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Blogging and Writing

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Here is something I never think about when blogging. There are people who mention things about writing. So let me share this quick post with you all. When I do a blog post, it originates from my mind and is translated into key strokes. Rarely do I write down what I want to blog about because it all originates from my head. After that, I just improvise and improve my content until... a blog post is created. I do make sure to spell-check my material as well as do some extra proofreading before posting material online. The one thing I've never realized about blogging is the parallel between blogging and writing. Essentially, blogging is writing. It is just 21st Century writing. Even if you do microblogging (like on tumblr) or mostly post pictures, you are writing online.

Not once have I considered being any kind of author. I am just not a good formal writer, nor do I consider myself any kind of formal writer. I was never really a good student anyways. If 4 is the highest grade one could get for a formally-written paper or essay, I would easily average a 2, or even get lucky to get a 3. I'm talking about on my own without a tutor's help. I blog the way that I do because I am most comfortable doing things at my own pace and with my style. Sometimes, I use certain elements of formal writing to make posts better. One of the most common I use is that of alliteration. For example, here are some expressions I used in some of my posts:

• "lovely Liberian lady" ("African Beauties")
• "Honduran honey" ("Mexican and Central American Beauties")
• "Caymanian cutie" ("Carribbean Beauties")
• "petite princess" ("Sweet Petite!", "Fashion Blog Shoutouts!", "General Blog Shout-Outs!")

As I said, though- I casually type up my material. Casually, but professionally. Blogging can be a platform for writers and aspiring writers to climb up the ladder to perhaps become authors. That is what my friend Joana Erica Danielle of "Ericaritish" hopes to aspire. Blogging can be a platform to lead to being an author. Considering how much respect I have for young Joana Erica Danielle, I can only hope she becomes a fabulous author because she inspires me in my work as much as she says I inspire her. I want Ericaritish to even inspire a young generation of writers both in her native Philippines and internationally. Her blog is one of many blogs I make salute to. To see (many) more blogs I salute to, visit "General Blog Shout-Outs!" here on John's Blog Space.

When people reference my work, some call my posts as articles. I'm okay with that, but I do blog posts, not articles. Articles mean that I work for some publication regularly offering content for the publication. These are all mostly casual blog posts I do for my own blog. So while I'm okay with the usage of "articles" to describe my blog posts, these are more blog posts than articles. I don't do articles unless I work for a certain publication, and I don't work for any publication.

So it's interesting the parallel between blogging and writing. I casually post blog entries off the top of my head, saved in text files in NoteTab, proofread, and then post. Most of what I put online is just casual typing rather than any sort of formal writing. Keep blogging and keep providing quality content to where even writers can appreciate your work.

Online Resources.

• For professional commentary on the parallels between blogging and writing (and for some advice on blogging), please read "Blogging Is About Writing" on

• If you want to learn how to make a quality blog, I found this site called You can learn to make a blog of quality with two different courses online.

Do you often see blogging as writing? Are your blogging methods different? Feel free to comment. I hope this post has been of great value to you, and that you'll continue to visit if you are a new reader/visitor of "John's Blog Space." Thank you for reading!

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