may even allow for guest blogging to give more people the chance to check out and enjoy my work.

(The content below will be edited when the link is complete)

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John's Gran Turismo Space!

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