Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Expectant Moms Only" Parking Spaces?

John Marine | 12/08/2010 03:03:00 AM | | |
Should pregnant women have reserved parking spaces? For a while, I've wanted to blog about this deal here. Some places have parking lots have spaces reserved only for expecting mothers. What if a place has very few parking lots... except for the Pregnant Parking lots? Some people think pregnant women should walk long distance to the store like everybody else. Some, however, love the notion of pregnant parking. Where do YOU stand on this? Here is a picture to help you in your own debate and in your own expressing of opinion:

Expectant Moms Only
^ Should businesses feature Expectant Mom Only parking spaces? Should they be enforced in some sort of way? Are there any gray areas regarding these parking spaces? That's for you to debate in this blog post!

I am obviously not a female, so I cannot say that I have any invested interest in this topic or have convincing proof. Various businesses have handicapped parking spaces. You have to have either a handicapped sticker or something like that to be able to legally use these handicapped parking spaces. The only positive I see to pregnant parking spaces is if you are far into your pregnancy, where you could be set to deliver birth rather shortly. Such pregnant parking spaces (to me) should be made specifically available for those at least six months into their pregnancy as opposed to say, a woman six weeks pregnant.

Here's the thing- can you parking these pregnant parking spaces like you would handicapped parking? For example, some woman could probably fit something under her shirt or blouse to look like she's pregnant. Would a woman faking being pregnant face any charges or penalties for faking being pregnant just to get a close entrance into a store or other business? Does a pregnant woman have to be checked and patted down to be certain she is indeed pregnant? Being pregnant is obviously a situation that requires special attention. However, I am not sure if you can really enforce and regulate on expectant mothers. I think their presence is great, but there are too many gray areas in actually enforcing these. I think I would ONLY reserve these for those who are far into their pregnancy. I put in that threshold in an "in case of emergency" deal. What if the mom has pains far into her pregnancy when parking in a certain space? Especially if you are due to deliver shortly, you NEED to have a parking space close to the front doors because you want to be in and out of that business quickly as possible without having to be in that place for so long. If anything, these are special services offered out of convenience rather than something to be strictly enforced, regulated, and administered by any governmental agencies or authorities.

However, some feel expectant mothers should walk anyways than have the special privledge of having special parking spaces reserved for them. That's why I'm asking for your input. So what do you make of special parking spaces for pregnant women? Comment away! Oh, here is an article regarding these parking spaces: Stork Parking, on

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