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ToCA Race Driver Trilogy

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Before GRID, Codemasters' flagship racing game series boasted three quality titles in simulation-type racing. These three titles exhibited some of the most unforgiving racing action any racing gamer can experience. It was ToCA World Touring Cars ("Jarrett and LaBonte Stock Car Racing" in America) that was the swan song for the series for the PlayStation 1. The game series has shifted its focus from exclusively touring car racing to a garden variety of racing across the three ToCA Race Driver titles. ToCA Race Driver was trying to do for multiple forms of racing that the Gran Turismo series has done with multiple kinds of cars- anything and everything. This is a racing game series that wanted to evolve from its touring car racing roots by featuring multiple kinds of racing. Throughout its evolution until GRID came along, the ToCA Race Driver trilogy has featured some of Codemasters' most intense racing outside of the Colin McRae Rally series. This blog post is about the three games in the ToCA Race Driver trilogy as well as reviews of all three titles (at least, as far as the PS2 versions are concerned).

Special Note:

Each game will be noted by its American name. Here is a look at the games I will discuss and review here:
ToCA Race Driver Trilogy
^ The ToCA Race Driver trilogy, as collected by me: Pro Race Driver, ToCA Race Driver 2, and ToCA Race Driver 3.

--- Pro Race Driver ---

IMPORTANT NOTE: My copy of Pro Race Driver no longer works. Therefore, I will go on impressions to describe this game as best as I can.

In an attempt to add cinematics and a storyline to a racing game, Pro Race Driver infused some personality by having a story-driven (yet somewhat non-linear) game. The result was hit-and-miss. I personally dislike racing games with storylines. This game was a bit different, though.

Pro Race Driver: Setting Up the Story.

In the 1980s, Ryan McKane was a little boy along with his brother Donny watching their daddy, Kyle "Motor City" McKane race. He won a race at Ronkonkoma Speedway. But after the checkered flag, the sore loser in second place (James Randall) decided to assert himself by deliberately wrecking Kyle McKane. Kyle would later end up in a crash as his car rolled over several times and ending in a fiery explosion, killing him in the crash. In the present day, Ryan McKane is an up-and-coming racing star. Three tiers of racing await Ryan as he takes on the world in a variety of racing series. You are Ryan McKane. Welcome to the big time.

Pro Race Driver: Series and Races.

You begin by doing a Time Trial around Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in an Eagle Talon. Your racing adventures will continue further in other series. You race in a variety of series such as the British Touring Car Championship, the All-America Series, DTM, Australian V8 Supercar Series, and more. Your racing takes you across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The PS2 version has you share the track with 7 other cars. You can do free races against any number of cars or opposition.

There are a number of options you can implement for races. You can choose between various weather conditions (including Sunset for most tracks). Before entering any race, you will be in the garage. Use this time to prepare your car for the given track. Setup help is great in the Career Mode as your manager will give you a little advice to help you prepare your car for the given track.

A few of the races require pit stops. The best strategy I normally recommend is to make your pit stop early so that you don't have to do it again. The rest of the pack eventually need to make pit stops themselves, so use this time to gain valuable track position as the race unfolds.

You will not be able to restart races if you're having a bad race. To earn credit and improve your scores, you will need to complete every race of every championship (meaning you can't skip a championship race) if you want to receive maximum credit towards clearing a race series. You must accept offers from other teams. They'll supply you a race car to race with for that season. Some teams will require you to complete a Time Trial to race with a team. Be sure to successfully clear the Time Trial in order to race with that car.

Pro Race Driver: Tracks.

You race on many tracks across the world. You can race in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, and Australia among other locations. Tracks range from ovals to road courses to street courses. Some courses can be raced freely in Free Race mode while some others are almost exclusively raced in certain series. The high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway is one of the most intense ovals you will race. The most frustrating circuit hands-down is the Canberra street course in the Australian V8 Supercar series. It is just no fun to race there at all.

Pro Race Driver: Cars.

With all the available cars in Pro Race Driver, you are racing a combination of production-based cars, touring cars, stock cars, touring cars, and some sportscar racing machines. The diversity and complexity of cars are a fairly nice balance. The disappointment, however, is that many of the cars have very similar dashboard views. That's why I used "one-size-fits-most" to describe the interior view. I don't think I've ever seen a stock car that has a MoTeC-style data logger on a sophisticated steering wheel. Many cars give you a choice of color options. For what I know, all the extra cars have only two color choices.

