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Oxford Pumps

John Marine | 5/11/2010 02:04:00 AM |
(UPDATED: July 7, 2013)

Oxford pumps can be thought of as the lace-up alternative to pumps. Oxfords alone are lace-up shoes with their own style. Pumps are purely feminine with heels ranging from flat to high heels. Combine the two, and you get oxford pumps. What makes them so stylish? While I don't really like lace-up women's shoes all that much, oxford pumps are something a bit different from your average slip-on pumps. They exude a level of femininity while offering a very chic touch. So often, you look around on fashion blogs and stuff like Lookbook and see females wearing oxford pumps with tights or tall socks. Oxford pumps can also work for those looking for menswear-inspired fashion. This blog entry will feature oxford pumps. Also, if you want to shop for some oxford pumps, I'll show a few you can find on Amazon that I like (and that you probably will too).


JUL 7 2013 - edited some images

NOTE: A "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post on this same topic may be made in the near future. For now, enjoy this post here on "John's Blog Space."

--- Oxford Pumps in Pictures ---

Let's set the mood with some pictures. This will give you some pictoral insight on oxford pumps.

oxford pumps
^ from: www.amazon.com - "Saltara" oxford pumps from Bruno Magli. A high-heel pair of pumps bound together by a lace-up portion.

Indigo by Clarks Paddington oxford pumps
^ from: www.heels.com - These oxford pumps from Frye are tough, but stylishly tough.

Collina oxford pumps
^ from: www.shoes.com - "Collina" oxford pumps from Naturalizer. More like pumps than a traditional oxford, but are still oxford pumps nonetheless.

BCBGeneration oxford pumps
^ from: www.heels.com - These are the "Pascoe" oxford pumps from BCBGeneration.

oxford pumps with cut outs and peep toe
^ from: heelcandy.com - Dolce Vita "Vaughn" oxford pumps. Oxford pumps with cut out designs and a peep-toe, but still remain lace-up pumps.

Charlotte Olympia oxford pumps
^ from: www.neimanmarcus.com - These are some hot Charlotte Olympia oxford pumps. Take note of the platform detail along with the deceptively high heel.

Now you've seen oxford pumps in pictures. I've actually tried to find some females wearing oxford pumps, but there weren't too many good ones I wanted to feature here.

--- What Do Oxford Pumps Go Well With? ---

Ladies from fashion blogs usually wear these with short skirts/dresses along with tights or socks. For many, it's something different to wear from tradtional pumps or sandals. I usually prefer slip-on pumps than any lace-up pumps, but there are a number of different outfits to go with them. I mentioned pairing these with slacks. This is another case where you could wear these lace-up pumps rather than slip-on pumps. I've even seen these worn with shorts or rompers/playsuits.

There are many options if you love oxford pumps and want to find various outfits to wear them with. Since oxford pumps are chic to me, I'd avoid wearing anything extremely casual. So don't wear your T-shirt of some rock band and skinny jeans to wear with oxford pumps. Most of the ones that really shine with oxford pumps are the really fashion-conscious ladies.

--- Oxford Pumps Around the Blogosphere ---

Now, it's time to see how bloggers here on Blogspot wear oxford pumps.

Inspiration: tuolomee.

Tuolomee is immediately the first blog I point to with oxfords and (in this context) oxford pumps, because she wears them often in her pictures and photo shoots. She usually wears them with either tall socks or tights. Here is a sample of her style with Urban Outfitters oxford pumps: "a light on a hill." on tuolomee. She also shows oxford pump style with "upside down triangle." on tuolomee.

If I find more oxford pumps from other bloggers, I will make mention to them in future edits.

As I said earlier, I'm not really crazy about oxford pumps, but I know there are lots of you femmes out there who do. So I'm going to try to show you some oxford pumps that you may like. I want to give back to all of you who have enjoyed my blog entry. I've explained most of what I've wanted to explain these oxford pumps. So it's time to find some oxford pumps on Amazon. This is the Page Break, and you have a choice. If you'd like to shop for some oxford pumps you can find on Amazon, please keep reading to see some oxford pumps that I like (and that you might too). If you choose not to shop for any oxford pumps, then find a pair of oxford pumps that interest you by having a look at these items below:

oxford pumps on Amazon
^ WARNING: widget may feature items that AREN'T oxford pumps!

oxford pumps on eBay

oxford pumps on shoes.com

People, when I do my searches on Amazon, there are sometimes items I don't even see how they get into a certain category. I clearly type "oxford pumps," and the search engine assumes "oxfords AND pumps," rather than "oxford pumps." There's a difference. I may include more oxford pumps if I see any more worth mentioning.

--- Cross-Promotion/Other Reading ---

Want more oxford pumps? These may help you:

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I hope you've enjoyed my work.

Well, thank you for reading. Have an amazing day. Thanks again for your continued support!

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