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Luxurious Lifestyle

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(UPDATED: February 25, 2012)

The luxurious lifestyle is what many of us can only dream of. What would you do with lots of money? You may know your mansions. You may know your cars. You may even somehow know your boats, yachts, jets, and things like that. Through many environments and such, we are all introduced to lives and lifestyles much greater than what many of us are living in right now. We even dream of being rich and famous. You know- being at the biggest parties, shopping for expensive things, driving the most exclusive cars... basically rubbing in the faces of low-class and middle-class people with your wealth. This blog post is a Just For Fun deal regarding the high-end lifestyle.

NOTE: All of the following items are provided for entertainment and educational purposes.

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--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Flaunting Luxury ---

Where have you seen the rich show off their wealth? You may have seen a number of things on TV, online, in games, and more. So here are a few examples of where you may have seen people flaunt their wealth:

Hip-Hop Artists.

Name me certain hip-hop artists where you have seen them drive high-end cars. You may have seen videos of hip-hop artists driving cars you likely can't afford. Sometimes even rapping about them. You know- hot girls, hot cars, things like that.

MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen" and "Exiled."

"My Super Sweet Sixteen" and the one-off "Exiled" showcased teenagers and the rich lifestyles they enjoy. If you've ever seen these shows, you'll know what the young generation of rich is all about. If a 16-year old girl wants her own Lexus IS-F (especially in this show), she WANTS an Lexus IS-F even if she throws a hissy fit to get one. "Exiled" was a show where those spoiled teens who needed a dose of reality were sent to less glamourous places to take part in experiencing the life of the... not so rich. To read more on this show that I blogged about, check out "Issues Regarding My Super Sweet 16."

MTV's "Cribs" Series.

"Cribs," more than any other MTV show, is one of the premier examples of showcasing rich people. This series of shows highlights on the homes of celebrities. Some of these houses and mansions have stuff like... their own basketball courts, their own gyms, multi-car garages with several six-figure priced cars, lavish kitchens, beautiful master bedrooms, and stuff like that. Watching "Cribs" just makes you feel jealous that you can't be living like them!

Certain Celebrities.

You may hear of celebrities of many kinds having things many others who'll blow their money on various items. Why? Because they can.

Glamourous Locales.

The place that comes to mind for me (as a racing fan) is Monte Carlo. When you see the fancy buildings and all the boats in the various marinas, you're playing in money country. Some places really have people and buildings that just scream big money. I even think of Middle Eastern cities like Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Doha, Qatar that are essentially playgrounds for the rich.

The duPONT Registry.

If you ever flip through the pages of The duPONT Registry, you may see all kinds of dream items you wish you had. I blogged about this Florida-based publication once, noting that what you see and read are nothing short of impressive. Just the fact you can actually OWN this stuff if you had the money is just surreal.

Video Games.

If you can't live the luxurious lifestyle in reality, there's always virtual reality. The "Test Drive Unlimited" series is one that easily comes to mind. You may probably live on Oahu Island or Ibiza, but do you have high-end sports cars to drive and beautiful houses most people can only dream of owning? What about the "Need for Speed" games, where you drive some of the most exclusive cars in anger around city streets and race tracks? There are even various social networking and avatar games dedicated to the rich lifestyle (or with rich elements).

"Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

If you're old enough to remember, you may remember a very old show hosted by Robin Leach called "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." This famous show highlights on people whom are living richly and famously. The featured persons are profiled in these segments on the show. In this day and age, I'd like to imagine what it would be like if some of today's rich were profiled. Some of the rich ones you commonly hear of today are Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and of course... Paris Hilton.

Can you name any other rich influences? I only named a few just to kick this blog post off.

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Getting There ---

And I quote:

"If you ain't got no money, take your broke ass home!"

-"Glamourous," by Fergie featuring Ludacris
To reach high-end life, one has to reach that level of high-end living. You basically have to establish yourself as royalty. Have you yet reached an executive level where you are basically tops among everybody else? Are you someone who is just discontent with being "normal" or having a "normal" lifestyle?