Pro Race Driver: Challenges.

With solid progress in Pro Race Driver, you will receive one-on-one challenges against certain rival racers. Beating these drivers will earn you new cars to race with. All you have to do is win the one-on-one races at certain tracks to win new cars.

There are also some special events you can be invited to race in. They can also help you to get a little more experience in the game.

Pro Race Driver: Overall Review.

I hear people complain about how Gran Turismo games have pathetic artificial intelligence. Well, Pro Race Driver has the WORST AI in any racing game I have ever played. No one game has made me feel like every race is a fight than with this game. The game gets to be frustrating going up against certain drivers and teams. You feel more like they're trying to kill you rather than race you clean often times. So you'll need to learn some defensive (as in fighting) driving to stand a great chance of winning.

The graphics are actually pretty nice. Some cars do look a bit funky, though. The unfortunate thing is the one-size-fits-most interior views for most of the cars in the game. Don't look to Codemasters for photorealistic graphics. The graphics aren't ugly; they are very manageable. The tracks are all done pretty well. I absolutely HATE the Canberra street circuit when you do the V8 Supercar Series. I have NEVER made it to the final tier of the championship (the Lola one). Don't worry about music, though you do have some licensed songs such as "Sweet Home Alabama." As for Ryan McKane himself? He's a whiny wuss. Ryan just doesn't have any character or personality. Engine sounds are very weak. However, I do love listening to the roar of the Australian V8 Supercar Series cars (especially from the Ford V8 supercars, though I love Holden too).

Pro Race Driver's attempt at storyline-driven racing is therefore hit-and-miss. The AI and some of the racing really downgrades this game's value to me. It is still something different to play if you get bored with Gran Turismo 3 (since this game was released in 2002). I would love to play through this game again and try to advance as high as possible in it. However, I'd have in the back of my mind

I couldn't find a decent video showing in-game footage, so here below is the introduction to Pro Race Driver:

--- ToCA Race Driver 2 ---

Codemasters wanted to take their racing to new levels... MANY new levels. ToCA Race Driver was an absolute overhaul of the ToCA series. Part of the overhaul is a multitude of tracks and championships designed to test the limits of racing gamers than ever before. Whereas Pro Race Driver [for the PS2] had up to eight cars to a track, ToCA Race Driver 2 allowed for as many as 20 (and sometimes 21) cars to a track. The racing, then, has never been more realistic in Codemasters' ToCA history. You can even take part in online racing for this game. I have no online racing experience, so I will NOT discuss online racing.

ToCA Race Driver 2: Setting Up the Story.

ToCA Race Driver is a racing game encompassing multiple disciplines of motorsport in a variety of racing machines. Everything from single-seaters to some of the fastest sports cars are at your command. The game's Story Mode features a vastly engaging storyline. While the Hollywood-style elements of Pro Race Driver aren't in ToCA RD 2, this game still remains a potent and frenzied motorsports quest.

The main storyline does not consist of a whiny up-and-coming race car driver. Instead, you are an almost completely anonymous- no voice, no personality, no looking in the mirror... just anonymous. ToCA Race Driver 2 is the story of you coming up through the ranks trying to earn money and sponsorship. You begin racing a Ford GT in the Sunshine Series at Laguna Seca. Eight chapters of racing await you as you go from the most basic championships all the way to the Masters Grand Prix series. The storyline showcases your quest to go from lower series to competing for a chance to race for the Shark Team in reality TV show challenge.

Your manager, Rick, is a witty man with some funny jokes. He'll offer you advice to help you get on your way. Kit Silva will help financially set you set up deals and point you in the right direction to becoming that racing superstar. She is quite witty herself. You eventually end up meeting many of your rival racers and take them on in various series. Stellan is your boy in this game, but also your biggest rival. Other names include Bastide, Tanaka, Cesar, and more. You then ultimately meet Mandy, producer for the reality TV series where the remaining survivor races for Shark in the Masters Grand Prix. The story unfolds in a very interesting way with many twists and turns. Great cinematics help tell the story as it happens.

ToCA Race Driver 2: Races and Series.

