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YouTube Motivation

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A blogging friend of mine has inspired me to post this blog entry. The very cute cutie, HitomiNeko, has inspired me to post this blog about being motivated to do YouTube videos. In a lot of ways, YouTube is like blogging. The term "vlogging" even comes to mind for video bloggers. So what are some of the things to be concerned with when posting YouTube videos? I will explain in this blog post. I have offered you motivation on blogging in the past. Now, it's time I offer some YouTube motivation to you all.

--- YouTube Motivation: The Basics ---
Why is YouTube like blogging? In ways, especially if you publish your own content, you are sharing your world with others. So it is best to offer something that people will enjoy when they view your channel. I think when people view your published material, people will have their own preoccupations and thoughts about you. Sane people will think of you in a respectful light while haters are just looking for the perfect opportunity to attack you at any given moment. Unless you are intentionally posting videos clearly designed to belittle and undermine others, almost anyone will look at almost anything.

Having been a veteran of posting some almost 300 videos to YouTube in my 2.5 years on YouTube with "JohnMarineTube," I can say that the biggest challenge of YouTube is to keep persisting in making content for others to enjoy. Can you make something many people will enjoy? Even some of my older videos have been vastly viewed even today.

Having said all of this, though...

--- YouTube Motivation: Finding Your Style ---
The style of videos and basic topics will help define your channel and its videos to most people. You have to be careful with certain topics if you talk about things like my channel, JohnMarineTube, does. I tend to believe your first video (or first few videos) help set the pace. Here is a perfect example- one of my first proper videos was on football at historically-Black colleges and universities (HBCU's). It was about college football at such schools, but many thought I was being racist. I almost regret posting that video because I should have known so many people would post such negative comments. It was then that I learned- stop making videos regarding certain social or racial themes. That is, unless you're willing to take heat from the greater YouTube public-at-large.

For these reasons, that is why my YouTube channel, as well as my blog, are not about one specific subject. Some topics are focused on more than others, but this is NOT something about one certain topic. I try to extend my range of insight and commentary on many things. It does come at the expense of not having a completely coherent channel. However, at least you are posting about anything and everything that crosses your mind rather than focus entirely on one thing.

Find your style and try to stick to it as best as you can in your videos. Establish credibility in your work to the best of your ability. You don't want to keep re-inventing yourself, though to find or re-discover your comfort zone. Find a style and stick to it as best as you can.

--- YouTube Motivation: Earning Respect ---
"If you build it, they will come." Surely people who are fans of yours will likely flock to your channel to see your latest videos. People need to give you a chance. Some people will see you as a sweet distraction; many more will see you as a waste of time. How you resonate with others will depend mostly on others see your videos and think of you. Can you build and maintain a solid audience who cares about your work? That's up to you.

--- YouTube Motivation: Dealing With Haters ---
Believe me- I have a blog post lined up to discuss YouTube haters, but let's be brief here. Just like life, you have your fair share of decent people and total idiots. The one thing ANY YouTube channel should be aware of is that you become a target if you post any video or any comment. You become the target of anyone who lacks self-esteem and class when you post ANYTHING to YouTube. Maybe some people wouldn't even give you the time of day most of the time. Fact is, you always have to be on the lookout for any haters who don't appreciate your work.

Everything about you- your nationality, your culture, your ethnicity, your views on government, your religion, your personality, etc.; all are targets to unruly YouTube users. How you handle them determines how well and how long you stay on YouTube. Rather than risk getting into trouble, do the safe thing- bookmark the YouTube Help and Safety Tool page, and immediately access it the moment you receive a hateful comment.

Some people believe that people who don't have haters on their case have problems. I think that's true to an extent. The problem is... most people just look at me or hear my voice and already have insults lined up. In blogging, I have to be concerned with comment spam. On YouTube, I have to be concerned with haters. Most people are too stupid to actually pay attention to videos, so they just pretend you are some anonymous nobody and slap any kind of insults against you to belittle and undermine you.

The best advice in these times is to just keep doing what you're doing. Just trust the people who actually love your content and would usually do nothing to slap you around. Part of the reason why most people dislike YouTube is because of the anarchy and total lack of control

--- YouTube Motivation: Tune Out Your [Negative] Critics ---
YouTube people have certain ideas about videos and the people who make them. I've received everything from "great channel!" to "f{expletive} the f{gay slur} making these videos." Tough for me to say; don't let them bring you down. Especially if you have friends and fans that support your work, remember that you have much better people to attend to than certain would-be critics on YouTube. Here is how things go often times:

• If you look overweight or are overweight, you are usually criticized because you're not slim and slender.

• If you don't look handsome or beautiful, people will automatically lash out at you and hate on you.

• If you have a funny voice, people automatically assume you to be fake. People talk about how fake my voice sounds, as if I'm T-Pain or somebody.

Sometimes, YouTube is a popularity contest. The highest rated comments are often times not the best comments. Comments are rated on by other users. I made an honest comment about how I wished there weren't so many images of crashes for a game I know nothing about. What happened? My post was apparently "too low to be viewed." This is usually associated with spam or very poor comments, but my honesty got me railed.

You basically sign up to be roughed up by unruly YouTube users when you decide to start a YouTube channel. You can't just focus on your critics, though. Only take criticism from people who are honest in providing comments. There is a such thing as constructive criticism.

--- Final Thoughts... ---
For any blogging friends of mine and Google followers who have YouTube channels of their own, I wish you the best with your own YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube channel I'm not aware of, then please let me know where I can find you so I can Friend and Subscribe.

And not to ruin the integrity of this blog post, but my advice posted in this blog post can apply to ANY online video service (including YouTube). Just don't be afraid to share your mind any way you please through the means of video. If you can confidently blog about things, you can equally make videos about things with the same level of confidence.

If HitomiNeko is Reading This... (Bonus Section!)HitomiNeko, I created this blog post for all of my readers, but you were my primary inspiration for this post. I wanted to express my own way of sharing YouTube insight and what I have learned in making my own videos. I want my international audience to know fully about YouTube from my own experiences. I could have done a video, but my intent was basically to try to influence bloggers to try the realm of vlogging (video blogging) if they want to try this venture. I actually wanted to help you with YouTube by offering you my insight.

You are a beautiful young lady who have a wonderful blog and some very nice videos online. I want your material on YouTube to be as successful as your blog. I hope my insight has helped. I truly hope all of the things I have mentioned was of help to you as I hope this blog will be of help for other people as well.

Who is HitomiNeko? Find out by visiting *~ HitomiNeko ~* * * Lovely Things in my life * * *. You may also find her on YouTube at HitomiNeko. Of course, she is one of many blogs I shouted out to in "General Blog Shout-Outs!" here on John's Blog Space.

Among other things, enjoy what you do on YouTube. Don't feel disrespected or nervous. YouTube is like blogging. If you can blog about whatever, you can make a YouTube video about whatever. These posts of blogs and video can be don with the same level of confidence in what you post. Be confident in what you post online, whether it is a blog post or a YouTube video. The only real obstacle for YouTube is in dealing with people who rather hate on you than actually pay attention to your videos. Also, don't think about being the next best viral video sensation- concentrate more on expressing whatever you like. Everything else relies on how the public takes your work. It is okay to be nervous, but don't let a fear of failure drive you away from trying to post quality content for YouTube.

My channel is not perfect or devoid of anything really successful. I wish more people could care about my YouTube channel and actually give me a better chance than what most people have done. I do have a lot of subscribers, but I am thankful for all of my followers. If you would like to see my YouTube channel, "JohnMarineTube," please visit my YouTube channel by clicking on my logo below:

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Thank you for reading!

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