Those who pursue an executive-style lifestyle will have to work for it. Being atop your profession and your craft is what we all wish we can do. Status comes with wealth. In no way am I a Business major or anything. Heck, I'm a blogger whose only income is Adsense checks and Amazon Associates revenue, and I'm even fortunate enough if I make ANYTHING. Being atop blogging as a profession means I have to establish myself so much to where I can make a decent living. You may be from a rich family or even inherit a lot of the wealth from a wealthy family. Still, you've got to earn everything you'll ever work for.

You may also just inherit lots of money from your family or whatever. It still takes a lot of work to maintain and expand upon that wealth.

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Homes ---

Most of what I will make mention to involve mansions, but this can be about any luxurious house.

luxury mansion
^ from: - If a man's home is his castle, having a mansion surely makes you king. And of course... a woman's home is her castle, making her queen.

Have you the desire to live in lovely digs to live in? Mansions are a great way to enjoy living in style. Some mansions even allow for facilities most homes wish they had access to in the same house. You remember I made mention to MTV's "Cribs" series? Some of the houses and mansions I've seen featured on Cribs are just crazy. Can you imagine having your own gym and pool and such in your mansion? You don't even need to go to the gym- you can work out at home in style!

Also, one would have to think about how to furnish such mansions. You don't necessarily have to think of IKEA or something. If you obviously have a lot of money to furnish it with almost anything, items ranging from high-definition TVs to the most lavish chairs and sofas will easily fill most luxurious homes. Some luxurious homes (especially very modern and contemporary ones) feature great architecture befitting of such urban homes.

The location of luxurious homes and apartments also plays to their appeal. Is a luxurious home situated atop a hill? Is it near a major body of water? Is it within distance of downtown or even overlooking downtown? In addition, where in the world it is located also plays to its appeal. Is it a Southern home that's part of a plantation? Is it an urban locale in a major American city (like a fancy home in or around New York City)? Is it a contemporary home in Europe? This would all depend on your tastes in what kind of luxurious home you'd want to have.


The master bedroom of most regular homes are more like regular rooms in most mansions, and the real master bedroom may even be double to triple in size of a master bedroom.


"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet."

-Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex and the City"
walk-in closet
^ from: - Walk-in closets can be very luxurious and inviting, especially for those who have lots of clothes or a vast wardrobe.

Especially if you're one of my female readers, what fashion-loving girl wouldn't want a walk-through closet filled with great clothes? You can proudly show off your shoes and your clothes to guests or just admire your collection. There are those who have walk-in closets. Even some regular size houses and apartments may have such big closets.

Mansion Video.

Want to see a video of a mansion? Check this out:

This video above was uploaded in 2009 and was Donald Trump's $125M US dollar mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

How Would I Live?

I don't know if Houston would be good enough to have a great mansion of my own in. Here in Houston, we have two real expensive parts of town- the Houston Galleria and River Oaks. I draw inspiration from certain other mansions and what I would want in a mansion. One mansion I saw playing "Test Drive Unlimited 2" had both a living room and a garage that had waterfalls to them. I would like to have some lovely waterfalls running for a relaxing touch. I would really want a room to showcase certain automotive and racing related memorabilia. I may even want to start my own model car collection and have my finest models showcased. My own personal gym would be nice as well. I even wouldn't mind having my own indoor basketball court to have fun shooting hoops in. Maybe I invite a few friends over (or guests) to play a little basketball. I even wouldn't mind a good game room to play arcade units I would buy as well as some pool tables. As for a garage, maybe a good 4-car or 6-car garage would be sweet.

I don't believe in being serviced by others or hiring others to serve me. I'm a human being, not a king or some deity. Some people who think of living fabulously would feel like other people have to do things for them to further enjoy being very rich. I'm not like that. Honest!

You will have to get in touch with luxury home brokers if you want to even buy a luxurious home. Or if you're good enough and patient enough, build your own mansion. The duPONT Registry also specializes in showcasing luxurious homes. To get an idea for luxurious homes featured in the duPONT Registry, I invite you to check out the duPONT Registry's Homes page.