There are many more kinds of races and racing machines in this game compared to the previous title. In fact, you will race in 30 championships including three more only accessible in the Simulator Modes. That brings the total to 33 championships! The first series you encounter is the Sunshine Series. This championship features the Ford GT where ten of these lovely cars will share the track. Let me tell you- you will LOVE the diversity of racing machines in this game. You will race a variety of real and fictitious cars. How about this for a lineup of cars: rally cars, Formula Ford, Global GT Lights, DTM, V8 Supercars, stock cars, Indy-style cars, vintage race cars, varying degrees of touring cars, Ford SVT Lightnings, and even... a Ford 9000 semi truck! The many cars all handle differently, making the racing that much more intriguing.

The many series have different sets of rules to make each unique. One that immediately comes to mind is the Seat León Supercopa, where you can run a realistic race whereas the grid for Race 2 is reversed based on the finishing order from Race 1. You can set up races to be run in Free Race mode to short races or full races. You can set up makeshift championships in Free Race mode.

Unlike in Pro Race Driver, where you have free control of weather conditions, the environmental conditions are specifically set for each championship round. Some championships may have one race course with different racing conditions. For example, you may see the Nürburgring GP course twice- one under dry conditions, and another in rainy conditions. Conditions range from sunny, wet, and evening conditions.

Rally racing in ToCA RD 2 consist of rallycross-style racing and (sadly) only one traditional point-to-point rally series. The open-wheel series are all as unforgiving as open-wheel series usually are. Don't seriously worry too much about racing open-wheel machines until you get to the American 1000 series (essentially Indy car racing). That series is tough. Of course, the Masters Grand Prix (which I haven't yet reached in my playing of this game) is the ultimate showcase of open-wheel racing. Masters Grand Prix is basically Formula 1 based on what I've seen in YouTube videos. They don't look like proper F1 cars, but the kind of action reminds me a lot of Formula 1.

ToCA Race Driver 2: Racing.

In order to unlock the three extra championships in the Simulator Modes, you must win every race in each championship on either Normal or Hard difficulty. Winning enough championships will give you the chance to unlock the three hidden championships. A variety of real and fictional championships await you with their own unique challenges. Your racing will take many different twists and turns, and so will many of the different racing series. Races will range from a full field of 20 or so cars to certain races that have as few as six to a track. Some series even are just one-on-one race series. Prepare for a full plate of racing in this game.

Goals for victory in Career Mode are set. In order to advance through Career Mode, you must accomplish all goal(s) asked of you in each round. You have a choice as to what championship you want to race in when you begin a new tier or chapter (if given a choice). If you fail to advance to the next level of Career Mode play, you have the option to either start all over again or start from a certain point of the championship. The best advice is to finish as high as you can in all races. If you feel you can do better when trying a series again, start again where you had your worst finish. Any racing series you successfully reach can be raced freely in the Simulator Modes.

In Simulator Modes, you can choose to qualify or even set up Full Events. Full Events means that you'll race one event a few more times. Some may have reversed grid orders while some others have both a sprint race followed by a feature race. Some series just have you race certain events twice at the same lap/time length for double points. The Full Events really depend on the series, and not every series has Full Events.

A neat feature in ToCA Race Driver 2 is that all the damage info is located on the tachometer. You had to press a certain button to see what parts of your car are damaged. All you need to know about damage to your car is now on the tachometer in the heads-up display.

ToCA Race Driver 2: Tracks.

The tracks you race on in ToCA Race Driver 2 take you around the world. You can race in many locations along with a good number of fictional race tracks. There are about three or four fictional street courses in the United States. You can race on four rally stages in Spain. There is a very scenic course in Scotland (Loch Rannoch(?)) that you can enjoy racing on. While the track is fictitious, you can also race in an icy setting in some place that seems to be in Russia (but not with the flag of any real country). Most of the other tracks are real-world facilities: Texas Motor Speedway, Circuit de Catalunya, Mantorp Park, Nürburgring, Vallelunga, Silverstone, Kyalami, Surfers Paradise, Bathurst, and many more courses.

ToCA Race Driver 2: Cars.

The cars you race with consist of many kinds of vehicles. A lot of them are tuned street cars. You can arrange to set up cars to suit your driving style or to best prepare your car for a given course. A lot of other race cars are proper racing machines, such as Formula Ford cars, Global GT Lights, and series like that. Real world series and drivers are also featured from the DTM and V8 Supercar series ranks. One of the most unique racing machines you will come across is the Ford 9000 super truck. These machines are actually about as fast as some average touring cars. Thing is, you're sitting way up high trying to see the road! Up to six or eight of these race the track at once. Two series I have to say I've enjoyed are the races involving the Bowler Wildcat and the Testarossa-like Koenig GT. The truly elite cars you will race are in American 1000 and the Masters Grand Prix- both open-wheel racing machines. The American 1000 series can be thought of as Codemasters' answer to IndyCar Racing while the Masters Grand Prix has a lot of Formula 1 DNA in it. Both real-world and fictional cars are featured in this game to keep you busy for quite a while!

