Friday, February 25, 2011

Late Bloomer

John Marine | 2/25/2011 02:49:00 PM | |
If there's one thing about me, I've always seemed to be a late bloomer. I fear if and when I get my PlayStation 3 (and hopefully get Gran Turismo 5), I will have been late to a party that has already played its course. It's like I develop into things a bit too late sometimes. Sometimes too late to where I completely blew my chance. The most common late blooming happens with getting certain games. Like at stores, I have always wanted to get RACE 07. Trouble is, I didn't have the PC specifications. Since upgrading my PC's RAM, I have not gotten a single game to take advantage of the RAM upgrade (no new PC games bought since August 2010). This game used to be on the racks at certain stores until it's basically been on for too long. There have even been games that I've wanted to play for my PC and even my PS2. They were there when they were fairly new. Now that things have evolved, these games and such are now gone. If I had the hardware and the money earlier, I wouldn't have this problem. But, that's just a sign of the times. No matter what the issue is- school, life, love, finding a job, buying a house, being a parent, winning a sports game... there is at least something we feel like we tend to wait too long for or don't want to get into. But when we do decide, "okay, I want that," you may have gotten something too late to where you blew an opportunity long ago when you had the opportunity right in front of you. Are you too much a late bloomer that you miss out on an opportunity too quickly or too frequently? This blog post is all about being a late bloomer... like myself, unfortunately.

Here is an example for you in being a late bloomer...

I was pretty happy on Hi5 and Friendster back in 2004 or so because I didn't want to get involved with the Myspace drama I kept hearing in the news back then. Then, I eventually joined Myspace leaving behind both Hi5 and Friendster. And back then, I was not very enthused being on Facebook. It seemed too boring and didn't allow me to express myself as I could on Myspace. I've been on Myspace since July 2005, and I am still on Myspace to this day even if Myspace has been overtaken and have had circles run around it by Facebook in recent times. I still consider Myspace home though I'm having better days on Facebook.

A lot of things I've eventually gotten seemed like things I've waited too long for. And sometimes when I eventually do catch up to something, it's gone. So what am I to do? Do I get something now to avoid fears of it being gone? Or do I hold off on something until later while also hoping it will be there the next time it crosses my mind? This is just one of those quick reaction deals. You live only once, and your chance to get something may not come around again EVER. So you're really going to have to be vigilant and responsive in times like these.

To any social networking friends of mine- yes. I still don't have a PlayStation 3 and Gran Turismo 5. So your chance to race me or whatever is going to have to wait until I finally join the party (so to speak). I am, of course, working on all of this. Speaking of social networking... look at Myspace now compared to Facebook. Who got the better of this deal today? I actually had a blog post lined up sharing my thoughts on today's Myspace. Maybe I'll post in the future? Subscribe to my blog and find out if and when I do post a blog entry on this!

Do you all sometimes feel like late bloomers to a lot of things? How do you handle being a late bloomer? Comment away and thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I think everyone feels like that at some point or another about something, don't feel bad. :)

Principessa Gabriella

John B. Marine said...

I hate when everyone's talking about a game that I have nothing to say about. I really get isolated too easily.

Anyway, it's a peer pressure thing and as long as you devote your time to something, someone will notice and commend you for it.

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