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Oxfords and Brogues

John Marine | 7/30/2011 12:55:00 PM |
(UPDATED: February 18, 2012)

The most trendy shoes these days por femmes are that of oxfords and brogues. As most of you may know, I am not really fond of chic lace-up shoes. Many others are, so I must appeal to the fashionistas out there with another quality blog post of mine. I guess if you're bored with slip-on flats and pumps, perhaps some of the best alternatives would be oxfords or brogues. You may remember a past blog post I did about oxford pumps. Well, this one is not about oxford pumps. This blog post is about more traditional flat or low-heel oxford shoes. It is important I stress we're talking oxford shoes; not oxford shirts.

NOTE: This blog post was mostly supposed to be about brogues for females, but I have also included notion of oxfords for a little diversity. The post still mostly pertains to brogues.


FEB 18 2012 - simple edits made

--- Oxford Shoes and Brogues at a Glance ---

Why care about these shoes? I guess from certain perspectives, ballet flats must be boring. From another perspective, oxford shoes (especially brogues) offer and add to the touch of "boy tough, girl cute." Think of the females who love the boyfriend fashion look and go with a pair of boyish brogues rather than some chic pumps or sandals. For example, rather than some sandals or flats with mid-calf length boyfriend jeans, a female goes with a pair of oxfords or brogues instead. As I mentioned previously, though... I'm not really into chic lace-up shoes or sandals.


brogues women
^ from: - Brogues can be thought of as a chic alternative to ballet flats or sneakers.

As you know in fashion, being different and distinctive goes a long way. These chic lace-ups can somewhat be thought of as a cross between pumps and oxfords. Brogues are essentially oxfords, but these have become incredibly popular as of late. Perhaps it is their boyish charm that makes brogues chic for females. Such shoes could be worn with anything ranging from boyfriend jeans to a stylish pair of pants. Be boyish with brogues. Be classy with brogues. It's all up to you and how you want to dress these up or down.

Oxford Pumps.

oxford pumps
^ from: - Oxford pumps (which I've blogged about before) are all about lace-up chic while being exclusively feminine.

Prefer exclusively feminine oxfords? Go with oxford pumps! These provide lace-up style along with a nicely-defined heel. These oxford pumps can range from comfortable wedges to a deceptive pair of stiletto heels. To show the appeal of brogues, even Taylor Swift traded cowboy boots for a pair of oxford pumps to go with her dresses a few times. Such shoes can be worn with almost any garment. Go classy and pair some oxford pumps with tall socks or stockings/tights.

Want to read my past blog post about oxford pumps? If so, then visit "Oxford Pumps" on John's Blog Space!

Oxford Sandals.

oxford sandals
^ from: - Prefer open-air comfort with your oxfords? Your best bet is with oxford sandals.

Jeffrey Campbell oxford sandals
^ from: - If you want some flat sandals that are a little different from thong sandals or gladiator sandals, try these Jeffrey Campbell oxford sandals.

The open-air comfort of sandals paired with the chic appeal of oxfords make oxford sandals just as fun as any average oxfords. All you have to do is lace them up and enjoy the style of oxfords while allowing your feet a chance to breathe and enjoy the air as you walk.

So it's all about lace-up chic with a chic pair of shoes. It isn't about wearing sneakers, it isn't about going with some aggressive combat boots, but rather wearing a classy pair of lace-up shoes that can be just as chic as any pumps or sandals.

--- Oxfords/Broques Around the Blogosphere ---

Time to get your online inspiration. These are ladies who are sporting some oxfords or brogues. They may also include oxford pumps.

Inspiration: tuolomee.

No one blogger I follow has worn more oxford shoes and oxford pumps in her pictures than Tiffany Ann of tuolomee. If any one blogger has shown style in oxford shoes, let it be this young blogger. The post or posts I want to feature is more take-your-pick when you see so many pictures of a certain kind of garment being worn. So I chose this one: "watermelon." on tuolomee. Enjoy!

Inspiration: Principessa Gabriella.

If you remember this post from my "Florals in Fashion" post, Gabriella serves up some chic with oxfords from a previously-featured post. Her second floral look has her sporting some oxfords. So take a look at "Fun With Florals" on Principessa Gabriella.

Inspiration: Glisters and Blisters.

The oxford pumps Michelle wears compliment this preppy look very well. Get a feel for her preppy chic by checking out "Those Algebra Days" on Glisters and Blisters.

Inspiration: Miss Kwong.

Like oxfords? How about boldly-colored ones? Miss Kwong wears some boldly-colored oxfords in this blog post I am about to feature. To see the beautiful teacher from Hong Kong wear a pair of bold oxfords, check out "Pink Oxfords" on Miss Kwong.

Inspiration: Keiko Lynn.

As one of the most fabulously beautiful young ladies in blogging, Keiko Lynn expresses her style in a pair of oxfords. A rather old blog post of hers showcases the beautiful Keiko Lynn in shorts, tall socks, and some oxfords. See her work a pair of oxfords in "numb and tired and perfect for the working day" on Keiko Lynn.

If I find some more posts, I will feature them in future edits. These will do for now.

That concludes this blog post about oxfords and brogues. How do you feel about oxfords and brogues for females? Do you love wearing them more than most sandals or pumps? Feel free to comment. Don't forget also to share my material if you like my work.

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Thank you for reading!

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