ToCA Race Driver 2: Some Advice.

I have some bits of advice to share here. It is best to learn how to nurse your car as much as possible if dealing with damage. Cars take damage, and you can feel it as you race along. You can restart any race that isn't going great for you. Beware of taking head-on hits at high rates of speed. Taking a huge hit up front can result in your car being rendered useless to continue.

Now for two bits of advice absolutely not recommended- since all cars can be damaged, feel free to whack certain cars you're frustrated with. Just make sure to get back on the track after dealing the damage. Some races are so frustrating that the only way to win seems like knocking out leading cars. Just remember, though- your car will be feeling the impact as you throw blows. Other cars can't be knocked out of races, but you can make victory even tougher for drivers you're trailing in a championship with by playing dirty. One other piece of not recommended advice- take shortcuts on tracks you are not good at! I love Circuit de Catalunya, but I am crap racing this track in games. You will NOT be penalized for taking shortcuts. This was about the only way I could win the World GT Series in Career Mode at Catalunya and Kyalami.

Hope this helps! :)

ToCA Race Driver 2: Overall Review.

This game is absolutely fun. The diversity of races and racing series are top-notch. The storyline is fun as well. There is truly no shortage of greatness for this game. Maybe the storyline is a bit weak compared to Pro Race Driver, but it's still wonderful. Truly a must-play and a true evolution from what Pro Race Driver offers.

The graphics are a huge step up from Pro Race Driver. You actually note rain drops falling on the car and ground (even if the rain looks a bit strange falling from the sky). You also note the sun sparkling on cars during replays. It is a nice graphical touch. Really, there are a number of great graphical touches that make the game lovely to look at and play. The cars are all designed nicely and look great. Not Gran Turismo quality, but much better than in Pro Race Driver.

There is great character in many of the different races and series, especially the fictitious championships. There are two championships that are all about street racing with races run in the evening time. I like to imagine the evening races to be more like night races, only not true night races. There is one series where you race the Ford SVT Lightning around ovals. To me, Codemasters wanted to bring in a style of racing similar to NASCAR Trucks, but decided to go with these pickup trucks in oval racing.

Here is a video preview of ToCA Race Driver 2 with in-game footage:

--- ToCA Race Driver 3 ---

Codemasters' ultimate gift to fans of the ToCA Race Driver series was unveiled in 2005 with ToCA Race Driver 3. They spared no expense in delivering one of the most unforgiving racing games ever made. Forget almost EVERYTHING you've learned about ToCA Race Driver 2- this one is about the most professional experience in the series. Each of the championship has its own unique sets of rules, flags, qualifying formats, and more. This makes the championships much more realistic. The same 20 or so drivers to a track return. The least you will encounter on track at once is maybe six to a track. You can even take your racing online to take on more human racers than you can shake a Williams F1 car at.

ToCA Race Driver 3: A Tale of Three Modes.

Rather than a real storyline, there are three modes of play to be concerned with. I will introduce you to all three of them in this blog post.

The World Tour mode is a career mode consisting of 31 tiers of racing followed by a 32nd tier. Each tier consists of racing from the various disciplines of the game. The goal is to clear the objectives asked of you for a specific championship. The only way you advance is if you clear the objective(s) asked of you. The first two tiers give you a choice of two races. Once you reach the 3rd tier, you will have as many as three different choices. You will go back to choosing between two races once you make it to the 28th Tier. All you need to do is complete the objectives asked of you.

Pro Career is an intensely engaging mode where you race every race in the championship with full flag rules. This is racing at its most realistic. You do have control over a number of different factors, but not a whole lot of leeway if you get to be overly frustrated. A lot of racing will be done here. You can unlock more championships to run freely and do time trials in by being successful in this mode. Just do what is asked of you to win and advance. Also, you can race in Pro Career Mode either under Normal or Hard Difficulty. You can earn more cups to unlock more championships by winning under Normal and Hard difficulties.

