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Confidence in Wearing Dresses

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Dress with confidence. Confidence for many females is in wearing a dress. It takes a deal of confidence to look and feel beautiful wearing dresses. No outfit is more feminine and beautiful than a dress. Some girls (using "girls" loosely) just know a beautiful dress when they see and wear one (including a host of my female friends). For many females, however, not as many are confident in wearing dresses or having to wear dresses. I am not just talking about formal-type dresses. I am talking about almost any dress. Why wear dresses and why are dresses so treasured? The primary reason is because dresses exude elegance and style. They fit up top then accentuate the body downward. Dresses flow beautifully (especially the most curve-happy dresses. Even Taylor Swift admitted that she didn't have the confidence to wear dresses often times when she was younger. Now, you usually associate Taylor Swift with pretty dresses with boots (even my popular blog post on dresses with cowboy boots).

So how does one gain the confidence to wear a dress? I know I am a male and not qualified to answer this professionally, but I'll do my best to basically bring this deal to light.

--- Confidence Wearing Dresses ---
^ from: - Lovely dress, right? However, the loveliest of dresses can be anything but lovely if one lacks the confidence to wear a dress.

twirl flounce dress
^ from: - Nothing can be more girly/cute than a pretty dress you can twirl in. Of course, what good is a pretty dress if one doesn't feel pretty enough to wear one?

I remember when my days as an 8th Grader were coming to a close as I was to be promoted to the 9th Grade and promoted to life as a High Schooler. Us boys had to wear formal outfits while girls had to wear dresses. One of my friends didn't like wearing dresses. For this occasion, though, she had to. The description to begin this section was back in 1997. If there was one thing about '90s fashion that was apparent, not as many dresses worn. It was mostly a top with a matching skirt rather than a standard dress that most females were sporting casually.

It's natural for someone to dislike wearing certain kinds of clothing. As an example, I don't wear shorts (or rarely wear shorts). So there are just some articles of clothing that some people just don't wear or like wearing (even including some people who don't wear underwear/lingerie!). The point of this blog post is not about forcing a female to wear more dresses. This is just more about confidence wearing dresses.

Fears the [Casual] Dress is Dead.

I started fearing in the mid-2000s that the dress died in favor of mostly denim mini skirts. I have nothing against denim skirts, but I just missed seeing casual dresses being worn. A thankful change of pace was when maxi dresses became popular. The flowing long dresses exude both charm and elegance both as casual dresses and even (for the versatile ones) night-appropriate dresses. Basic sundresses are always lovely to me. They are great with almost any kind of footwear.

Wearing Dresses and Feeling Beautiful.

Some females I've read online say that wearing a dress makes them feel beautiful. With all due respect, seeing more dresses worn is more refreshing than mostly seeing denim skirts. Sure, skirts are more versatile than dresses, but there is nothing like wearing a dress. Dresses don't have to be the elegant kinds. Even just a basic casual dress will suffice. Back in my school uniform days, I've seen some girls wearing polo dresses (basically, polo shirts that flow downward like a proper dress). Polo dresses are casual and classy... but are still dresses.

--- Dresses Around the Blogosphere ---
I would probably like to get some more insight from fashion bloggers on wearing dresses so I can better service my viewing audience on this deal. I am nowadays including insight from other blogs to help provide exposure to other blogs while also proving my points. I am even editing past blog posts to post relevant content to them in enhancing past blog posts.

What you will see are dresses worn by fashion bloggers that I follow. The main point of these featured blog posts is to showcase the beauty of wearing a dress. They encompass a number of individual blogs that feature dresses being worn. I have tried to find posts about a specific dress rather posts with multiple outfits at once. So have a look around. If you like any of the blog posts you see, feel free to follow their respective blogs using whatever service you prefer. Since these are all or mostly Blogger/Blogspot blogs, it's best to follow them on the Blogger/Blogspot service and with Google FriendConnect.

Alright... less chatter, more dresses! Let's go!

Inspiration: PetiteLittleGirl.

Beautifully blue, Sydney of "PetiteLittleGirl" wears a lovely Banana Republic dress in 00P size and paired it with a nice light blue cardigan. Check out this sweet petite in her lovely dress in "Closet Remix: 03.06.2011" on PetiteLittleGirl.

Inspiration: tuolomee.

This dress Tiffany of "tuolomee" wears is beautiful. It is a blog post in a series of posts regarding the photography work of a lady named Heather Gildroy. Both her looks and her dress are beautiful. Have a look at this lovely dress and these lovely photo shoots of her in "heather gildroy (part 1)." on tuolomee.

