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Car Style - The Volkswagen Scirocco (3rd Generation)

John Marine | 12/19/2010 12:11:00 PM |
In 2008, Volkswagen decided to revive the Scirocco. The last one was in 1992 until VW brought it back as the best hot hatch since the RenaultSport Clio V6. This hatchback has no problem turning heads with its sexy looks and mean stance. It's no average hatchback. It's a German hatchback with plenty of character, but also copious amounts of style from bumper to bumper. This blog entry concerns this gorgeous German hatchback and what I think about its looks.

--- Car Style: The Volkswagen Scirocco ---
This car below is the beast I hope to describe passionately about from a style perspective:
VW Scirocco
^ from: - Hatchback hotness. This is the 21 Century Volkswagen Scirocco.

The Volkswagen Scirocco manages to infuse character elements from much more capable cars into this hatchback, providing a unique and tasteful styling exercise. It is a hatchback coupe that seats four. It is a front-wheel drive car that is ANYTHING but plain jane. I personally love this car in blue (Shadow Blue). The base models come in engines ranging from a 1.4-liter TSI engine with 120 hp to 2.0-liter TSI with 207 hp.


Its front style really captivates. It may seem a bit bland with not a lot in the way of huge lights or a huge grill, but its lean character adds to its aggressive looks. Most hatchbacks are merely subtle in design because most aren't meant to be some sort of hard-driven cars. This one is different, though. I like how the headlights have a mean look to them along with a very polished front grill and front air dam. The front remains beautiful nonetheless.

From the sides, you want to picture a car that is much faster than it looks. You almost get the impression that as Volkswagen was thinking of a sports coupe, they came along with a very fast hatchback instead. My favorite feature on the sides are the dramatic and bold fender flares at the rear tires. You get a hint of the tail light design from the sides as well. Up top, you get a nice moonroof to add some style to its meanness.

The rear of this car really screams premium or true sports car. Everything is cleanly and beautifully styled. The tail lights are especially beautiful. There is a lot to love about its premium-quality design. Below, the muffler with dual exhaust tips can be seen on the left side from the back. If it had a pair of mufflers at the back, this thing would REALLY look like a beast.


Volkswagen lends civilized character on the inside apart from the mean exterior. It is almost like meeting a tough person who is really sweet and caring on the inside. Perhaps even like meeting a girl who hates you but really doesn't. Maybe not a luxurious interior, but everything is met with stylish and charming style inside. The dashboard is pretty stylish. I would probably want a more sporty instrument panel with chrome gauges and sporty details. I would also kind of like a more sporty steering wheel, not that there's anything wrong with the luxurious-style steering wheel.

That will do it! More info: . And this is a video look at the third-generation Scirocco:

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