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Car Style - The Lexus LFA

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Lexus is no stranger to lovely automobiles. The LFA has made a home for itself racing the famed Nürburgring 24 Hour race in prototype form. Now, no longer a prototype, the real deal can be bought for its six-figure price tag. There are too many unusual angles for it to be truly beautiful. However, it possesses all the qualities that make a supercar a supercar- exotic style, sweet engine roar, and styling unlike any other plain jane car on the road. This blog entry involves my thoughts about the Lexus LF-A's style.

--- Car Style: The Lexus LFA ---
THIS is the Lexus LFA:
Lexus LFA
^ from: - From racing prototype at the Nürburgring to showrooms, the Lexus LF-A is poised to steal your heart.

The Lexus LFA is a carthat combines Lexus luxury with the ferocity of a sports car. The car has a 4.8-liter V10 mounted up front that makes a very sweet roar. This car goes like Hell (to say the least). To understand this car, the first note is that this car boasts the "F" designation. The "F" designation represents Lexus' performance-oriented models. This car is purely a performance machine. It weighs about 3,263 lbs. to 3,483 lbs. The car is available both as a hardtop coupe and as a roadster. Word has it that a track-ready version of this car will surface in 2012. Want your own LFA? Be ready to have LOTS of money on hand because its MSRP is an estimated $375K USD! That's not counting things like various fees and taxes that might as well push its price to $450K USD to even plus or minus $500K. Of course... there are always video games you can play to own your own LFA! ;)


The front of the car features on lots of angular lines. Lexus, usually creating beautifully-styled luxury-type vehicles, went for edgy and jaw-dropping for the LFA. Its headlights look like this car is mad at the world and ready to pounce. Not a bad way to make your prescence known if you're trying to be a stunning supercar! That thought is extended with a miniscule grill above the Lexus logo. If you see the headlights as the car's eyes, then its front air dam must be the mouth and teeth of this beautiful beast. The front bonnet/hood has two vents towards the windshield. Those vents adds sportiness while not being overly dramatic.

The sides of the LFA equally stun. The biggest highlights are the huge side ducts on the sides and the extra ducts aft of the B-Pillars. The ducts aft of the B-Pillar somewhat look like a tidal wave about to wash out whatever is in its path. Part of me wants to imagine the LFA to be like a longer, sexier, and more aggressive Toyota Supra MKIV, minus the tall rear spoiler of that car. While it has those looks, its side style is somewhat Aston Martin or Ferrari in nature. The tail lights elongate to the side along with parts of the rear ducts. A beautiful set of wheels nicely appoint the LFA's tires to complete the LFA's beautifully aggressive looks.

The rear of this car's most debatable aspect is its three-port muffler. People do complain about the three-port muffler, but don't complain about the Pagani Zondas that have the four-port mufflers (I love the Zondas and that four-port muffler on them, to briefly go off-topic). The huge vents below the tail lights offer up completely aggressive style. The tail lights are long and lean. In my view, I think the rear of the LFA offsets the beautiful aggression of the front and sides. The LFA has a rear valance that really expresses itself as a past racing prototype that had its runs around the famed Nürburgring 24 hour course (all 13.9 miles of it). The rear doesn't exactly disappoint, but I think it could have been styled a lot better. Its rear spoiler automatically deploys at 50+ miles per hour.


Beautiful beast describes the outside. Racing beast describes the inside. You feel more like an astronaut in a spacecraft rather than an average human being in a six-figure supercar with its inside. The digital instrument panel is the first thing you take note of behind the wheel. Just about all the controls and features, from the tachometer to the digital clock, are all included in one stylish display. The steering wheel of this car will certainly get your spirits revved up with its race-inspired appearance. Paddle shifting on the back and two extra controls help make this steering wheel very sporty. To make a weird analogy, this wheel feels as sporty as the old GT Force steering wheel featured in Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec. The center console features a small navigation screen and a large bunch of extra controls that dominate the middle on the inside and divide the car's interior in half. The seats are a cross between luxurious and sporty. They aren't truly racing seats, but they aren't truly luxury car seats. It's a little of both with these seats.

Lexus did no wrong in making something distinctive and exciting to make their supercar come alive. There is nothing vanilla about this car. It was meant to devastate and capivate. Maybe it doesn't capture the imagination like any high-end superexotic (like the Bugatti Veyron), but it doesn't greatly disappoint either. It is a beautiful exotic halo car demonstrating the range of appeal Lexus can provide. It is a look that provides power and charm that only Lexus can provide. The LFA's style is evidence of the beauty and elegance Lexus can provide to all of their automobiles. The most important aspect of any supercar is that of something distinctive. I'd say it's three-port muffler and its overall beautiful aggression make this car both untouchable and distinctive. Be in awe if you see and/or hear one.

You can learn more about the Lexus LFA by visiting the Lexus LFA's official home page. Make sure to pick your language and region when you visit. Alternatively, if you actually want to build your own LFA online and look at all the pricing information, you can visit Lexus LFA on for more info on the Lexus LFA as well as build your own LFA. Just remember that you'll need a LOT of money (about $500K to be on the safe side!) if you are actually serious about building and owning your own LFA.

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John B. Marine said...

Both in exterior and interior look, I can get amazing pleasure with this super Lexus.
This is really stunning one to see and drive this super Leuxs model.
Thank you so much for this super post.

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