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Automobiles ---

This section is more like my specialty. Best to have a great car to drive if you're flaunting your luxurious lifestyle. You probably know your cars for if you want to have a luxurious lifestyle. You probably know your car companies that specialize in luxury cars or have luxurious cars to own.

Depending on who you ask, some either care for luxurious cars, and some others would rather drive a... not-so-luxurious car. Executive-class people often showcase their status with executive-type cars. Therefore, a 1998 Ford Taurus isn't likely an executive car of choice. Something like a BMW M5 or an Audi A8 would be much more appealing. One may even look for an older luxury car like a 1990s Bentley Arnage. I think I remember Paris Hilton having a customized pink Bentley Continental GT that would make Barbie jealous. Those who have a LOT of money would even get something like a Bugatti Veyron.

What Would I Drive?

Time to put myself on the spot again. If you ask me, I'd prefer something that is a mix of luxury with that right amount of sportiness. So therefore, I would love to own an Aston Martin to be my high-end luxury car company. I'd probably have an Aston Marin DB9 or an Aston Martin Vanquish V12.

If I prefer an executive sedan, however, I'd have a good deal of options. I'm thinking if I want to have an executive sedan, I want to have an executive sedan that has great power and is very inviting. I really wouldn't consider executive sedans unless I wanted to drive around more people. You know, more like if I was married and had children that I wanted to cruise in style with. This would require a good vehicle that could handle and balance the responsibilities of being a capable executive-class car while also hauling around family and groceries.

If I wanted an executive-type car that didn't have an executive price tag, simple- Chrysler 300 with a Hemi. Part of the 300's charm was that it looked much more expensive than it really is. In fact, some people thought of (especially the very first 300) as a poor-man's Bentley. That, and the fact it is a premium rear-wheel drive sedan.

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos and love cars, you'll find no shortage of exotic automobiles if you check out BrianZuk. To see some of the finest automobiles ever made in YouTube videos, check out BrianZuk's YouTube channel.

I know the duPONT Registry best for automobiles. So to get an idea of luxury-type automobiles and some of the finest automobiles (and even motorcycles) ever made, check out the duPONT Registry's Automobile registry.

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Yachts and Other Boats ---

When playing "Test Drive Unlimited 2," the fact that you could buy a yacht to live in is proof that you can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle even at sea. You don't actually get to control the yacht, though. Most luxury boats allow you to enjoy life at sea in style. They can range from lovely (essentially) homes on water to luxurious boats good enough to have parties on.

I began thinking about yachts thinking about something I "like" on Facebook. One of's lovely grid girls is Nicole Haboush, nicknamed as the "Cute Grid Girl." She is a VERY cute grid girl in my opinion! Besides being one of the cutest grid girls in the United States (or anywhere in the world), Nicole is also the President of Allied Yacht Charters, based in in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. So this was the first person I thought of in regards to yachting. That, and just the fact I wanted to make a shout-out to Nicole if she happens to read this blog post. :) I've also featured her in my "Grid Girls" blog post.

Why would you want a luxurious boat? If you're out on the water a lot, why not have a boat that you can enjoy living on water with? I have seen yachts before many times. I sometimes often see these yachts with a party going on. Considering what you can do on a yacht and what parties you can have, this can be a great way to enjoy life at sea. Yachts are more like floatable mansions where you can enjoy life at sea much the same way you can enjoy life in a mansion. You may even enjoy things like wine, champagne, a jacuzzi, a lavish kitchen, and things like that... even at sea! A yacht is essentially a floatable mansion. Some of the loveliest yachts can be just as beautiful as almost any high-end house or mansion.

Yacht Videos.

Get ready for some videos of yachts. This is just to show how lovely yachts can be. I got to warn you that these videos may not be good for your health. Why? It's because your jaw might drop after seeing some of these stunning yachts. :) So have a look, if you're interested...