The Simulation Modes option allows you to race any unlocked championship freely. You can even participate in Time Trials to earn more cups. You must complete a legal lap around each course (meaning no cutting corners) to have a lap count. When the Time to Beat for each track in a championship has been beaten, you win a cup. Learn more about racing rules for each series including qualifying, flag information, number of cars to a track, and points payouts.

ToCA Race Driver 3: The Disciplines.

The biggest factor of ToCA Race Driver 3 is the motorsports disciplines you must take part in. They encompass various levels of motorsport across many different series. Here is a look at each discipline you will encounter in this game:

Classics - take a trip back in time and race with and against classic cars. These classic cars represent eras and times of racing much different from today's modern racing machines, so care is needed in handling some of these cars. It takes a great degree of skill to win with these classic racing machines. You will NOT race a single 21st Century car in this discipline. There are different kinds of racing ranging from off-road racing, touring car racing, and various open-wheel series. It is really a mixed bag of racing goodness.

GT - race some of the most powerful racing machines in intense sportscar racing action. Enjoy trying to wrestle these beasts around a race track. There are even series of racing devoted to certain classes of competition. Therefore, you will need to only be concerned with cars in your class to win.

Oval - in this discipline, you must master racing ovals. People who normally dislike oval racing think there is no strategy involved to win. However, you'd be dead wrong. There are techniques to master, and not every oval racing machine is the same. Ovals include both dirt ovals and non-dirt ovals. This discipline features the fewest races and only one bonus series to unlock.

Touring Cars - with touring car racing, you are racing purpose-built racing machines that are immensely competitive and highly resemble their road-going counterparts. The racing is close and aggressive. You race everything from varying degrees of touring cars to various supertouring series (V8 Supercar Series and DTM) and even super trucks!

Off Road - leave asphalt and concrete behind and get dirty! This series features races on various rallycross tracks and even some traditional rally racing. You can race many kinds of machines here. You can race in various buggies, rally-bred cars, and even monster trucks (which are VERY fun to race)! It's all about fierce, nearly unforgiving racing here.

Open-Wheel - if you believe the purest race cars have no fenders, then welcome to the ultimate racing challenge! This discipline features only open-wheel racing cars. They offer the best handling and are the purest racing cars. However, they are also the most fragile race cars. Really bad driving on your part will not win you many races as you'll quickly take in damage. Keep mistakes to a minimum and stay away from the walls if you are to have any chance of victory in this series. This discipline has some of the most unique racing machines of any discipline. You begin racing the simple purest racing machine- go-karts. You then take on fun racing series like Formula 1000, Formula BMW, and the unique Formula Palmer Audi series. The Formula Palmer Audi series features an overboost system that provides an extra 60 bhp on tap. Once you shift, though, the extra boost will be dumped. The series you WANT to race in are Formula 3 and the various series featuring Williams F1 cars.

These next two disciplines are bonus ones and are not raced in World Tour:

TMS - the Bedford Autodrome is yours to race on with five different configurations. The Palmer Motorsport Sensation is all about racing on set tracks with set kinds of cars in time trial competition. The racing is completely safe because there are no high walls or anything to be concerned with. Just pick a venue and race. That simple.

Honda - if you clear World Tour mode or unlock this mode by using a certain code, you can race exclusively in this championship with Honda. A collection of on-road and off-road races are available in this discipline. Every vehicle is either made or powered by Honda engines. The diversity of racing machines is incredible. You can race lawnmowers, ATVs, and varying degrees of Honda automobiles including the Honda-powered Ariel Atom. A little of everything is in this discipline.

ToCA Race Driver 3: Racing.

Like Pro Race Driver, the AI can be thug-like. The advantage is that you can actually restart races you screw up in unlike in Pro Race Driver. This game delivers a professional-style experience, which will scare away most casual racing game fans. You can't have as much fun in this game as you can in ToCA Race Driver 2. If you need reason to race clean, race in Pro Career mode. Trying to rough up other racers will only warrant you warning flags and (eventually) disqualification. There are also penalties handed out for cutting corners. It makes the game realistic, but takes away the fun of actually racing in this game.

The biggest hit taken to this game lies in the weather conditions. Every race is run under daytime conditions either with dry or rainy conditions. No evening races or anything. Not all races can be run under rainy conditions. So it's really disappointing on this front.

