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Boom Boom Satellites

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(UPDATED: June 10, 2012)

The Boom Boom Satellites know what it takes to get you moving. This is a Japanese rock group that does an amazing job putting some solid beats and solid drum work to make their songs come alive. You're in for something special if you've never heard the Boom Boom Satellites before. I would best define them as an experimental rock group. In fact, I liken them to another group I vastly respect- Linkin Park. This blog post my first blog post about a rock group since my post on Rival Sons.

--- Boom Boom Satellites ---

These guys are the Boom Boom Satellites:

^ from: www.anusaya.com - The Boom Boom Satellites combine rock and electronic dance music to make some of the most unique music you'll ever hear.

So who are the Boom Boom Satellites? Two guys- Masayuki Nakano (bassist and DJ) and Michiyuki Kawashima (guitarist and singer). They have a great fusion of electronic dance music and rock. Apparently according to nippop.com, BBS formed in 1990. This is one of the most unique groups you will ever hear with their blend of electronica and rock.

This blog post mostly features videos of some of their songs. You're free to have a listen to these songs to really enjoy what these guys bring to the proverbial table.

Rise and Fall.

If you have followed the Gran Turismo series, you may remember this song as it was the song played to the "Vision Gran Turismo" video at E3 one year. This song is from their "Full of Elevating Pleasures" album, which couldn't be more appropriate name for the songs from this album. Have a listen to the drum work and the beats to this song:


Ridge Racer V had this as one of the many songs in this game. It was the only one by BBS, but this is also for your listening pleasure. As a matter of fact, it was the opening theme to RRV. Here is your chance to listen to this song. So uh... enjoy! :)

Push Eject.

This song is one I can remember from the Gran Turismo 2 "Music at the Speed of Sound" soundtrack. While I'm glad to hear this song on that CD, I was disappointed that one of my favorite GT2 songs, "Sex Type Thing" by the Stone Temple Pilots, was not included. Anyhow, here's more Boom Boom Satellites for your ears:


Rather than some really rocking song, this is more like a dance-type song. Or at best, industrial rock. The song starts a bit modestly before the beats really take form. This is really a great song to listen. Trust me:

Shut Up and Explode.

Here is another song I want to show off from the Boom Boom Satellites. It's called "Shut Up and Explode" from "Xam'd: Lost Memories." Let me tell you something. If this song doesn't get you going in some way, something is wrong with you. Get psyched! More BBS on the way:

Kick It Out.

Tell you what... I'd rather hear this song to open Gran Turismo 5 than My Chemical Romance's song (or of course, "Moon Over the Castle"). Forget about walking it out, try KICKING it out! Listen and rock this:

Is that enough Boom Boom Satellites for you?

--- What I Would Tell the Boom Boom Satellites (if they read this) ---

You guys ROCK! Always had great respect for your music. Your diverse style in music resonates with me whenever I think of the Boom Boom Satellites. Keep up the great work!

Would I Want to Meet the Boom Boom Satellites (if given the chance)?

Heck yes! Trouble is, I'd have trouble getting through with so many people wanting to hear their music.

That's it for this post! For more information on the Boom Boom Satellites, visit these links:

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Thank you for reading!

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