Here is a look at how lovely yachts can be:

Even though this video is not in English, you have GOT to see this! Trust me, you'll fall in love with this yacht:

Here is one more yacht video for you all:

Told you these were stunning and luxurious boats. Did you like the videos? I'd like to thank the YouTube channels I got these videos from for allowing me to embed them in this blog post.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: You can learn more about the aforementioned services by visiting the following sites:

Allied Yacht Charters' official home page
duPONT Registry (Boats link)

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Aircraft ---

Take to the skies with your wealth. There are those who have their own luxury aircraft. Some of the various kinds of luxury aircraft include private jets. If you are a fan of Far East Movement, you may have heard their hit song, "Like a G6." Well at first, I thought it was about the crappy-looking Pontiac G6. But, it's a reference to the Gulfstream G650. The Gulfstream G650 is an example of luxury-type aircraft.

Want to know what it's like on a private jet? Check this out (it was honestly the best video I could find):

What if you're into other luxurious aircraft? The only one I am most familiar with is the Airbus A380. I think this is the aircraft used by airlines like Qatar Airways and Qantas among others. I actually tried to find a video to showcase other kinds of luxurious aircraft, but I have failed to find a worthy video. Maybe I'll update in a future edit.

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Fashion ---

NOTE: What you're about to read is somewhat part of a blog post idea I once had and may consider for a future post on "John's Blog Space."

Finally, a look at luxury fashion. Many people who usually can't afford high-end designers often try to snag haute couture for a steal. Not many will have the money on hand when shopping at stores like Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. This section is just a quick digest on luxurious fashion for men, and it was not really intended to be a detailed post on this topic.

Luxurious Fashion for Men.

You know there are men out there reluctant to rock their Gucci sunglasses, Versace suits, and stuff like that. I do like a dapper dude. Some classy guys will proudly wear Armani suits. Around home, some men even enjoy wearing high-end designer robes.

Luxurious Fashion for Women.

At least 75% of all of my blog posts have pertained to feminine fashion. Therefore, some of the many luxury names have been those you may be familiar with. There are fashion blogs I often follow featuring items from high-end designers. You know... Louboutin heels, Chanel bags, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Prada shoes (for women), almost anything Dior, and things like that. Most of what some females look for are often sold at high-end dealers and outlet malls.

Luxurious Fashion for Children.

Yes- even children (babies and kids) can have high-end style! Don't believe me? Try looking up certain high-end designers who have fashions for children, like Ralph Lauren. You'd be surprised that even kids can be high fashion. The one thing I would question is... as playful as kids can be, who wants to soil high-end casual fashions for kids (unless you're reluctant to wash these clothes often)?

Just being able to wear clothes from high-end designers and luxury designers is enough to make anyone feel like luxury. And again- I may use some of the points in this topic to be featured in a future blog post going into a bit more detail. If you read my blog post called "Preppy Fashion," I make mention to a good deal of high-end and preppy designers. Preppy fashion is actually mostly predicated on classy upscale fashions. Looking rich without actually being rich.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: Read my blog post "Scrimp or Splurge?" for a look at low-end fashions vs. high-end fashions.

--- Luxurious Lifestyle: Final Thoughts ---

This blog post was more a Just for Fun deal, but of course, expressed in a professional way. The one thing that really mystifies me is just how people share and express their wealth. It is also astounding just what money can buy- especially those with LOTS of money. When you reach that executive level (or something similar to the top of your profession), you've basically shown people that you made it. You tend to show people that what you've worked for all paid off in the end with a lifestyle many people only wish they had.

Many people are even fortunate if they win the lottery. Imagine having lots of money and a good way to spend and invest all that money. It's the classic question of what would you do if you found $1M USD. I know what winning the lottery is like because my family once won the lottery. However, making and inheriting lots of money is one thing; maintaining it and living happily is another. Do you flaunt your wealth around with fancy wares, or do you hold on to whatever necessities you need? It's your call and your money.

This blog post was rich with content, and I hope I've infused a wealth of information (and good reading) for all of you! Was I on the money with the luxurious lifestyle? Feel free to subscribe to my blog(s) as well as Become a Fan on Facebook. You love my blog and my material, right? PLEASE show it! Thank you for reading!

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