ToCA Race Driver 3 was made for hardcore-type racing. There are some options to allow for professional handling and professional off-road dynamics. Do not dare access these options unless you seriously want the most intense racing experience possible for this game.

ToCA Race Driver 3: Cars.

The biggest diversity of racing machines in the ToCA Race Driver series can be found in ToCA Race Driver 3. Imagine this for parity: you can race everything from lawnmowers to Formula 1 cars. Your off-road racing ranges from buggies to rally machines including rally raid machines. The most fun you will have is racing monster trucks. This is where you race 1500 bhp monster trucks across a few different off-road venues. You can't get on the gas too early as they are tough to keep under control. The most entertaining aspect of racing relates to the class racing. You only worry about class racing in the GT discipline. Two different series require you to only be concerned with cars in your class to win. Therefore, you will need to practice proper discipline in letting faster and more powerful cars pass. Don't ruin another race on the track in a multiple-class series.

Unique to this game is the ability to upgrade certain car parts to get a little extra edge in your racing. Don't expect Gran Turismo-style tuning, though. You have a certain number of slots you can use to upgrade parts of a car. Use these slots wisely to enhance certain elements of your car. The upgrades simply allow you to enhance certain aspects of cars to give a little extra performance. These upgrades enhance certain aspects of the car's handling and performance. One example of an upgrade are tire upgrades. You can upgrade the tires to decrease tire wear and provide better traction. Some upgrades, however, have negative side effects. For example, upgrading certain engine-related components provides a boost in brake horsepower, but increases fuel consumption. If you are unsure as to what to upgrade your car with (or don't want to add upgrades to your car), you may choose to let the game pick some upgrades for you. I don't recommend this because some of the upgrades the game chooses for you makes the car handle worse than its base form. You don't have to pick upgradable parts if you don't want to. Also, there are only a handful of series that will actually allow you to purchase such upgrades for your car.

One of the most interesting experiences is racing the Formula Palmer Audi cars. I touched up on it briefly earlier in this blog post. These are formula racing cars with an overboost system to provide an extra 60 brake horsepower on demand. You get eight shots of this overboost. Remember- as soon as you downshift, your boost is dumped. Only use the boost when you have to. It may also be recommended to race in Manual/Standard transmission so that you can hold onto your gear so you get more out of the boost. The best use for the overboost is likely in trying to overtake cars.

ToCA Race Driver 3: Tracks.

The track varieties vastly vary in ToCA Race Driver 3. There are about three fictional locations with multiple configurations- the go-kart track, the National Dirt Arena, and the International Rallycross tracks. Rather than four stages through Spain in ToCA Race Driver 2, you race on three very different rally stages in the United Kingdom. The traditional rally challenge is much more intense in this game than in the previous title. You race on tracks in the United States, all across Europe, Turkey, China, and in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). I believe that the Nürburgring Nordschleife is NOT featured in the PS2 version of ToCA Race Driver 3 (which is a GREAT thing because I am terrible on that track).

ToCA Race Driver 3: Overall Review.

As mentioned previously, ToCA Race Driver 3 is the ultimate gift for the sim racing fan. It delivers the most unforgiving and most unrelenting racing experience from Codemasters. I think, however, it may be a bit too hardcore for casual racers. So I don't think casual racing gamers will enjoy this game as much as sim racers like myself.

--- Just So You Know... ---

I want to let you know that I sometimes don't post a blog on something without considering any future plans. Sometimes, one blog post leads to future blog post(s). I am not done with the ToCA Race Driver series. I actually had planned to make an "Elements of Racing Games" blog post concerning any or all of the ToCA Race Driver titles. So be sure to stay tuned to John's Blog Space for more on these games!

Thank you for reading this blog post and all three of my reviews! If you want to buy these games online, I will show you these games on Amazon for you to buy in case you want to get them from Amazon. I would appreciate it if you purchase any of these titles if you have enjoyed my blog post if you wish to buy these games from Amazon.

^ "Pro Race Driver." Sold separately for PS2, XBOX, and PC.

^ "ToCA Race Driver 2." Sold separately for PS2, XBOX, and PC.

^ "ToCA Race Driver 3." Sold separately for PS2, XBOX, and PC.

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Nice reviews. I'm an ancient gamer and my Dad just got me into Dirt 2. Great game. He's sixty, I'm in my forties. I've never been into racing games before and ToCA 3 is a blast. I even bought a wheel (TM F430). I don't see ToCA mentioned too much but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Great write up.

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