Sunday, November 14, 2010

Star-Crossed Houston Texans

John Marine | 11/14/2010 03:56:00 PM | | |
My Houston Texans just lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in improbable fashion, and I'm mad as hell. We should have forced Overtime by batting the ball out of the endzone on a Jaguars' hail mary. We did bat the ball... until a Jaguar showed up to catch the ball as we were trying to bat it down. End result- Texans lose again.

This is one reason why I hate pro sports sometimes- it's like there's no excuse to lose to anybody. While that's true, reality is that you're not going to win every game. I get so sick of some people talking like "we find new ways to lose." We play to win the game as much as any team in any sport. If we didn't believe we could win, then all the effort to go win wouldn't mean anything. Yeah, we lost in improbable fashion. I know my Texans are trying to make a playoff run. As much as every win is important, we're not going to win every game. It's like we lose, and people already think it's the same old song and dance. Keep in mind that we were tied 24-24. We fumbled the ball, discombobulated with an Offsides penalty, and then with eight seconds left in the game- the Jags pull an improbable win.

This loss is going to be as widely played and replayed like so many other famous Houston losses. This is going to be up there with ESPN prostituting the North Carolina State upset of Houston in 1983 for the National Championship. It's going to be up there with that Brandon Roy three-pointer to beat my Rockets in Portland. It will probably also be as replayed as former Texan, Sage Rosenfels, giving way a 17-point win over the Colts at home. This will only give more ESPN "Always Hate Houston" replaying.

As for the Texans' loss itself, we just lost. We could have done much better on defense. With a chance to force Overtime, the Jags denied it with a heads-up play. We need to win, but we know we're not going to win every game. That's why I don't like pro sports as much as I do college sports- people just take pro sports like we're not supposed to lose to anybody. Everyone is the best in their field, and you can never underestimate your opponent. Even if you predict to win big time or keep a game close, ANYTHING can happen. And just because we lose, some people treat a loss like we lost in a rout.

I'm still a Texans fan and still supportive, but that was just a tough way to lose, and some people just have to calm down about certain losses. We unfortunately lost late. Nothing more, nothing less. It's like as much as some fans want to see a team win, they always seem to know that we're going to lose anyways. It's just sad how some people are about teams and players when they lose. So I guess it was just nothing when the Browns beat the Saints AT the Saints. It's sad. And if we do have to shuffle some players or coaching personnel, who's going to take their places?

Congratulations to the Jaguars on this win, but I'm still both upset and disappointed at the outcome of this game.

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John B. Marine said...

Welcome to the pre-Drew Brees Saints. Just plagued with ridiculous hail maries, missed field goals, fumbles, you name it. We wore paper bags on our heads. But I digress because I was born in '88 and I didn't have to go through that much trauma.

But please, beat the Colts and show up the Cowboys. Gooooooooooo Texans.

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