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"Hello, my dear students!", as one Marina Orlova would greet her viewers. This blog post is a salute to the Russian beauty who is world's sexiest philologist (a person who studies the origin of words). This may kick off a few different blog posts where I share some of my YouTube inspirations and why they inspire me. I do talk about certain YouTube channels from time to time, and this is one of those blog posts.

The initial post is mostly about why "HotForWords" has been an inspiration to me. I may consider either deleting this post to make an updated one about Marina herself, or I may add more material to make it better. This all depends on traffic to this post or what I choose to do to enhance this post.

--- HotForWords as an Inspiration ---
HotForWords is an inspiration to me because she offers a service to society in her own way. Many people see Marina as a smoking hot babe (and she is) who offers up the origin of words and explains them in her own way. But to me, she's contributing to society by doing such a thing. HotForWords is offering a service to her loyal viewers worldwide in educating others on words. You probably could see a video of a bunch of friends doing something random and stupid that gets many more views than any of my videos. However, when you want to see something educational and fun, HotForWords delivers in her department.

The one thing I've always been disappointed in is that I feel like I have to be someone high-voltage and flashy to be noticed. I am as old-fashioned of a person you'll find. I think HotForWords is beautiful. I look at her material, however, for more than just her beauty. I'm not going to (and this may sound cheesy to some of you) watch her videos just to be wrapped up in how beautiful she is, but because I want to learn more about the origin of certain words. I actually learn something from Marina the way she expresses everything. HotForWords takes something like the origin of words and makes it fun and accessible to her many viewers around the world. She provides this service and expends her energy to continually create videos of quality for all to see.

If you all are wondering why I talk about offering a service, that is exactly what I mean. Marina offers a service of educating people who wonder about the origin of words. She's positively contributing to the greater society of YouTube with her own brand of educating people. As I say before, there are four ways to generate an audience of any kind- entertain, educate, inspire, or inform. Can you offer something to a general audience that can be of great use? HotForWords has done just that and done so in an amazing way.

As of the date of this blog post, here are her YouTube stats:
• 12th Most Subscribed All-Time among Gurus
• 62nd Most Viewed All-Time
• 2nd Most Viewed All-Time among Gurus
• 61st Most Viewed All-Time among Partners

So this a case where excellence speaks for itself. HotForWords is truly solidified as a true YouTube heavyweight for what all she brings to YouTube.

--- Why HotForWords Inspires Me ---
Here is a look at HotForWords as her contribution to YouTube's Five Year project. I recommend you watch this video because a lot of what I'm about to say next is based on this video below:

After watching this video in preparing this blog post, let me show you why I respect HotForWords as one of my many YouTube inspirations. Marina provided a video on something she felt like she could positively contribute to society with and put her best effort into what she does. Despite getting few views early on, her popularity skyrocketed later as she started gaining more popularity in her work. It was Marina's determination and drive to satisfy her audience with more than just her sexy looks that makes me appreciate her for what she does. She's become a star, people have given her a chance, YouTube has given her a chance to where she'd eventually become a YouTube partner... HotForWords basically represents what any YouTube channel aspiring to be great is capable of.

I didn't begin to appreciate HotForWords until I really thought about what she brings to YouTube. Yes, she is absolutely beautiful and sexy. However, it's what she brings in content and in value that separates her from most other YouTube channels. That's why I respect her so much. She takes something educational and makes it fun and enjoyable. Marina could have had her channel be about something other than words. However, this is something she loves and takes seriously in providing a service to her viewers and fans that is of value and good use. The same ideas and concepts define my YouTube channel and my blog(s). I at least see "HotForWords" as a channel of great content-based videos. These are content-based videos that remain fun and enjoyable.

I'm obviously not as eye-catching, and hardly anyone besides my mother has called me handsome. Many people think I have a synthetic or fake voice. Most people have just pushed me aside like I am completely fake. Even if you think I am too unattractive to be any kind of YouTube star, at least I like to think that I provide a service to my blog readers and video watchers. Sad thing is that not as many people have given me much of a chance to really feel like I have arrived and emerged online either in blogging or YouTube. In no way am I conceited or overbearing. I know and understand that while I am nowhere near as talented or as most YouTube heavyweights, at least I know I don't have to be incredibly handsome to get peoples' attention. The main thing I take away from HotForWords is that you can be a star at whatever you like to focus most on. If you aspire for greatness on YouTube (or in any arena of life), you can become great as long as you contribute to society with content people will enjoy and continue to enjoy.

--- Final Thoughts ---
It is for these reasons why I owe a debt of gratitude to "HotForWords" for being a trail blazer in providing quality material for others to enjoy. She has shown that you can make something like learning about words and make it fun. The most important note is that people have given her a chance. If you're one of my regular YouTube viewers, you know I used to say "comment and rate, but don't hate." Many of you have that as my anthem or motto. However, it isn't. "Give m a chance" is my true motto. When you give people a chance and let them try to win your respect, great things happen. When you DON'T give people a chance, one never realizes his/her true potential and worth. It takes people to provide quality content; however, it also takes people to help make that quality content relevant. Marina has been one of the really fortunate ones to have her work showcased in a great way to a great audience. Her work is still cherished and loved today. Marina had her own inspirations on YouTube to which she chose to aspire to the levels to. Since being popular, "HotForWords" is certainly a YouTube heavyweight and remains one to this day. She has even aspired/reminded me to stick to whatever service you provide to YouTube people and do what you love. Do what you love while putting in love for what you do. She is more than just a beautiful woman; she is a beautiful woman who does a beautiful job of making something educational fun and accessible.

If Marina Orlova is Reading This...

Thank you for being one of my different inspirations on YouTube. You've risen up in popularity to levels many of us average YouTube folk can only dream of. People have given you a chance and allowed you to become larger than you are. As somewhat of a sad note, I do wish I could be as popular as you are with my own work even though I am mostly old-fashioned. Still, you are someone really inspiring for what you do and what you provide. Inspiring not only for YouTube, but really for any arena of life. Thank you for your inspiration! Best wishes and kindest regards to you in future endeavors.

To learn more about HotForWords, please visit the following:
HotForWords official home page
HotForWords' YouTube channel and "Hot4Words," Marina's alternate YouTube channel
HotForWords' Facebook fan page
Follow HotForWords on Twitter!

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