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The Keisatsukan (Japan)/Police 911 (USA)/Shinjuku 24/7 (Europe)

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The Keisatsukan from Konami is one of the toughest light gun games there is. The most unique aspect of this game released in 2000 and 2001 is that your body is the controller. You can move left and right as well as duck down. You do these things to avoid enemy fire and to get a better chance of hitting the enemy. What is your opposition? The Japanese mafia group known as Gokudo-Kai, THAT'S who. It is known as "Police 911" in the United States and "Shinjuku 24/7" in Europe. The American and European versions are different in storyline from the Japanese version. You start in Tokyo in "The Keisatsukan." In the American and European versions, you start in Los Angeles before going to Tokyo. And obviously, you're an LAPD cop in the Los Angeles missions. Also, this game was made available for PlayStation 2. This blog post is a look at one of the hardest gun-based arcade games besides the Silent Scope series (which was also made by Konami).

Because I've mostly played [the Korean version of] "The Keisatsukan," I will refer to this game exclusively as "The Keisatsukan." That's even though the storyline of The Keisatsukan is a bit different from "Police 911" and "Shinjuku 24/7."

--- The Keisatsukan at a Glance ---
The Keisatsukan was released in 2001 by Konami. The story of this game is that you are part of the Tokyo police force on a mission to take down the Japanese mafia, Gokudo-Kai. Gokudo-Kai has been smuggling weapons into Tokyo from the United States. Among the members of Gokudo-Kai are six major criminals behind the Gokudo-Kai operation. Obviously, your job is to take down all six masterminds along with the rest of Gokudo-Kai. This is a game that takes place both in Tokyo and in Los Angeles. This game would later garner a sequel that took place around Japan (as opposed to just Tokyo (as far as Japanese cities are concerned). A similar system would also spawn the rather lackluster Lethal Enforcers 3.

Unlike in the Lethal Enforcer games where the police just stand around looking cute and acting, you can actually take cover behind your

In "Police 911," and in "Shinjuku Police 24/7" you start off in Los Angeles as opposed to starting in Tokyo. "The Keisatsukan" has you starting in Tokyo as you work your way into the Los Angeles part of the game.

Succeeding in The Keisatsukan.

Winning in this game relies on your ability to take down the enemies while making sure not to take damage or kill any innocents or other policemen. Therefore, you will need to be pretty athletic to play this game. The Keisatsukan is MUCH different from any other light gun game. It's even different from the Time Crisis series because unlike Time Crisis, you don't step on a pedal to move- you better move out of the way on your own. The only parameters is that you must be within the stage area and not wear a cap or hat (it's tough for the game to detect your head if wearing a cap or a hat).

You are graded at the end on a number of factors such as accuracy, fitness, and things like that. Going through sections quickly and efficiently leads to bonuses (some much needed ones too).

Believe me- this game WILL wear you out if you are not fit. I remember playing once and still felt like I had weak legs from moving around so much!


Here are some criteria for you...

--- Winning Criteria ---
Here are ways to advance in this game:

* clear sections before time expires
* consistently clear sections without getting shot or killing innocents

You must try to clear levels and sections quickly to have the best chance of getting ahead. Consistency pays off with bonuses in time as well as extra lives. So try to be both efficient and consistent. Otherwise, your body and legs will get quite a workout trying.

--- Losing Criteria ---
Here are things for you to avoid doing in this game if you want to advance through the game:

* clear sections/levels in time
* get shot (you have only a few lives)
* kill innocents
* kill other officers

Killing innocents or other policemen results in time penalties (along with a dramatic replay of you slaying an innocent or a policeman). So try to limit innocent/police casualties as much as possible. And also, don't take too long trying to complete a level. If you get shot in the game, all of your bonuses are dumped, and you have to start earning bonuses and rankings all over again.

--- Video Preview ---
Here's the best video I could find to demonstrate The Keisatsukan for you. This video demonstrates how important your movements are. You don't stand still- you sidestep and duck to avoid enemy fire.

Though this is video of the European PS2 version, this is still a good video showcasing what this game is all about.

Needless to say, "The Keisatsukan" is a testament to Konami of creating yet another unique experience only Konami can provide. This title plays much differently from any other light gun game. This is a game you must play if you see it in the arcades (or for the PS2 if you can access the home version of this game). Do your best in taking down the Gokudo-Kai!

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