Inspiration: Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

I said myself that this may be the most beautiful dress I've ever seen D. wear in her wonderful blog. This young Irish beauty wears a very cute dress with floral prints and some chic pumps along with a lovely pearl bracelet. Her beauty blossoms like a rose in "OOTD: Glory days" on Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

Inspiration: Glamour Bbey.

The young Belgian beauty. Cindy Van Dyck, wears a beautiful dress in a recent blog post. This dress is in a lovely pink color. It is a one-shoulder dress that is very charming. Along with two-tone pumps, Cindy's beauty is magical in "THE OUTFIT: 'Living in a little fairytale.'" on Glamour Bbey.

Inspiration: I am Khatu.

4'11" sweet petite Khatu was looking for a maxi dress. She found a maxi dress on eBay that she adored. Khatu later had to rework this vintage dress to give it new life and fit her petite frame. How does this vintage dress look on Khatu after she reworked the dress? See for yourself in "Reworked - Part II" on I am Khatu, and she wears the same dress in lovelier detail in "Day two" on I am Khatu.

Inspiration: glisters and blisters.

Michelle of "glisters and blisters" showcases her beauty in a lovely bell sleeve dress. The Indonesian cutie showcases dramatic beauty in this lovely short dress. I am usually a sucker for ruffles and bells. You, too, will be drawn to the allure of this casual dress once you see "Bells on Your Sleeves" on glisters and blisters.

Inspiration: spoken love song.

When Luu was interviewed by Teen Vogue magazine in 2010, her feature picture was her in a maxi dress. I am featuring this old blog post to show the casual loveliness of a casual dress. This young Asian cutie from Norway (imagine that) wears a maxi dress with a pair of Converse high-tops. In addition to the maxi dress and the sneakers, she wears a blazer with it. It's casual dress chic with "seventeen" on spoken love song.

Inspiration: tiny sailor.

Two dresses of two different varities will be featured in this inspiration. The first one is a white dress in a post full of girly charm. A white dress is worn along with a pair of canvas sneakers. Not just ANY canvas sneakers- the classic Keds Champions sneakers! Niki also has a cool handbag and a sweet bike (as in bicycle) in "spring is finally here!" on tiny sailor. Second off, this young lady goes formal with a lemon yellow formal dress. I know I haven't made much mention to formal dresses, but formal dresses are a true testament to looking fabulous wearing a dress. Niki wears a fabulous strapless dress in "military ball" on tiny sailor.

Inspiration: . a little princess ..

A very young girl wears a cute dress with a pair of color-popping Nike high-top sneakers. Have a look at this blue floral dress along with her lemon yellow high-tops in "Can't get enough of floral dress" on . a little princess..

I may add more blog posts in future blog edits. I want to say hello to all the bloggers I made mention to if they are reading my blog post here! :)

--- Advice on Confidence Wearing Dresses ---
Remember that I am in no way any professional or even remotely qualified to discuss something like this.

There are some dresses that allow you to feel comfortable wearing even if you are not normally comfortable wearing dresses. I guess (remember, speaking as a guy) it begins with having the confidence to wear a dress. You have to want to be enamored with wearing a dress. Remember- it doesn't have to be a formal dress. However, I do think that if you can proudly wear a casual dress, you can possibly get to wear a more chic or formal dress.

It likely even helps to find a comfortable dress to suit your figure. Much like there is a perfect pair of jeans for everyone, there is a perfect dress for every female. Whatever that perfect dress is depends on your style and what you look for in a dress. Try to gain confidence and try to feel as beautiful as possible when wearing a dress. It may all come naturally as you wear the dress and feel good wearing one. Equally paramount to confidently wearing a dress is wearing a good pair of shoes, sandals, boots, or (with casual dresses) sneakers. The right pair of shoes can make or break any outfit- including dresses. So a good pair of shoes along with a dress can help add extra confidence.

Be classy with it! Be chic with it! Proudly show your style in a dress and look/feel fabulous all the while!

That will conclude this blog post. Have you the confidence to wear a dress? Maybe some of you females out there could possibly supplement your own knowledge with comments to help out my female readers/visitors with this matter. You all are MUCH more qualified than I. I just make the posts and get subscribers and fans. ;-) Anyhow, thank you for reading! :D

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John B. Marine said...

Hey John! :)

This is a great post! I completely agree--confidence is key in taking any outfit to the next level, whether it's a dress, jeans and a t-shirt, or sweats! Confidence and a smile are a girl's (or guy's) best accessory.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! :) You're too sweet!

xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

John B. Marine said...

Wow...this post is awesome!It s good to know that men have interest in stuff like that, too. You re so right, but I think confidence it s the basic ingredient in wearing(or rocking) any piece of clothing! Personally, i love dresses,! Especially during summer!Thank you so much for your comment!:)

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